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Breaking the Order was a virtual representation of one of Eivor Varinsdottir's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2020 through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


The Hidden One Hytham asked Eivor to help him eliminate the Order of the Ancients throughout England.


Eivor hunted down the Order members, listened to their final words, and collected their medallions.

Wardens of War

After assassinating Hunta in the Ledecestre marketplace, Eivor met him in the Memory Corridor, where he began reciting a skaldic poem.

  • Hunta: My battle kennings have worn thin...
    I am no longer the reed among shields.
    The glimmer-blood, the hallowed skull-crack.

Eivor nodded, acknowledging his talent with words, and responded in verse.

  • Eivor: The scourge of swan-roads...
  • Hunta: The iron-throng, the lender of silvergelds... I only wished to be a freebooter. Someone who writes their own destiny.
  • Eivor: Be glad you head to Valhalla with a poem on your lips.
Eivor reached forward, taking Hunta's Order medallion, and his spirit then vanished.

After assassinating Leofgifu at Utbech, Eivor met a wounded Leofgifu holding her side in the Memory Corridor.

Leofgifu and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Leofgifu: You found me out. I bow to this. But you will not unearth us all, you will not dig deeply enough. We are both a clot and cancer. We sit heavy in water, and yet we spread like a river's current.
  • Eivor: Are you well?
  • Leofgifu: Why would you ask such a question at such a time as this?
  • Eivor: Beneath your words is something of a size unknown. A mystery. It lurks behind every frail word from your mouth.
Eivor reached forward, taking Leofgifu's Order medallion, and her spirit immediately vanished.

After assassinating Avgos Spearhand in Lunden,[1] Eivor met him at an arrow training locale in the Memory Corridor. Another apparition of Avgos then came up behind her.

Avgos and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Avgos: Arrows nocked! It's a hard thing to raise the rats of a city into warriors. Hook, set!
  • Eivor: You raised no one. You only trapped them in their cowering fear.
  • Avgos: Draw strings! First wave, fire!

Arrows flew out and hit the targets near their centers.

  • Avgos: No! I gave these men order! I gave them purpose! I showed them their common enemy! Anchor strings! Second wave, fire!

A second wave of arrows flew out and hit their targets again in their centers.

  • Avgos: I was arrow for their rage. Without a foe to consume, we devour ourselves.

Odin walked in behind him.

  • Odin: He speaks true. A man without an enemy defeats himself.
  • Eivor: Justify all you want, you're just a king-killer and a coward.

She then spat right in front of Avgos.

  • Avgos: Mighty high horse, you'd do the same if you were me. Aim! And fire!
A third wave of arrows flew out and hit Avgos all around and then his spirit immediately vanished. Eivor walked towards these arrows and then picked up his dropped Order medallion.

After assassinating Sister Frideswid in Lunden,[2] Eivor walked towards Frideswid as she mutilated a body in a corpse-filled Memory Corridor.

Eivor, Odin, and Frideswidin the Memory Corridor

  • Frideswid: One more, that's all. I'm nearly finished.
  • Eivor: That's enough.

Frideswid stood up and faced her. Odin then walked into the conversation.

  • Frideswid: Ah. It's you...
  • Odin: For all the dead we collect, dear sister, you and I are equals.

As he bowed his head towards Frideswid, the nun looked around at all the corpses.

  • Frideswid: Quite a charnel house. I lost count of how many. I suppose I've been greedy in my research. But not for lack of care. The Ancient Ones, the arbiters. They built us out of simple pieces. So easy to break. So difficult to mend. There must be an improvement. We should be stronger, faster, smarter. I could have fixed us. I could have made us better.
  • Eivor: We are blood and bone and spirit, Frideswid. Perfect as we are.
  • Frideswid: You've such beautiful eyes. Finish it... would you?
She then handed her book of human anatomy, along with her Order medallion, to Eivor. As Eivor took the items, two corpses began to drag Frideswid down. Accepting her fate, she closed her eyes and then her spirit immediately vanished.

After assassinating Vicelin in Lunden,[3] Eivor walked to Vicelin, smoking and sitting in his chair, in the Memory Corridor.

Eivor and Vicelin in the Memory Corridor

  • Eivor: Burning to ash what you cannot possess. That's a child's way out.

Wiping his mouth, Vicelin responded as he laid his eyes on Tryggr's severed head on his table, just as Odin walked in.

  • Vicelin: To Hell with Lunden. Boudicca was right to burn it to the ground. It's a brick and mortar shithouse. So bright and beautiful set aflame. Will you rule over these cinders now? Yoke its people to your whims and needs?
  • Odin: You do have power here. Power you have earned.
  • Eivor: I have finished my work in Lunden. That's enough.

