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Bounty on a Follower of Ares was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra noticed a bounty for one of the Followers of Ares on a message board:

  1. "A Follower of Ares claims to bless people, but they're getting sick. I think the malákas is a poisoner! Feed his flesh to the crows!"
  2. "A Follower of Ares defies our sacred temple. He thinks his rituals are the only way to worship! I want him gutted before he starts leading people astray."
  3. "A Follower of Ares gives my men bad omens. I want that pretender sliced in two before the soldiers start believing him."
  4. "A Follower of Ares has been extorting drachmae and wares from traders as donations! Many merchants have stopped trading here. Cut him down!"
  5. "A Follower of Ares has been performing bloody sacrifices. The scent of blood is drawing wild animals near our homes. I want that malákas stopped for good."
  6. "A Follower of Ares is crushing our soldiers' morale with his dark tales and strange predictions. Crush his head instead. Let's see if he predicts that."
  7. "A Follower of Ares is defacing our holy statues in the name of his god. He says Ares is the only true god! Gut the malákas before he brings us to ruin!"
  8. "A Follower of Ares is ruining good Ares' name with his dark practices. I want this to end. Kill him for me, and I'll make sure you're rewarded."
  9. "A Follower of Ares is tricking rich fools out of drachmae. It only makes their darkness grow stronger! Slice his throat, and I'll reward you."
  10. "A Follower of Ares prayed in our city, and our city fell. His dark arts have brought ruin to us all! Cut out his heart and let the crows feast!"
  11. "A Follower of Ares took my dogs in the night and killed them in a sacrifice. I want that malákas cut open. Let the dogs in the street feast on his flesh."
  12. "Bounty offered for the Follower of Ares I've seen around here - if a man like Lagos can be manipulated because Cultists have his family, none of us are safe from zealots!"
  13. "I used to fish at the lake, but a Follower of Ares has put up a horrible shrine near the area. I've seen him do strange rituals there. Please, get rid of him."
  14. "My city used to be beautiful. Since the Followers of Ares came, its reputation has sunk low. One of those malákes scares my children! I want him cut down."
  15. "My Commander is being swayed by a Follower of Ares. The malákas whispers things in his ear. I don't trust the darkness he brings. Cut him down quickly!"
  16. "My husband is afraid to leave the house since a Follower of Ares came to live near us. Drachmae to anyone who can kill the malákas and restore some order!"
  17. "One of the Followers of Ares laughs and jokes about our priestesses. Show that malákas the true wrath of the gods. Open his guts to the stars!"
  18. "People around here are confused. A Follower of Ares is trying to recruit them, and some fools are falling for it. Cut the malákas down before he can do more!"
  19. "The Followers of Ares hoard riches and grow in power - one has become extremely dangerous and powerful. Take his riches, his power, and his blood."
  20. "The gods demand sacrifice and tribute, but this Follower of Ares goes too far. His dark rituals are cursed! Kill him and stay the wrath of the gods."
  21. "This murderous Follower of Ares interferes in the order of the gods. He must be destroyed before the gods' wrath falls on us all!"
  22. "Wise Ares came to me in a dream. He whispered that a Follower of Ares defies his sacred will and must die. Drachmae to you if you have the strength to kill him!"


Kassandra accepted the contract, and hunted down the Follower of Ares, claiming the bounty.

Behind the scenes

The bounty flavor texts are not bound to any single region or city.


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