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"I swear on my life, and the lives I will take from others, I will not fail the Kosmos again."

Brison (died 431 BCE) was a member of the Delian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos during the Peloponnesian War.


As an attractive son of a rich Athenian artist, Brison lived his life easily used by others. When he learned of the Cult of Kosmos, he thought that would change: he believed that being part of the Cult would make him strong and feared and respected. Truth was, nothing much changed, and Brison was seen by his fellow Cultists as someone to be used.[1]

In 431 BCE the Cult of Kosmos met at long last in their shrine beneath the Sanctuary of Delphi in Phokis. Brison was there, too, and The Monger of the Peloponnesian League branch of the Cult took him aside, torturing before killing him in retaliation for Brison failing to kill Phidias, a famous Athenian sculptor. Unknown to the Cultists, the Spartan misthios Kassandra witnessed this.[2]


In 2018 when Layla Hassan relived the memories of Kassandra via a degraded genetic sample found on the Spear of Leonidas using her Animus HR-8.5, it simulated an alternate version of events. In it, Kassandra interrupted the Monger's torture session, and Brison survived the encounter.[3]

Later, a fellow member of the Delian League, Podarkes, wrote Brison a letter, telling him how his cries at the shrine had been heard by everyone and how Brison should cherish that pain, so that he could inflict it upon others. Podarkes also requested Brison to join him on the Silver Islands and help him snuff out the rebellion on Delos and Mykonos.[4]

Having learned that the Cult wanted Phidias dead, Kassandra made her way to Athens to learn more. She was tasked by Perikles, the leader of Athens and a statesman, as well as a friend of Phidias, to save the sculptor. In return, Phidias' informer friend Theras on Seriphos gave Kassandra a letter his people had intercepted, one written by Brison to his mother.[5]

In the letter, Brison urged his mother to leave Athens, as "dark forces" were targeting artists, and after Phidias, his mother was the most well-known. Brison also told his mother to abandon his father if need be and that Brison himself should be safe at the family-owned quarry in Salamis.[6] This pinpointed his location to Kassandra, who made her way to the quarry on the Isle of Salamis, and killed Brison.[7]




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