Vicelin laughed.

  • Vicelin: Lunden is only a beginning.

He stood.

  • Vicelin: My order reaches further than your tiny boats can take you.

Vicelin looked at Tryggr's head again.

  • Vicelin: Never forget, Tryggr, my old friend. A man at sea may have gold and glory.

He tossed his medallion to Eivor.

  • Vicelin: But he is always a slave to the churning tides. We are that tide.
He walked away from Eivor, but only to catch on fire while walking. Falling to his knees, his spirit vanished as his body touched the ground.

After assassinating Gorm Kjotvesson at Narfljot Camp in Vinland,[4] Eivor watched in the Memory Corridor as Gorm ran with two battleaxes in excitement towards what he expected to be Valhalla.

  • Gorm: Wait. Wait. This is not the hall of five hundred doors.

He began pacing and looking around in distress.

  • Gorm: This is not the rock of the fallen. Where are the women on the winged horses?

He dropped his axes and fell to his knees in despair.

  • Gorm: Where are the Choosers of the Slain?

Eivor walked up to him from behind, circling to stand silently before him. Gorm looked up and snarled.

  • Gorm: You. My blood enemy.

Eivor resumed circling around Gorm.

  • Eivor: This is Niflheim, the hell of mist and cold. This is where faithless dead come to die again. This is where ghosts fade to mist, to be forgotten.

Gorm stood up and pointed an accusatory finger at her.

  • Gorm: Your meddling has doomed us all, crow of battle.

He reached into his pockets and with drew the Crystal Ball, which glowed brightly. Eivor frowned at it.

  • Eivor: More lies from a liar born. Now speak the truth. What brought the Order to this place?

Gorm held the Crystal Ball in both hands and it glowed even brighter while a beam of light fell on him from above.

Eivor stared up at the light beam, then back at Gorm.

  • Eivor: A pity, Gorm. You will not meet her now.
Eivor reached forward, taking Gorm's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished. The Crystal Ball remained behind, and Eivor picked it up, intrigued.

Wardens of Law

After assassinating Eanbhert in his home, Eivor met him in the Memory Corridor, where he sat on a bench.

Eanbhert and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Eanbhert: If an evil man brings you biscuits, do you gift them to your children?

Eivor shook her head.

  • Eivor: I would not let good food to go to waste.
  • Eanbhert: I would let my children starve. A serpent's gift will always end in malice.

Eivor stood and took Eanbhert's Order medallion as he spoke, and his spirit immediately vanished.

  • Eivor: Sweet from evil remains sweet. Even if it crumbles quickly in their hands.

After assassinating Tata at the Quatford's Stables, Eivor met him in the Memory Corridor, where he sat down.

Tata and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Tata: Offa told everyone he was Christian. He was not, he was one of us. He only wanted the silver and the swords for his men of Mercia.
  • Eivor: And you have kept this tradition going?
  • Tata: Without flinching. Without hesitating. Offa would be proud of me.
  • Eivor: You must have seen one hundred summers, old man."
  • Tata: It feels thus.
Eivor reached forward, taking Tata's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After assassinating Gunilla at the dock in Repton, Eivor stood and met Gunilla in the Memory Corridor, where Gunilla started talking with her back towards Eivor.

  • Gunilla: We must all turn to the Order. It keeps people well-placed. It is not truth, but true power.
  • Eivor: You desecrate the very purpose of life
  • Gunilla: No, no, no...I place power on power. The great becomes greater. You will see.
Eivor reached forward, taking Gunilla's Order medallion, and her spirit immediately vanished.

After assassinating Ingeborg in Jorvik, Northumbria,[5] Eivor and Odin walked towards a flaming pyre of scrolls in the Memory Corridor, while Ingeborg came from behind it.

Ingeborg and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Ingeborg: This fire that burns inside... I've always had it. A longing to do something grand and important. But that door was always shut to me. My methods deemed too severe. I was cast out, shunned, scorned... But the Order, they took notice of me. Saw that it was courage that drove me. Courage to change the world for the better. They reopened that door.
  • Eivor: And you used your chance to destroy a way of life, you did not support.
  • Ingeborg: We have seen time and time again what happens when people are left to interpret for themselves. Knowledge must be controlled. Only then can the message be widely understood. The day where there is but one truth draws nearer. One truth, that is what the Order offers.
  • Odin: This ones sought to spark a new flame, but did so with a heavy hand, not a teacher's tongue.
  • Eivor: This cleansing of yours ends here.
  • Ingeborg: My work is incomplete, but not inconsequential. There are others who carry on, for one of the four is us.
  • Eivor: Why did you say that? What does it mean?
  • Ingeborg: Now I go, a flame that grows bright, and burns evermore, ever light.

