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Bounty on Spartan Soldiers was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra noticed a bounty for Spartan soldiers on a message board:

  1. "Cursed Spartans destroyed my precious vineyard. They think they can do what they like. Open their bellies and I'll make wine with their blood!"
  2. "Help dear Athens against the Spartan scum! Stand up and be brave! Drachmae to anyone who spills Spartan blood!"
  3. "Malákes Spartans destroyed our sacred statue. I saw them! I can't take them on, but I'll pay anyone who does!"
  4. "Malákes Spartans tease and taunt us. They think it's funny to make us miserable. I'll give what drachmae I have to make this stop for good."
  5. "Mindless, hateful Spartans destroy our estates. They march through just to watch them burn. Why waste the riches of the land? Waste them instead."
  6. "People are going missing. I don't trust the Spartans. Stick a spear in them. Maybe no more missing people."
  7. "REWARD. A group of Spartans beat my son. He is close to death. Disembowel the bastards."
  8. "Since the Spartans came through here, there's been an increase in thieving. Gut a few of the malákes and we'll see if it makes a difference."
  9. "Spartan bastards keep aggravating merchants at the port. This can't go on! Gut the fools and let us trade in peace."
  10. "Spartan deserters seen hiding nearby. Drachmae if you slice out their cowardly hearts!"
  11. "Spartan soldiers are hassling locals. When they're not in battle, they fight with us. Cut open their throats. Flood the streets with their blood."
  12. "Spartan soldiers took my swords without payment. Shove the swords though (sic) their eyes. Make it the last thing they ever see."
  13. "Spartans are destroying our crops. I fear we will have no harvest. My drachmae to you if you put an end to them. For good."
  14. "Spartans are giving trouble to travelers on the road. They are blocking our supply routes. Chop off their heads and clear our roads!"
  15. "Spartans are idiots. They have no respect for our temple. They don't understand words, so show them the might of Athens with blood!"
  16. "The gods say the Spartans must die. I know this to be true. Honor the will of the gods, and I will pay you much drachmae."
  17. "The soldiers beat my father last night just to amuse themselves. We can barely afford this bounty, but they can't get away with this."
  18. "The Soldiers (sic) have trampled the fields we rely on. Churned them to mud and killed all the crops. Destroy these bastards."
  19. "The Spartans bring suffering everywhere they go and say they live only for war. Let them die for it, then."
  20. "The Spartans hassle the locals and incite violence at the agora. Someone needs to stop them before our trade here is ruined."
  21. "The Spartans have no respect. They are loud and crude. They even mock our priestesses. Letting them live brings shame to us all."
  22. "There have been more bandit raids since Spartans came here. We have lost all order. I'll pay anyone who can restore peace. Cut the soldiers down!"
  23. "These Spartan soldiers think they know war? Ha, show their blood to Ares."
  24. "Those disgusting Spartan pigs smashed the pots at our sacred shrine. This can't happen again. Drachmae if you make sure it doesn't."
  25. "We don't have much around here, yet the Spartans take what little we do have! Our children will soon starve unless someone guts the greedy bastards."
  26. "We're overrun by bandits - the Spartan soldiers encourage the violence! Please, someone cut down these soldiers. Maybe the bandits will get the message."


Kassandra accepted the contract, and hunted down the Spartan soldiers, claiming the bounty.

Behind the scenes

The bounty flavor texts are not bound to any single region or city.


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