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"No... No... No... I didn't see it... I swear..."
―Charlotte discovering Brad's dead body, 2015.[src]


Brad (died September 2015) was a young man working in the Treo Tea head office in San Diego, which was also a front for the Templars and housed one of their secret facilities.

In 2015, he accidentally became the first kill of the newly inducted Assassin Charlotte de la Cruz.


Entering the facility Xavier Chen and Galina Voronina had gone to rescue their fellow Assassin Joseph, Charlotte posed as an employee who had forgotten the code to a storage room she needed to access. After she invented a story about spilled coffee , Brad helped her enter the room, but when he asked what department she worked in, she responded that she was from World Share. However, Brad recognized this as a lie because Treo Tea and World Share hated each other: Charlotte immediately kneed him in the groin and bound and gagged him with duct tape in the now-opened room before donning her Assassin outfit and ascending a ventilation shaft.

Later when she came back by the shaft with an injured Galina, Charlotte was shocked to find that Brad had died, and after noticing his medical alert bracelet, realized he had asthma and suffocated because he could not reach his inhaler. Charlotte was greatly upset by Brad's death as she hadn't killed anyone before and didn't want to become a cold killer like her ancestor Tom Stoddard or Galina and Joseph.



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