Ingeborg walked backward towards the pyre, putting herself on fire while Eivor and Odin were shocked. Her Order medallion fell as Eivor went to pick it up.

  • Eivor: To Helheim, where colder and crueler fires await.
The pyre's fire turned blue as Ingeborg is caught off-guard. Immobilized, Ingeborg struggled and then her spirit immediately vanished. Eivor and Odin then walked away.

After assassinating Grigorii at Coppergate Market,[6] Eivor walked towards Grigorii in the Memory Corridor's simulated marketplace as he stared in the distance.

Grigorii and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Grigorii: It's funny, as a child I thought of snow as the tears of God, frozen by our sins. Weak with hunger, I stared into the sky, hoping it was me He wept for. Me He sought to save.

Grigorii turned to Eivor.

  • Grigorii: But God did not save me. The Vault did. He took me to a fine house. Gave me hearty meals. A warm bed.

Grigorii then looked away and reminisced of the past.

  • Grigorii: For the first time, someone extended a hand, showed me kindness. Compassion.

Grigorii walked further away into the darkness.

  • Grigorii: And it was then that I made a vow. I vowed to never turn my back on he who was there for me when God was not.

As Grigorii turned back Eivor as she walked towards him.

  • Eivor: So you served The Vault, knowing full well what he was a part of.

A ghostly Odin then walked into the conversation.

  • Grigorii: The Order made our paths intersect. I owed them a debt, and I repaid it by saving this city from its own destruction.
  • Odin: A life debt is a strong motivator. It took hold of this one's hugr, drove it, and never let go.

As Eivor replied, Odin looked away and then walked off.

  • Eivor: Yet not with the same compassion you were shown. Too many have suffered by your hand in pursuit of this cause.
  • Grigorii: You're right. Perhaps I deserve this death. But I am but one cog in a large wheel. One that still turns unhindered.

Eivor took Grigorii's Order medallion as he talked.

  • Eivor: Not for long.

Upon this action, Grigorii's spirit turned to ice and exploded, then his spirit immediately vanished.

  • Eivor: Where you have gone, there will be no tears waiting for you.

After assassinating Audun at Jorvik's Yuletide feast,[7] Eivor walked toward Audun, who lay on the ground in the Memory Corridor, where both of them were surrounded by riches and statues.

Audun and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Eivor: What did you hope to gain with all this? What riches are worth so much misery, and the deaths of honorable men and women?

Audun suddenly teleported from the ground to walk around the riches.

  • Audun: Only a feeble mind would call them honorable. They are privileged. Sedentary. Complacent. They wasted their resources. I secured our power through wealth. I contributed to the future of a glorious order!
  • Eivor: On the backs of honest people! Merchants and priests and nobles alike."

A ghostly Odin appeared, sitting on a nearby chair.

  • Audun: Eivor... you are wrong. Held back by your primitive cosmology. Nine worlds in the tree? No! Nine times nine thousand worlds. And as many suns!

As Eivor hid against the statue of an animal, Odin spoke his turn.

  • Odin: Nine nights I hung in the tree, sacrificing myself to myself. So does the Wise One seek wisdom.
  • Audun: Countless spheres, awaiting our gift, our enlightenment!

Eivor emerged from hiding and walked towards Audun.

  • Eivor: I live in one world only.

She grabbed his Order medallion and Audun's spirit immediately vanished.

  • Eivor: You live in none.

After assassinating Derby at his residence in Picheringa, Eurviscire, Eivor stood in the Memory Corridor and talked to Derby, who sat on a bench.

  • Eivor: Rest easy, reeve (sheriff). Your time has come.
  • Derby: Yes. Now I will be judged at the Witan of the gods.

Derby stood up as Eivor stepped forward to his claim his medallion.

  • Eivor: To Helheim with you.
  • Derby: Aye. Even Helheim needs a reeve.
Eivor shook her head and reached forward, grabbing Derby's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

Wardens of Wealth

After assassinating Wigmund at the Isle of Ely Monastery, Grantebridgescire,[8] Eivor looked on as a fleeing Wigmund passed silhouettes of stationary soldiers in the Memory Corridor.

Eivor, Odin, and Wigmund in the Memory Corridor

  • Wigmund: Stop the heathen! Raider! Vikingr! Stop her!

