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Bridewell Prison was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor found himself waking up in a cell inside Bridewell Prison. Following this, he made plans to assassinate Thomas Hickey.


Connor woke up in a cell.

  • Connor: You.
  • Hickey: You miss me, swee'art? Wot? Nothin' to say?
  • Connor: If you are here, then Washington is safe.
Bridewell Prison 3

Haytham and Charles Lee moving Hickey to another cell

  • Hickey: True, true. Thing is... I believe I've just been pardoned.

Hickey was released from his cell.

  • Hickey: Thank you kindly for the rescue, gents.
  • Haytham: There can be no further mistakes, Thomas. Am I understood?
  • Hickey: Wot about the Assassin? E's here. They put 'im in the cell next to mine. Guess we didn't quite get 'em all, eh?
  • Haytham: Deal with this, Charles.
  • Lee: At once, sir.
  • Hickey: Wot are we gonna do?
  • Lee: You're that boy from the Continental Congress. Adams' little lap dog. Hmmm, I think I have an idea... Yes. Two birds with one stone.
  • Hickey: Do tell.
  • Lee: All in good time. It's not like the Assassin's going anywhere. For now we should see about getting you better accommodations here.
  • Hickey: What are you on about? I thought I was gettin' out.
  • Lee: I'm afraid you won't be leaving for a while, thanks to Benjamin Tallmadge. He's been running his mouth, saying all sorts of things. You're being investigated for plotting to assassinate George Washington.
  • Hickey: What a bunch of bollocks! I thought you was gonna handle that.
  • Lee: We'll discuss this ELSEWHERE.

A while later, Connor woke up in a different cell. He inspected the window.

  • Connor: They clearly spared no expense here...
    That is quite the view...

He then inspected the contents of a bucket in his cell.

  • Connor: Smells even worse than it looks...
    Hmmm. I think I would rather hold it in.
    I hope that is not meant to be my meal...

Connor also tried to speak with the guards by knocking on the cell door.

  • Guard: Quiet in there!
    I said knock it off!
    I said quiet!
    Keep that up and I'll have you tossed in the pit!

Connor overheard a conversation between prisoners.

Bridewell Prison 5

Connor eavesdropping on the two prisoners

  • Finch: ...I'm tellin' ya, he's plannin' to escape. We should get in on it!
  • Prisoner: Yeah? And what makes ya think that?
  • Finch: Caught 'im carvin' something in the yard. Slipped it in his pocket real quick when 'e saw me. Looked like a key.
  • Prisoner: Probably just a shiv.
  • Finch: Nah. Mason ain't a fighter. Always talkin' and trickin' his way outta trouble. Weasel Weems, they call 'im. Sneaky bastard.
  • Prisoner: Come on, Finch. He's not so bad. Even taught me some letters once. Gonna write a note to my lady.
  • Finch: What for? You think that whore's out there pinin' for ya? Savin herself for when you get out? Hah! No doubt she's already moved onto the next fella. And the fella after 'im.
  • Prisoner: You shut your mouth, 'fore I shut it for you.
  • Finch: Easy now – was just a joke.
  • Prisoner: Yeah? Well it wasn't very funny...

Connor went to sleep.

  • Guard 1: Get up.
  • Connor: Where are we going?
  • Guard 1: Stay out of trouble or you'll wind up in the pit.
  • Guard 2: What are you looking at, half-breed?
    You not understand English? That it?
    Do I need to knock some sense into that thick head of yours?

Connor was taken to the common area.

  • Connor: I should try and find this Weems fellow. If he intends to escape, perhaps he can help me.

Connor found Hickey by the door to another section of the prison.

  • Hickey: How's Bridewell treating ya, lad? Not too rough, I hope.
    I asked a few friends to pay you a visit. They been by yet? Thought you might like the company...
    Wait til you see what we have planned for you...
    Your sweetheart Tallmadge is tryin' to get you out. He ain't have much luck, I'm afraid. Master Lee made sure of that.
    Just a few more days and this'll all be over - for you n' Georgie bof.
    It's a nice pair of blades you got. Think I'll take 'em for myself when I get out.
    I might not be able to leave here, but don't mean I can't find ways to trouble you... Remember that.

