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Bravely Ran Away was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met a warrior in Lato who was sent from his village to defeat the Minotaur.


While in Lato, Kassandra came across a crowd surrounding the town's tholos, discussing a man standing near the scaffolding at the top.

  • Civilian: 5 drachmae says he jumps.
  • Civilian: 25 says he doesn't.
  • Civilian: How long's he been up there?
  • Civilian 1: Three, maybe 4 days?
  • Civilian 2: Should we get him water, or...? How long have you been here watching him?!
  • Civilian 1: Like I said, 3, maybe 4 days?
  • Civilian 3: Come down from there!
  • Civilian 4: Athena, give him strength...! Please, just come down.
  • Civilian 1: It's not safe up there! Come down and fight the Minotaur!
  • Morys: I said stand back! I'll jump! I mean it! I—clear a space! 'Cause I'm jumping! I don't want anyone to get hurt! From my jump! Which I'm about to do! Right NOW!
    Riiight now! Here we go! My feet are kinda over the edge! My big toes are no longer safe—only air is beneath them!
    Everyone stand back, or the rest of my feet are sure to follow!
  • Civilian 5: Why's he up there?
  • Civilian 6: I heard he fell in love with the Minotaur, who rejected his advances—and his broken heart drove him to madness.
  • Civilian 5: Really? I heard he just wanted to get a really good view of Lato, and forgot how to get down
  • Civilian 7: Someone help him!
    Don't be a fool! Think of your
    mater! And if that makes you want to jump more... Maybe think of something else!

Kassandra climbed up the tholos and approached the man standing by the edge of the scaffolding.

  • Morys: Back! Stay back! I'LL JUMP!
  • Kassandra: You don't have to do this. There's always something to live for.
  • scaffolding: No! Not for me! I-I've got nothing. I AM Nothing...
    This isn't even armor! It's my mother's third-favourite serving tray! I'm a failure. A failure!

  • Kassandra: Stop wasting everybody's time and come back from the edge. If you were going to jump you'd have done it by now.
  • Morys: Wha-what? I will! Any second now!
  • Kassandra: No you won't. You're a coward.
  • Morys: I'm no coward! I'll show you!

Morys turned back towards the edge, and stepped closer. Kassandra crossed her arms. Morys stopped.

  • Morys: By Zeus's tunic, you're right. Of course you're right. I am a coward.
  • Kassandra: Come away from the edge. Talk to me.

  • Kassandra: You look like a warrior to me. Even warriors feel fear. There's no shame in it. Fear helps us survive. It's temporary.
    honor is not. You'll find no honor jumping off this building. Only death. Talk to me.
  • Morys: ...Honor. Yes.

  • Morys: My village, we're poor. We get little trade, fewer visitors. We're dying. I was chosen to kill the Minotaur hoping it would make us famous, put us on the map. Save us, maybe.
    But look at me—I'm no Minotaur slayer. I got robbed by a tiny tour guide my first day here!
(If players had already killed the Minotaur)
  • Kassandra: The Minotaur's already dead. I killed it.
  • Morys: You—no, I was supposed to do it!
  • Kassandra: Sorry.
  • Morys: Then my people are doomed...
  • Kassandra: Minotaur slaying isn't for everyone. Even if you go home without the beast's head, there will be another way to save your village.
  • Morys: You're right! All I have to do is... lie to everyone!

  • Kassandra: Do not put words in my mouth.
  • Morys: Why not, they're good words! My people are kind, and loving, and somewhat dim—
  • Kassandra: Really? Hard to believe.

  • Kassandra: That—

She pondered for a moment.

  • Kassandra: That might actually work.