Eivor started to walk towards Wigmund, who pointed at her. Eivor then "shoved" aside one of these soldiers and the shade disappeared.

  • Wigmund: She means to erase me! To banish me from your minds! Fight in my name! Die for me! Die for me!

Odin appeared and followed behind a walking Eivor, who kept making the soldiers' shades disappear.

  • Odin: That is no way to call for sacrifices.
  • Eivor: Their lives for yours. Is that how it works?
  • Wigmund: Their lives meant nothing. No land, no riches, no titles! But my name will live on.
  • Eivor: The reputation of a good man never dies. But your name will soon be a curse.

Wigmund stopped and stared at a set of massive wooden doors, then briefly turned back to Eivor.

  • Wigmund: So be it. The riches I had in life gave me power.

Wigmund resumed his march towards the doors.

  • Wigmund: To curse me from beyond the grave gives me still more.

Wigmund finally reached the doors and turned around to face Eivor and Odin.

  • Wigmund: Though I die, my order lives on elsewhere, everywhere.

Seeing that Eivor and Odin would not stop pursuing him, Wigmud backed into the doors and began panicking.

  • Wigmund: Yield to us! Give us what we are owed! The trade, the riches, the legacy. All of it! Yield! Yield! Yield!

Eivor smirked as Odin shook his head in pity.

  • Eivor: If your Hell is real, I'm glad you'll get to see it.
Eivor reached forward, grabbing Wigmund's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After assassinating Patrick at his smithy in Oxeneforda, Oxenefordscire, Eivor stood behind him in the Memory Corridor as he spoke aloud in a distant tone remembering his life.

  • Patrick: I was building a boat... to carry my family to safety one day.
  • Eivor: And what of the orphans you left behind? Do they get a boat?

Patrick turned to Eivor and replied angrily.

  • Patrick: A brigade of bastards? They are the only ones left ruling England. My people were of the Hwiccan Kingdom. Now we are ruled by Christ-beaten bastards.
Eivor reached forward, grabbing Patrick's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Havelok died at his villa in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, he walked around Eivor in the Memory Corridor.

  • Havelok: The first man I killed for my Order, I cried and wept after trying to hold back the tears. But I told myself I am merely acting upon a foretold destiny, navigating the whim of greater Gods. My actions are simply pebbles.
  • Eivor: Pebbles that wash away in the surf, as harmless as dust.
  • Havelok: Pebbles were once bedrock. As were you.
Eivor reached forward, grabbing Havelok's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Mucel was assassinated at the dock at Buckingham, he sat on a seat in the Memory Corridor with Eivor standing beside him.

Mucel and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Mucel: I served the young Æthelred. He will rise one day.
  • Eivor: He is no Aelfred, from what I hear.
  • Mucel: I lied to everyone. And they'll never know. They will tell stories of me as a good man who served his lord.
  • Eivor: Your hugr (mind) walks with a new beast.
Eivor reached forward, grabbing Mucel's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Gifle was assassinated at the Forest Hideout, south of Britannia's Watch in East Anglia, he laid on the ground beside a kneeling Eivor in the Memory Corridor.

  • Gifle: I wish my life was a carnival of drinking ale and pissing.
  • Eivor: It could have been, I am sure.
  • Gifle: No, we have not reached such a point. I used The Order to live a life of ale-drinking, but the price of my ale was murder. Sad really.
Eivor reached forward, grabbing Gifle's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Bishop Herefrith was assassinated in Lincolnscire,[9] Eivor walked to where Herefrith sat in the Memory Corridor.

Herefrith and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Herefrith: I died the day I hid behind these robes, this cross. To bring the light of my order to a wider view, I debased myself. Clawed my way to the top of this common religion, full of common men. I should have lived as the ancients did.
  • Eivor: That's the folly of mankind, Herefrith. We wallow in our failures like happy pigs in a sty of shit. You should have learned to enjoy it.
Eivor reached forward, grabbing Herefrith's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Tatfrid was assassinated at the marketplace of Grantebridge in Grantebridgescire, he lay on the ground in the Memory Corridor beside a kneeling Eivor.

Tatfrid and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Tatfrid: You won. I concede. When scops mention me, they will sing of my conquests.
  • Eivor: Cowards do not get sagas.
  • Tatfrid: I am no coward. In a long lost battle for Wessex, I was the victor. The scop could speak of that time. Focus on my lost honor.

Eivor took Tatfrid's Order medallion as he spoke, and his spirit immediately vanished.

