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Bounty on a Spartan Soldier was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra noticed a bounty for a Spartan soldier on a message board:

  1. "A soldier in the phalanx protects the man next to him with his shield too. There is one who can barely lift his. Cull the weak."
  2. "Bounty for the bastard Spartan who hurt my sister. Knock the bastard's teeth down his throat and let him die choking."
  3. "Bounty offered for the death of the Spartan soldier who dared to touch the vestments of the priestess. Show him the wrath of the gods."
  4. "Finally, the Spartan troops have moved on. My farm will start to recover if we can get rid of this last bastard straggling behind."
  5. "I thought these Spartan soldiers lived a simple life. Why is this bastard constantly demanding taxes from me, then? I've had enough."
  6. "I understand that there is a war on, but business is business, and this Spartan is costing me drachmae. He has helped himself to enough of my goods."
  7. "I was just doing my job, and this Spartan bastard kicked me down a well! Someone should stop his madness."
  8. "In my dream, the Spartan soldier I saw in the street was rocked by earthquakes and drowned in the sea. It is a prophecy! Kill him for mighty Poseidon!"
  9. "My little shop was all I had, and that Spartan brute destroyed it. Give his blood to the gutters."
  10. "One of the soldiers in my command is a disgrace to Sparta. A weakling. A complainer. But his father is too influential for me to kill him myself."
  11. "Paying good drachmae for anyone willing to rid the world of this Spartan beast. He's worse than the wolves."
  12. "Some soft-hearted misthios butted in and killed wolves for my son during his agoge training. Now his Commander wants to deny him any further instruction. I need the commander to disappear."
  13. "The gods say the Spartans must die. I know this to be true. Honor the will of the gods, and I will pay you much drachmae."*
  14. "The soldier who beat my son and crippled him just for begging. Every little bit I have in return for his life!"
  15. "The Spartan sent to clear the wolves from our farm has done nothing but eat our food and drink in the village. Feed him to the wolves."
  16. "The Spartan who owes me is too proud to pay from his pocket, so let him pay with his life."
  17. "There is a soldier in the Spartan army - his family and mine have always been enemies. He thinks to win glory. I think soldiers sometimes die mysteriously."
  18. "There is a Spartan who is looking into my business a little too closely. Take care of him quietly, and some of the drachmae he's so interested in is yours."
  19. "These soldiers think they are better than us because we're poor. This one, he spits on us and kicks us. But even small snakes have venom."
  20. "This hypocrite Spartan talks about his disciplined and simple lifestyle and then helps himself to my wares. Gut him."
  21. "This soldier is not fit to serve Sparta. The gods know what he's done, but all you need to know is that he needs killing."
  22. "War does not excuse what this soldier has done. Nothing can excuse it. Take his throat."
  23. "War? What does this soldier know of war? I fought battles while he was crawling. He thinks just because I am old now I cannot oppose him? Give him death."


Kassandra accepted the contract, and hunted down the Spartan soldier, claiming the bounty.

Behind the scenes

The bounty flavor texts are not bound to any single region or city.

One of the flavor texts for a bounty on a single Spartan soldier is the same as one used for a bounty on a group of them. Another flavor text may be a reference to the 300 movie, as a man who is simply doing his job is kicked down a well by a Spartan after a comment about madness.


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