  • Morys: I just have to make them think I've killed the Minotaur. Our village would become a shrine to me, the new Theseus. Morys the Magnificent, Slayer of the Minotaur!
    We would prosper again.
  • Kassandra: Sounds like a dream.
  • Morys: A dream where people care about my village? Trade with it? That's a dream worth having.
    I'll need to look convincing—like a regal, conquering, Minotaur-killing hero!
    Best steal the Pephka leader's shiniest armor. Oh, and I'll need a weapon! Something I can say I pried from the Minotaur's cold dead hands! Cold dead hooves?

(Accept – I'll help you.)

  • Kassandra: Don't worry, I'm here to help.
  • Morys: Good. Good, good, good. Is there anything else I can tell you?

(Asked "Where can I find a fitting axe?")

  • Kassandra: An axe that looks like you've looted it from the corpse of a Minotaur... Is there a merchant for that in Pephka?
  • Morys: When I first arrived, I heard rumours of a legendary axe kept in Fort Lato. That's where you'll find what I need.
  • Kassandra: What's so special about this axe?
  • Morys: They say Theseus touched it. Twice.
  • Kassandra: I'm sure Theseus handled many axes in his time.
  • Morys: Well, yes. But he touched this one twice. Now THAT'S the sort of axe you'd expect a Minotaur to wield!

(Asked "Where is this armor?")

  • Kassandra: You mentioned the..."shiniest" armor was the Pephkan Leader's. Where does he keep it?
  • Morys: Somewhere safe. Somewhere little street kids couldn't steal it. His house is well guarded—I'd look there.
(Completed The Grand Minotour – "How about trying Minotaur Hoof Elixir?")
  • Kassandra: Sounds like you could use some Minotaur Hoof Elixir.
Morys laughed.
  • Morys: No, no, no, only a fool would buy such a blatant scam! "Minotaur Hoof Elixir"! Why would a Minotaur need elixir for its hooves?!
  • Kassandra: ...Right.

(Leave – "I'm ready.")

  • Kassandra: I've heard enough—I'll find you an axe and armor worthy of a true Minotaur slayer. Just don't... jump.
  • Morys: I wouldn't think of it!

Kassandra first made her way to the Leader House in the town. Sneaking past the guards onto the second floor, she looted the armor kept in a chest.

  • Kassandra: This is the armor Morys described. It is shiny.

Having found the armor, Kassandra made her way to Fort Lato to recover the axe. Infiltrating it, she recovered the axe held in a chest amongst the fort ruins.

  • Kassandra: This is the axe the man from the roof wanted. It's pretty heavy. I wonder if he could even lift it...
    Now I have both items the man on the roof needs to bring glory back to his village. I better get these to him before he actually jumps.

Kassandra returned to Morys at the tholos.

  • Kassandra: I'm back, and I have everything you need to successfully lie to your people.
  • Morys: Oh fantastic!
    And fear not, friend—this is a lie that will
    save my people. It'll put us back on the map! Well, um... Can I—can I have my items now please?

  • Kassandra: Of course, the axe and armor are yours.

Kassandra handed over the equipment.

  • Morys: Just, uh, turn around for a second... While I... change...

Kassandra turned around and allowed Morys to change. When he had done so, she turned around to take a look.

  • Kassandra: You look heroic. Like a warrior who could kill a whole family of Minotaurs.
  • Morys: Really? You're not just saying that?
  • Kassandra: I mean it. Even I'm a bit intimidated by you now.
  • Morys: Wow!
    It's OK guys! I'm a hero now! I'm coming down!
    feel pretty heroic.

  • Kassandra: No. The axe and armor are mine. You think they could make you look like a Minotaur slayer? No matter what armor you wear, you'll always be Morys the Pathetic. You fool no one.
  • Morys: I—no, I'm a, I'm a—
  • Kassandra: Go home, "hero."


Kassandra acquired an axe and armor for Morys, a man who had been sent to slay the Minotaur.


  • The name of the quest is a reference to the "Tale of Sir Robin" scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Sir Robin flees from the slightest conflict and his minstrels sing "Brave Sir Robin ran away. Bravely ran away away."


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