  • Eivor: No, I'll leave your reputation as it is... here in the blood-blackened mud.

Wardens of Faith

After Beneseck was assassinated at the Brimclif Monastery in southern Suthsexe, Beneseck sat on a bench in the Memory Corridor and talked to Eivor, who walked towards him.

Beneseck and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Beneseck: I sought pleasure with the silver I received from the Order. I shared it too, with many in need.
  • Eivor: Don't be blinded by the gleam of your bloodlust. Shared silver always comes at a cost.
  • Beneseck: What of it? I forged good from what you call evil. Lives were improved, lives worth more than the silver that paid for them. I do not regret the lives lost for the charity gained.
Eivor shook her head and reached forward, taking Beneseck's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Yohanes Loukas was assassinated in the town of Fearnhamme in western Hamtunscire, he looked into the distance in the Memory Corridor and talked with Eivor.

  • Yohanes: I cared about my family. Just my family. I loved them more than anything.

Eivor walked around the priest.

  • Eivor: And the families who fell by the Order's command. Were they not worthy of love?
  • Yohanes: You are a Dane! How can you speak of the value of a life? All are ranked as less-than-the-axe to you!
  • Eivor: Not true. I see honor in many people, many places.
  • Yohanes: You have proved here that your compassion has a hard and brutal limit.
Eivor reached forward, taking Yohanes' Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Heika was assassinated in the market of Colcestre in Essexs, she sat and talked with Eivor in the Memory Corridor.

Heika and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Heika: These Hidden Ones, is that who you slave for?
  • Eivor: I slave for none. I'm scrubbing England clean of its filth for the safety of my people.

Heika stood up.

  • Heika: Ah, listen! Do you hear? The excuses of a mind enslaved.
As Heika laughed madly, Eivor reached forward to take Heika's Order medallion, and her spirit immediately vanished.

After Selwyn was assassinated in the town square of Wincestre,[10] Odin and Eivor looked and walked to a hanging tree as Selwyn appeared from behind it.

  • Selwyn: Perverter of justice! Who dares execute the King's noose?
  • Eivor: It is not in Aelfred's name that you carry out your work. You are the Order's executioner.
  • Selwyn: Ah. You peer through the veil, but you do not see clearly. Aelfred's laws are a slave's fever-dream. He offers shit-soaked beggars a seat at his table. Where the meek devour the strong. Who best to judge the fate of the wretched many, if not the strong and worthy few?
  • Odin: To protect your people, you must sheathe your hand in an iron glove.
  • Eivor: You grind your heels into the backs of freedmen, not those who deserve it.

Selwyn held his medallion and retorted. As he spoke, the tree lowered a noose by Selwyn. The noose then hanged Selwyn.

  • Selwyn: The Order condemns all men to pain, for all men are but a shadow of the perfection we should know. The perfection of the Ancient Ones.
  • Eivor: You are only a man, reeve. One dead branch on a fast dying tree.
During the hanging, Selwyn dropped his Order medallion as Eivor went to pick it up. Selwyn was strangled by the hanging and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Hilda was assassinated in Wincestre's underground sewers,[11] she stood in the Memory Corridor surrounded by shadows of her "saved" children. She spoke aloud and sat down.

  • Hilda: Come child. Whisper what you've learned, and Mother will give you a treat.

Eivor and a ghostly Odin walked towards her

  • Eivor: Coward. Using children to spy and steal for your Order.

Hilda, holding a feather to her face, responded as she walked toward one running child and smiled.

  • Hilda: To educate them! Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man... or woman.

Hilda stood up.

  • Hilda: But what use are letters when a child can only write his name in pig shit? Or wisdom in a woman when she cannot wield it beyond her hearth?

Hilda looked fondly at a shadowy representation of Aelwyn.

  • Hilda: I taught little Aelwyn so much more, saved her from a life less worthy. She will find enlightenment in The Order, just as I did.

Hilda turned towards Eivor.

  • Hilda: If I could save them all, I would.

Eivor walked towards her as the children's shades ran off.

  • Eivor: But you can't. You've corrupted too many to save too few.

With the children having disappeared, Hilda shouted back at Eivor.

  • Hilda: My Order is the only way forward. It can quench our thirst for knowledge, if only Aelfred's slave-faith is defeated.

Hilda whispered in Eivor's ear.

  • Hilda: And what would you sacrifice for infinite knowledge?

Odin walked beside Eivor and stated his own opinion.

  • Odin: An immeasurable gift. Why refuse it?

Hilda walked back, with the children behind her again as Eivor responded.

