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Bounty on a Politician was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra noticed a bounty for a politician on a message board:

  1. "A politician here is too easily influenced by his friends. His decisions will ruin the war effort. Butcher him so others don't repeat his mistakes."
  2. "A politician is trying to introduce a higher tax for merchants coming into the port. I say drag his corpse into the port instead!"
  3. "A politician sat for a portrait and then said I didn't paint him handsome enough. I told the fat bastard I paint what I see, and he wouldn't pay. Oh he'll pay."
  4. "Ever since our local politician came to power, bandits have become bolder. We need a stronger leader. His head on a spear should scare the bandits off."
  5. "Everyone thinks that he's a pious man, and a great politician, but he drinks and says wile things to the priestess - right at the temple! He's a monster."
  6. "He argues for drachmae for soldiers but what about the temples? This politician has abandoned the gods."
  7. "He's no leader, he's a politician only for the rich. He turns his nose up and hurries through our neighborhood. I want his body left in our gutters."
  8. "I know another politician would have made better decisions. The war effort suffers now. Cut him down so he can be replaced."
  9. "My rival - a politician of low morals - he is going to argue against a plan that will help the people for his own profit. Serve the people and end him."
  10. "Our city is not well defended since that new politician took over. The malákas puts us all in danger. Cut open his throat so the rest of us may live."
  11. "Our local politician does not pay the temple the respect he should. He will bring down the anger of the gods if we don't do something. Send him to Hades."
  12. "Our new politician was never supposed to take power. The gods demand his death, so another may rise. Cleanse the agora with his blood."
  13. "Our politician does nothing about the thieves around here. It's time to take the law into our own hands. Drachmae for the first person to cut him down."
  14. "Our politician does nothing about the wild beasts plaguing this area. Tear his flesh from his bones. Others will see how dangerous it is around here."
  15. "Our politician refuses to do anything about the Daughters of Artemis. They make it impossible to hunt! Take a blade to his throat, maybe others will listen."
  16. "Our politician refuses to remove the Followers of Ares. Their dark arts will invoke the wrath of the gods! Kill him before he ruins us all."
  17. "Our politician spends more drachmae on the hetaerae than he does on the people. He only cares about his own needs. Cut him from head to toe."
  18. "Since that new politician came to power, there are more beggars around here than ever before. People are losing everything. Let him lose his head."
  19. "That new politician doesn't care about the poor, he only helps the rich get their way. I'll give my last drachma to the person who ends him."
  20. "The local politician cares only about improving city life. He doesn't think we matter. Run a blade through his heart and let the malákas truly suffer."
  21. "The new politician plans to cut down the forests to give more land to the farmers. Where am I to hunt? Kill his plans, kill him."
  22. "The soldiers around here treat us worse since the new politician came to power. He's inept, and they take their frustrations out on us. Let him hang."
  23. "There are bandit camps everywhere, and our politician does nothing. Someone needs to show him that the danger is real. Cut him open where he stands."
  24. "There's a politician giving the temple far too much drachmae. The people are the ones in need! Cut this fool down."
  25. "There's a politician taking bribes, lining his pockets with drachmae so his friends can get what they want. Slit his throat and remind him other people exist."
  26. "There's no order in the agora anymore since the new politician took charge. Things need to go back to how they were. Slice him open and restore order."
  27. "This area is too poor to support a greedy politician, but the pig keeps taking more and more. Gut him like the animal he is."
  28. "This politician thinks only the city matters - every law he argues for hurts us in the countryside so that he may gain power in the city. We need new leadership."
  29. "We don't have enough guards to protect the poor because our politician sends them to protect the rich. Take a blade and show him what we're worth."


Kassandra accepted the contract, and hunted down the politician, claiming the bounty.

Behind the scenes

The bounty flavor texts are not bound to any single region or city.


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