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Assassin 1: "Have you seen Brasseur?"
Assassin 2: "Not since last week. Isn't he looking into something in la Cour des Miracles?"
Assassin 1: "He was. He should have reported back yesterday."
Assassin 2: "You think he's in trouble?"
Assassin 1: "Maybe. It's not like him to be this late."

—Two Assassins talking about Brasseur disappearance, 1791.[src]
Le Roi des Thunes 25

Brasseur's corpse

Brasseur (died 1791) was a member of the French Brotherhood of Assassins active during the French Revolution. He was an apprentice of Guillaume Beylier that had been tasked to find the Roi des Thunes in the Cour des Miracles.

However, Brasseur was discovered during his mission and murdered, with the Roi des Thunes taking possession of his pistol as a trophy and keeping the corpse on hand, in case it came in useful. When Arno Dorian later came after the Roi des Thunes as well, the Templar used the body of Brasseur as a distraction; despite this scheme, Arno managed to assassinate the Roi des Thunes and reclaimed his fallen brother's pistol in the process.

When he reported back to the Assassin Council, Arno gave the firearm to Beylier, but he insisted Arno carry it as a way to honor Brasseur's memory.


  • Brasseur is the French word for brewer.
  • Brasseur may have been in the French Army, as the pistol the Roi des Thunes took from him was a double-barreled variant commonly used by officers.



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