  • Eivor: Not their innocence.

Hilda turned her head and closed her eyes in grief as the shadows of children disappeared. On opening her eyes and still seeing no children, Hilda responded to Eivor.

  • Hilda: A pity.

Hilda held the quill to her neck.

  • Hilda: Non requiescat in pace. (They shall not rest in peace.)
Hilda slit her throat with the quill. Her spirit immediately vanished, and her Order medallion immediately fell as Eivor went to pick it up.

After Bishop Ealhferth was truly assassinated at the Witan in Wincestre,[12] Ealhferth knelt at his grave in the Memory Corridor as he was approached by Odin and Eivor.

  • Ealhferth: How sweet is the Shepherd's pipe when he calls his lambs to slaughter. I was born to Christians in the northern wilds. My mother would cradle me beneath the stars and whisper dovelike, "God watches over you."

A shadowy group of Danes appeared in the distance.

  • Ealhferth: Then your people came. And God fixed his stout eye as they slit her throat for a copper ring. No stars threw down their spears as barbarians smeared her blood through fields of broken wheat. God watched all... and I hated him.

As Ealhferth pushed down his Christian headstone, Eivor responded.

  • Eivor: It may be Aelfred's God was testing you. A trial you failed.
  • Ealhferth: Aelfred's God is weak. Yet he would chain us all in His service. From our first breath to our death rattle. My Order wishes to break these mind-forged manacles. I am the wolf in lamb's wool.
  • Odin: He takes on the role of a god himself. A worthy path to walk.
  • Eivor: A wolf is but a walking feast for ravens.

Ealhferth then threw his Order medallion to Eivor, who caught it.

  • Ealhferth: One more gift to you, Dane. A deadly truth, if you can find it.

Ealhferth gestured to a key left on a shovel.

  • Ealhferth: With my death, The Order will not die. It will only transform... into something far worse for all of us.
Ealhferth then walked down into his grave and his spirit immediately vanished. Eivor walked towards his grave and picked up the key.

After Sister Blaeswith was assassinated, Blaeswith began speaking with her back to Eivor, until she turned towards to face the Viking.

  • Blaeswith: The archbishop never suspected my heresy. I kept secrets as I gathered believers. I appeared so pious, my eyes bled for him. But I've never felt as much love for his god. Not like I do the old Gods. The true gods. Our ancient creators.

Eivor shook her head and retorted

  • Eivor: Your life was a lie, you mean? You threw your honor into the ocean.
  • Blaeswith: When I told the archbishop my true belief, he was horrified. So I silenced him.
  • Eivor: That silence comes for you now.
Eivor reached forward, taking Blaeswith's Order medallion, and her spirit immediately vanished.

Wardens of Relics

After killing Fulke,[13] Eivor was seen in the Memory Corridor beating Fulke's head while an unaffected Fulke laughed madly.

  • Eivor: Burn in your Hell!

Eivor was then forcibly retracted by Odin, as Fulke laughed and coughed at Eivor.

  • Odin: Stop! You misunderstand, Eivor.

She then ran back to kill her, only to be stopped by Odin again.

  • Eivor: I'll eat your heart!
  • Odin: She has saved your brother!

Fulke started to speak to her just as a giant manifestation of a bound Sigurd in a torture chair appeared behind her.

  • Fulke: Animals, we are. Spit and vomit, shit and soil. But Sigurd is so much more. I gave him that understanding, that gift.

Fulke then started to turn a wheel, to inflict pain onto her manifestation. The manifestation then screamed out as his eyes began to light up.

  • Eivor: You gave him pain!
  • Fulke: Yes! To awaken him! All that power! All that potential, locked away!

The manifestation broke free of his bondage and screamed again in pain and anger.

The manifestation then picked Fulke up and squeezed her to death.

  • Fulke: The beauty of the divine!

Shocked, Eivor was left paralyzed as Odin stepped towards her and the manifestation bent to reach for her.

  • Odin: Hers was the great work, the highest achievement of humankind. Now you, Eivor – you must carry it forward.
  • Eivor: Sigurd...


After Redwalda was killed, he held his side while speaking to Eivor in the Memory Corridor.

  • Redwalda: I once served and prayed under Saint Chad of Mercia at Tamworth. I was a monk. I should stayed there.
  • Eivor: Did Saint Chad die with his axe at his hand?
  • Redwalda: Saint Chad will be revered for avoiding the axe. I wish I had done so myself, and not taken a path full of violent honor. The Old Gods will fade from our sight, in time. God forgive me, for I have sinned.
Eivor reached forward, taking Redwalda's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Eorforwine was killed, she lay barely breathing on the ground in the Memory Corridor and talked to Eivor, who knelt down.

