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Bounty on a Mercenary was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


  1. "As a soldier I fought alongside (mercenary) until she betrayed us for a higher price. I cannot stand mercenaries, but I need one to end her."
  2. "Athena gave me a vision of (mercenary) dead. I'm no hunter or killer, but I dare not defy the goddess. Fulfill this prophecy for me."
  3. "Athens and Sparta wage war, but (mercenary) murders our children so they will never grow up to fight. She must be stopped. Please, protect our families!"
  4. "Bounty offered on (mercenary) for what happened in Boeotia. He knows what he did."
  5. "Death comes to us all, eventually. But I need (mercenary) to die before this war ends. Make sure her body is never found."
  6. "Does (mercenary) have a wife? I hope so. I want to hear her weep after you kill the bastard."
  7. "Drachmae is no object for the misthios who finally takes (mercenary) down. I will reward the killer handsomely."
  8. "Everywhere in my hunting grounds, dead and mutilated animals. (mercenary) is insane and he'll move on to people next. Please stop this madman."
  9. "Families pray to the gods. (mercenary) is a disgusting person who does not pray to any god. Show her the truth and the light with a blade."
  10. "Goodness comes from the gods. (mercenary) has no good in her. She is an unsacred, ungodly thing. End her plague on our lands!"
  11. "I am a priestess of Aphrodite, I love all. All except (mercenary), who used me and never loved me. Spilling her blood is my only revenge."
  12. "I hired (mercenary) to accompany me on a pilgrimage, and he fled at the first sight of trouble. Kill that coward."
  13. "I know (mercenary) has been bribing politicians but I don't know why yet. I need him eliminated before he ruins all my plans."
  14. "I overheard (mercenary) plotting to kill me with poisoned wine! I won't stop drinking, so someone needs to gut her before she can act."
  15. "I put my curse on (mercenary), but he must have found some talisman to protect himself. I need you to help my curse along."
  16. "I spent years building that house and (mercenary) burned it to the ground in a single drunken evening. Make his corpse a hideous sight!"
  17. "I want (mercenary) dead. I don't care who does it or how, except I want him to suffer."
  18. "(Mercenary) burned my olive trees. I don't know why - if it was part of a job or he was bored. I don't care. Kill that bastard."
  19. "(Mercenary) disguised himself as a priest to rob worshippers at the temple. Such a horrific blasphemy deserves swift and terrible death."
  20. "(Mercenary) found out something about me. I can't have this revealed to the rest of the village. Drachmae to the one with the strength to end her."
  21. "(Mercenary) has been despoiling corpses on the battlefield before they've even grown cold. Kill this carrion bird."
  22. "(Mercenary) has been poaching my hunting grounds. There won't be anything left alive at the rate he's going. I need someone to poach him."
  23. "(Mercenary) has learned too much of our battle plans. I fear she will tell them to the enemy. Cut her down before she gets a chance!"
  24. "(Mercenary) has ruined my life, but I want to give him a great gift: peace. Certainty. No more wondering how or when. Make it today."
  25. "(Mercenary) impersonated an officer and sent young soldiers to the death for his own contracts. Kill that bastard."
  26. "(Mercenary) is a bastard who has made life miserable out here for us, but bad things can happen in the wilds. Take care of him."
  27. "(Mercenary) is a horrible monster. The way she kills makes me sick to my stomach! Do the world a favor and kill her."
  28. "(Mercenary) is kidnapping good people and selling them into slavery. Tartaros waits for a bastard like that."
  29. "(Mercenary) is murdering politicians left and right. I might be next. I promise a huge bounty to the one who cuts her down first."
  30. "(Mercenary) is worse than the wolves he hunts. When he comes into the village for supplies, he fights and drinks and worse. Make this hunt his last."
  31. "(Mercenary) killed 3 beggars in the city last month alone. What reason is there to kill beggars? He is just a monster who likes blood. Show him his own."
  32. "(Mercenary) killed my Captain on the battlefield and fled to the enemy's side. Betrayal must be avenged."
  33. "(Mercenary) raids every shipment I send to town. Kill him so that my wife and children don't starve."
  34. "(Mercenary) robbed and abandoned me after accepting a contract to protect me. He deserves to die."
  35. "(Mercenary) sold us weapons that broke on the battlefield and cost two soldiers their lives. Kill him slowly for them."
  36. "(Mercenary), that petty malákas! She murdered my husband over some wine. Every breath she takes is an insult to his name! Cut out her heart."
  37. "(Mercenary) tricked me into revealing my darkest secrets to her. I can't have those secrets revealed. Slice her tongue from her mouth."
  38. "(Mercenary) used to gamble with us in the village, but she cheated every time. Now she's stolen our crops as payment. Someone gut the malákas!"
  39. "(Mercenary) was hired to protect my son from bandits, but she failed, and my son was murdered on the road. Return the favor to her."
  40. "(Mercenary) was supposed to save our crops from theft, but she burned them for fun. Cut the malákas down for her treachery."
  41. "(Mercenary) was to slay someone for me, but she just took my drachmae and did nothing! I will pay double to the one who cuts off her head instead."
  42. "(Mercenary)'s deeds are known all over. She has made her home in the forests nearby. Kill her and put an end to her wicked story."
  43. "(Mercenary)'s murderous deeds are too numerous to list. He's hiding in the forest; end his horrors."
  44. "Mutilated animals litter the forests because of (mercenary). Someone must put an end to her cruelty."
  45. "My wine cellar took a generation to build, but (mercenary) drank it all in a week. I can't get the wine back, but I can have vengeance!"
  46. "Our olive trees are our livelihood, but (mercenary) helped bandits cut them down for fun. We are running out of drachmae, but will pay for her death."
  47. "Reward for the blood of (mercenary). He's a traitorous bastard, and I want him dead."
  48. "Soldiers should protect each other in war. (Mercenary) does the opposite - she betrays brave soldiers. Betray her with a sword in the gut!"
  49. "The forest calls to me! It desires the blood of (mercenary). Let her bleed!"
  50. "The gods work through me, but (mercenary) works against me. This cannot be allowed. To defy me is to defy the gods! Bring her to a painful end."
  51. "The trees and the animals themselves call for the blood of the despoiler (mercenary). Spill his blood and nourish the forest."
  52. "The wilderness was safe once, but not with (mercenary) around. None can satisfy her bloodlust. She must die."
  53. "They say (mercenary) is behind the deaths of several politicians. He's too dangerous to live when our very democracy is at stake."
  54. "This war has brought horrors to us all, but the worst have come from a misthios known as (mercenary). End her life."
  55. "War is beautiful. A true test of human skill. Yet (mercenary) just looks for ways to make money off it. Spill her blood and return war to its true form."
  56. "We hired (mercenary) to help us search the caves for treasure. He robbed and killed one of our searchers the first night and left us there. Kill him."
  57. "We survive by hunting small animals, but (mercenary) kills everything that moves just for fun. Please stop her!"
  58. "When (mercenary) laughed in the ceremony to Dionysos, he brought bad luck on the whole town. Kill him to redeem us to the gods."
  59. "Wine and (mercenary) are a fabulous mix, but now she is using our night together to blackmail me. Someone must end her now."


Kassandra accepted the contract, and hunted down the mercenary in question, claiming the bounty.

Behind the scenes

The flavor text is always randomly picked for any and all mercenaries, regardless of their characteristics beyond sex.


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