Connor found a man standing by a door.

  • Man: Please don't hurt me.
    Just... go away.
    Leave me alone or I'll call the guard!
    Help! Guards!

Connor found a guard by a door.

  • Guard 3: Get outta here.
    You not hear me the first time?
    Last warning, little man.

Connor found a man at a table.

Bridewell Prison 7

Connor meeting Mason Weems

  • Connor: Mason Weems?
  • Weems: Could be.
  • Connor: I need your help.
  • Weems: Oh?
  • Connor: They say you know a way out of here.
  • Weems: THEY say a lot of things...
  • Connor: I do not have time for games.
  • Weems: A shame, as I was hoping you might play one with me.
  • Connor: Fine.
  • Weems: Are you familiar with the rules?

Connor and Weems played a board game together.

  • Weems: Seeing as you already know mine – what's your name?
  • Connor: Connor.
  • Weems: Pleased to meet you, Connor.
    Well played! So, what brings you to Bridewell?
  • Connor: Treachery. I have been falsely accused.
  • Weems: Of course you have...
  • Connor: You do not believe me?
  • Weems: Why should I? You've the look of a brute.
  • Connor: You misjudge. I am an honest man.
  • Weems: And yet also a man imprisoned. Tell me how you found yourself in this place.
  • Connor: It is a private matter.
  • Weems: As is what you ask of me...
  • Connor: I was trying to prevent a murder.
  • Weems: Oh? Anyone I know?
  • Connor: George Washington.
Bridewell Prison 8

Mason Weems explaining his plan

  • Weems: The others put you up to this, didn't they? Thought it might be fun to have another laugh at Mason's expense? Fools, the lot of them, to make light of something like this. George Washington is brave beyond measure, loyal like a brother, peerless in character, and unshakable in his convictions! That man is our Jupiter Conservator, destined to lead us not just to freedom, but greatness. Anyone who says otherwise is either a simpleton or a traitor.
  • Connor: Then you understand why I need to get out of here. If I don't help him, he is going to die.
  • Weems: You're serious, aren't you? Very well. But it's going to take some doing. See – everything hinges on the key I forged. But that lout Finch stole it! Took me three months to make the thing, too. You need to get it back or we're not going anywhere.
  • Connor: Consider it done.

Connor pickpocketed the key from Finch.

  • Guard: Alright scoundrels, back in your cells!

The following day, Connor tried to key on his cell door, to no avail.

  • Connor: This key is useless!
  • Guard: What are you looking at? You in the market for a husband?

Connor returned to Weems.

Bridewell Prison 9

Connor inquiring about the key

  • Connor: Your key is useless.
  • Weems: What do you mean?
  • Connor: It did not fit the lock.
  • Weens: It's not meant to.
  • Connor: You forged a key that does not work?
  • Weems: Well that all depends on what you mean by work. It'll get us out of here, just not the way you expected.
  • Connor: Then how?
  • Weems: You're going to use it to get the real key off the warden. You have to swap yours for his.
  • Connor: Why not just have me take the real key? Why all this extra work?
  • Weems: He might notice if it went missing. This way, he'll be none the wiser.
  • Connor: And when HE tries to use it?
  • Weems: He won't. That's why we're targeting him.
  • Connor: How do I reach the warden?
  • Weems: Yes... This next part you may not like.
  • Connor: As if I've liked the others? Out with it.
  • Weems: You need to pick a fight.
  • Connor: What?
  • Weems: Pick a fight and they'll throw you in the pit.
  • Connor: How in the world does this help us?
  • Weems: The warden oversees the pit. Getting sent there is the only way to reach him.
  • Connor: I'll give you credit... You've given this plan to risk my life a great deal of thought.
  • Weems: Take down as many as you can. One or two will only serve to entertain the guards. You need to make them angry. We all have our part to play. Try not to die.
Bridewell Prison 10

Connor being taken into the pit

Connor began a brawl with several of the prisoners, angering the guards.