Eorforwine and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

Eivor reached forward, taking Eorforwine's Order medallion, and her spirit immediately vanished.

After Kendall was killed, Eivor walked to Kendall who sat hunched over in the Memory Corridor.

Kendall and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Eivor: Now the trolls take you.
  • Kendall: I have seen a crown on a cleaning basin. There it was. I stole it. Ran with it. Hid it. Now maggots feast on it, I am certain. Let them rule Old Albion.
Eivor reached forward, taking Kendall's Order medallion, and her spirit immediately vanished.

After Cola was killed, he faced Eivor in the Memory Corridor.

Eivor and Cola in the Memory Corridor

  • Cola: This is a mere moment. No one will remember it. No one. Not your name, nor mine. It all ends up the same.
  • Eivor: Regret torments you?

Cola pointed in disgust at Eivor.

  • Cola: My only regret is losing to whatever you are. You reek of fading glory.
Eivor reached forward, taking Cola's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Cudberct was killed, he lay on the ground in the Memory Corridor beside a kneeling Eivor.

Cudberct and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Cudberct: All of these men of God, festooned in gold and silver.
  • Eivor: It is enough to make one blind.
  • Cudberct: We ARE blind of now. Lennius was our only king. He saw straight and fought alongside Arturious. We have been blind ever since.
Eivor reached forward, taking Cudberct's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Horsa was killed, Eivor talked to him where he sat on the ground in the Memory Corridor.

Horsa and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Eivor: No sunlight reaches where you are going. May you bathe in serpent skins. Your name, Frown-Hoard, Quick the Dead... whatever it may be, is stained forever.

Eivor knelt down to Horsa, Horsa replied.

  • Horsa: My name is Horsa. I left silver in the mouth of my home. Please see that it is spent well and frivolously.
Eivor reached forward, taking Horsa's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Wuffa was killed, Eivor knelt in the Memory Corridor and talked with her as Wuffa lay on the ground. Wuffa and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Eivor: Vilijalauss (Will-less), now you die.
  • Wuffa: My... my sword is lost. Floating down a creek. I shall follow. Till I dance again, or drown.
Eivor reached forward, taking Wuffa's Order medallion, and her spirit immediately vanished.

After Wealdmaer was killed, he knelt in the Memory Corridor holding his wounded side and yelled at Eivor.

Wealdmear and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Wealdmaer: Why, why, why? Lost are everyone.
  • Eivor: You mostly, Argr.
  • Wealdmaer: For Hretha, Eostre, and Saetere. I served the true gods. The old ones. To be killed by you holds honor! Killing holds all glory!
Eivor reached forward, taking Wealdmaer's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Woden was killed, Eivor knelt beside where he lay on the ground in the Memory Corridor.

Woden and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Eivor: No more winters for you.
  • Woden: Better to die than face my lords. I hope my Maegester Magnus forgives me. For so long I looked to him for guidance, for order.
  • Eivor: If your honor is slow, a true lord cannot forgive you. They cannot.
  • Woden: Bah! Now I will my gaze to Woden, Tiw, and Funor. I will continue to turn until I find some forgiveness.

Eivor reached forward, taking Woden's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

  • Eivor: You will spin and drill yourself to a endless bottom.

After Osgar was killed, he lay on the ground in the Memory Corridor and talked to a kneeling Eivor beside him.

Osgar and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Osgar: Offa betrayed us all in Deira. Now we crawl about for the scraps. Whatever crumbs you leave behind after your raids.
  • Eivor: You wish you were a raider. A drengr.
  • Osgar: Yes.
  • Eivor: Farvell (goodbye), Sword-Cloven.
Eivor reached forward, taking Osgar's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Heike was killed, he held his wounded side and talked with Eivor in the Memory Corridor. Heike and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Heike: In the Kingdom of Frisia, we honor your type, pagan. We strive as you strive to achieve the perfection of the Ancient Ones.
  • Eivor: Pagan?
  • Osgar: To be pagan is perfect.
Eivor reached forward, taking Heike's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Hrothgar was killed, Hrothgar, leaning hurt against a stone, started his monologue to Eivor in the Memory Corridor.

Hrothgar and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Hrothgar: I once knew a man who cleaned all the rats in Lunden. He took his time. They loved him, and he loved them. They lived freely but came to see him for a scrub. Rats have a certain freedom, but they feed on shit. It's a coward's freedom. A Valholl for the vanquished.
Eivor reached forward, taking Hrothgar's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Callin was killed, he leaned hurt against a stone in the Memory Corridor and talked to Eivor, who knelt by him.

