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Brandon Bolster, was a English landlord who lived on his estate in southern Ireland with his family. He was the father of Richard, Jane and another younger daughter.

In 1822, a group of about fifty men attacked the Bolster Estate during the night, after he decided to use farm lands to feed cattle and to increase his income, depriving his farmers of the means to feed their families. Despite the pleas of Richard who agreed with them, the old man stubbornly refused to negotiate with the farmers as tension where growing between the landlords and their tenants in Ireland, with the latters organized themselves in secret societies such as the Whiteboys.

The Bolsters and their household armed themselves and faced the angry crowd besieging their house but were quickly submerged by their numbers.


  • Brandon Bolster is an ancestor of Sean Molloy, a 21th century crippled teenager working for the Templars. The Templars discovered that Sean's time in the Animus, reliving the life of Tommy Greyling, had an effect on his motor cortex despite the fact that he wasn't able to use his legs. They decided to make him relive the memories of another of his ancestors, Brandon Bolster, to study the changes in his brain. Their goal was to use the data collected from Sean, so Abstergo could create new prosthesics better responding to the brain patterns of its users.



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