  • Guard: Fancy yourself a trouble-maker, eh? Some time in the pit should cool your blood.

Connor was taken to the pit, where the warden was berating the prisoners there.

  • Warden: Look at all of you. Pathetic, dirty wretches. You're naught but swine suckling at the teats of civilization. Thieves and scoundrels, all. And do you acknowledge this? Do you repent and beg forgiveness? No. You elect, instead, to commit new and more terrible crimes inside what should be a place of rehabilitation. You bide your time, awaiting the day of your release, that you might corrupt anew. The worst part is that the good people of New York are forced, quite literally, to pay for your crimes. Where do you think the money for this prison came from, hm? For your outfits? Our wages? Resources wasted because you refuse to contribute to society. You would rather dwell in its margins, living off the hard work of others. We'd be doing everyone a favor if we simply put you all down! Then our money might be spent on more productive things... ah, but it seems our current leaders lack the courage to accept this truth. So you are spared, that you might leech a while longer. And if a few of you might die or go missing, who would notice? Who will care, and why should they? You are wasted on the world. Mark my words, the time fast approaches when such weakness will no longer be tolerated. And what a joyous day that will be...

Connor swapped the fake key with the real one and escaped from his cell, slowly making his way towards Hickey's cell. 

  • Connor: I need to take care not to raise the alarm.

Connor met Weems outside of the Pit. 

  • Weems: You'll find Hickey through that door. It's where they keep the "important" prisoners. Nicer rooms, more space – those sorts of things. It seems even in a prison, who you know makes all the difference.
  • Connor: Thank you, Mason. For everything. I will find a way to repay the favor when my work here is finished.

Connor found Hickey's cell, and tried to strangle him on his bed. However, he found a dead body who turned out to be the warden.

Bridewell Prison 13

Lee and Hickey cornering Connor

  • Hickey: Not who you was expectin', am I right?
  • Lee: What have we here? I thought we'd finished off your kind.
  • Connor: You would like that, wouldn't you? To rid the world of all who do not share your views.
  • Lee: Guilty as charged. Your meddling in the revolution has caused us no small measure of grief. It cannot continue. Our work is too important. But what would you know, beyond all the lies Achilles feeds you and the tales you tell yourself.
  • Connor: I know that the people wish to be free – and that men like Washington fight to make it so.
  • Lee: Please. The man is weak. He stumbles and stammers through each engagement, making it all up as he goes along. His pedigree is pathetic – his military record even more so. I could go on and on but we'd be here for days, so manifold are his faults, so deficient are his merits. He must be dealt with. You as well. I will abide no more flies in the ointment.
  • Hickey: 'Ere is 'ow it's gonna work. First we bind ya and bring ya to your cell. Then, tomorrow, you go before the court, accused of plottin' to kill good ol' Georgie. Maybe we could pin the murder of the Warden on you too. You did kill 'im, after all. And who wouldn't take the word of Charlie over here? Once that's all squared away, well then...

Hickey mimed a hanging, and Connor charged at Lee, who cornered him.

  • Lee: All those years ago. The child in the forest was YOU.
  • Connor: I said I would find you.
  • Lee: And so you have. But not quite as you had expected, am I right? You know – all of this might have been avoided, had you only done what I asked. Ah, but what's done is done.

Lee then choked Connor into unconsciousness.


Connor attempted to assassinate Thomas Hickey, but was instead framed for the murder of the warden, as well as plotting to kill George Washington.


  • Hickey appears with a blue aura if seen using the Eagle Vision, as does the guard that escorts Connor to the common area.
  • Above the common area, a noose could be seen hanging from the stair railing.



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