Callin and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Callin: I often awake in my vagrancy, shaking and sweating. I hope this stops now.
  • Eivor: Farvell (goodbye). The trolls await.
Eivor reached forward, taking Callin's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Beorhtsige was killed, he talked to Eivor in the Memory Corridor.

Beorhsige and Eivor in the Memory Corridor

  • Beorhtsige: In these old wolds, I used to lie down and pray that the leaves would cover me. That I could drag them over me like a blanket... And join Cernunnos... in a bed of leaves. Tuck me in, stranger. With a song.
  • Eivor: The sound of Odin stomping on your bones is the only song you'll hear.
Eivor reached forward, taking Beorhtsige's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After Bercthun was killed, Eivor talked to him in the Memory Corridor.

  • Eivor: We sweat and toil to reach this moment.
  • Bercthun: The Ancient Ones lap at my sweat now. That war-sweat the Roman God hates so much, we long for.
  • Eivor: This god or that. A good feast with fresh battle milk on our brows is not something you will ever taste again.
  • Bercthun: Choke on my bones.
Eivor reached forward, taking Bercthun's Order medallion, and his spirit immediately vanished.

After eliminating the Order of the Ancients, Eivor returned to the Ravensthorpe bureau to deliver the Order medallions to Hytham. She handed over 4 medallions, to start.

  • Eivor: Here. This marks fewer members of the Order.
  • Hytham: Ah good. I hope this one did not give you too much trouble. As a token of my deep gratitude, I want you to have this.

Hytham taught Eivor the Poison Strike and Ranged Poison Strike skills.

  • Hytham: You have done well but there are more still.

Eivor handed over 6 more medallions.

  • Eivor: Keep this. It serves your cause better than it does my pocket.
  • Hytham: Ah good. I hope this one did not give you too much trouble. As a token of my deep gratitude, I want you to have this.

Hytham taught Eivor Fire Strike and Ranged Fire Strike.

  • Hytham: Thank you. I expect there are yet more to claim.

Eivor handed over 9 more medallions.

  • Eivor: Keep this. It serves your cause better than it does my pocket.
  • Hytham: One more gone. The world is brighter for it. As a token of my deep gratitude, I want you to have this.

Hytham taught Eivor how to improve her Poison Strike and Ranged Poison Strike.

  • Hytham: Keep this up and the land will be free of these monsters!

Eivor handed over 11 more medallions.

  • Eivor: Here. This marks fewer members of the Order.
  • Hytham: One more gone. The world is brighter for it. As a token of my deep gratitude, I want you to have this.

Hytham taught Eivor how to improve her Fire Strike and Ranged Fire Strike.

  • Hytham: There's more to be done, Eivor.

Eivor handed over the last 15 medallions.

Eivor revealing Aelfred's identity as the Grand Maegester to Hytham

  • Eivor: Here you are, Hytham... the last of The Order's sigils. You will find King Ælfred's among them.

In gratitude, Hytham gifted Thor's Cape to Eivor.

  • Hytham: King Ælfred? Did our Poor Fellow-Soldier lead you to his hiding place?
  • Eivor: He did, for they were one and the same. Our Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ was the Grand Maegester of the Order of the Ancients.
  • Hytham: He turned on his own Order? Fascinating.
  • Eivor: Not turned so much as trampled. His devotion to Christ and what he calls a Universal Order set him against them from the start. With all sincerity, he loathed the title and the duty he had inherited, and wished them destroyed.
  • Hytham: Wonderful. With his abdication, the last stronghold of The Order has been dismantled. All that remains are scraps, here and there. And you, Eivor. Now that you have seen our enemy and you understand our cause, I wonder if you would join us? Become a Hidden One.
  • Eivor: Was this your ultimate goal, Hytham? A trial by fire? It is a kind offer, but I do not believe we fight for quite the same cause. Your creed demands that you keep your triumphs hidden. I prefer my glory to be in plain view, for all to see.
  • Hytham: If I taught you our creed, if you spent time with it... it could open your mind to another view.
  • Eivor: Another view is always welcome, but to live without celebrating one's glory and honor and achievements is not a life for me. But know this... I would give my life in a moment for those I love, and who love me in return. All here, including you, my friend.
  • Hytham: I understand you well, Eivor. Very well indeed.


Eivor hunted down every Order of the Ancients member in England and recovered their medallions for Hytham.


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