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Bounty on a Daughter of Artemis was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra noticed a bounty for one of the Daughters of Artemis on a message board:

  1. "A Daughter of Artemis came out of the trees at me and knocked me from my horse. Then she chased it away telling it to be free. That horse was all I had! Kill that huntress!"
  2. "A Daughter of Artemis cut my tendon and left me to crawl out of her forest for daring to hunt there. Start with her tendons and end with her throat."
  3. "A Daughter of Artemis threatened me for trying to grow my farm, but the war is making it impossible to get by with what I have. I can't stop the war, but that huntress can die."
  4. "A huntress was shocked by my pet cat and said she will return to free it. Drachmae to who stops her! Let's see how many lives these Daughters of Artemis have."
  5. "A woman shouting about the will of Artemis attacked my farm and released all my animals. I don't know Artemis, but I know crazy. Kill this insane Daughter of Artemis."
  6. "A woman with a bow attacked us while we were sacrificing and made off with our animals. She must have been one of those crazy Daughters of Artemis! Such madness cannot be allowed."
  7. "An arrow in the throat is too great a price to pay for hunting in these woods. The murderous Daughter of Artemis who is attacking my men must be stopped."
  8. "Hunting lions is the privilege of the elite, but one of those forest-women Daughters of Artemis threatened to hunt me if I didn't stop! Cut her down!"
  9. "I do not understand the rites and beliefs of the Daughter of Artemis who is camped near my farm, but I know that I fear her. Please remove her before she hurts someone."
  10. "I pay too much to the city-state to be threatened by this Daughter of Artemis on my own lands. If the soldiers won't do anything, maybe a mercenary will!"
  11. "I set out a shrine and spilled goat blood for a sign from the gods. Instead, a cursed Daughter of Artemis knocked over my shrine! I want her blood spilled next!"
  12. "I wrote an epic poem about the glory of the hunt, and a Daughter of Artemis said it was a story of cruelty and put an arrow through my pages! Put an arrow through her!"
  13. "My estates are stocked with animals for me to hunt - this woman calling herself a Daughter of Artemis is a dangerous trespasser."
  14. "Reward for the head of the Daughter of Artemis who lured my precious daughter away into the wilds with her."
  15. "Reward offered for the Daughter of Artemis who has been threatening the trappers in the forest. We can't afford much, but she has to be stopped."
  16. "Reward offered for the head of the Daughter of Artemis who is attacking shrines to other gods near the forest."
  17. "The Daughter of Artemis who threatened me said anything can happen out in the wilderness. Show her how right she was."
  18. "The Daughters of Artemis pervert the will of their goddess. Bounty offered for the one who is hunting innocent people near the town."
  19. "The huntress who worships Artemis in the forest near my camp is allowing Spartan spies to pass through her woods but fires on my men. This Daughter of Artemis needs killing."
  20. "This Daughter of Artemis is the worst kind of coward. She kills my soldiers from a distance with a bow, under cover of night and trees. Find her."
  21. "Wanted: head of the Daughter of Artemis bold enough to mock a Spartan soldier at the bathing stream. The water was cold!"
  22. "What good are these soldiers I've paid for if they let this Daughter of Artemis wander over my lands? Kill her and show these fools how it's done."
  23. "While in the forest, a Daughter of Artemis trapped me in a wolf den. I was lucky to get out alive. Make sure that malákas suffers a worse fate, and I'll reward you."


Kassandra accepted the contract, and hunted down the , claiming the bounty.

Behind the scenes

The bounty flavor texts are not bound to any single region or city.


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