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Bounty on an Athenian Leader was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra noticed a bounty for the Athenian Leader on a message board:

  1. "I know that (leader) does not deserve his position. He got where he is through intimidation alone. Someone needs to knock him down."
  2. "Law and order have broken down since (leader) took power. The roads are more dangerous than ever before. Please, someone end his rule."
  3. "(Leader) and his followers do as they please. Our sacred statues have been vandalized! Someone, please, have the strength to end that malákas."
  4. "(Leader) demands good omens from us priestesses and punishes us if the omens are bad! We're not safe as long as he is in control."
  5. "(Leader) does not fulfill his promises to his people. All he does is take for himself. Drachmae to the one who can gut the pig."
  6. "(Leader) does nothing. The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. There is no justice in the world. If there was, someone would gut the malákas."
  7. "(Leader) sent a fleet of ships right into the enemy. We'll lose everything with him in command! Let his flesh feed the worms, that's all he's good for."
  8. "Our cities are in disrepair while (leader) takes, takes, and takes some more. We must be free of this greedy tyrant. Drachmae if you can help us!"
  9. "Our lands are not protected since (leader) came into power. I've seen wolves prowling closer to us each day! It's time for a change in leadership."
  10. "Since (leader) seized power, there has been a steady increase in bandit activity. It's not safe here anymore. Please, protect us and kill this tyrant."
  11. "Since (leader) took over, there has been a growing disrespect for our local shrines. They say (leader) does not fear the gods. Show him he should."
  12. "Since (leader) took over, war has ravaged my village. Someone needs to gut the malákas and save our way of life! My drachmae to the one who manages it."
  13. "Since (leader) took over these parts, the soldiers are no longer kept in line. They're rowdy and abusive. We need a new leader around here."
  14. "The wilds are not as safe as they were. With (leader) in charge, bandits have become bolder. Maybe with (leader) dead, things will get better again."
  15. "There is corruption everywhere since (leader) took over. He spells bad news for us all. I fear a future with him in it. Who can end him?"


Kassandra accepted the contract, and slew the Athenian Leader, claiming the bounty.

Behind the scenes

The bounty flavor texts are not bound to any single region or city.


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