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Bounty on Bandits was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


The Spartan misthios Kassandra found a note on the message board promising a bounty for dealing with a number of bandits nearby:

  1. "Athena's holy statue has been defaced by brutish bandits. They must face death for such impiety. Bring them to their end, and you will be rewarded."
  2. "Bandits have been raiding our workshop for our fine pots and pottery. We can't fight them, and the soldiers do nothing!"
  3. "My brave brother survived battle only to be killed by bandits robbing him on the road. His death must be their last!"
  4. "The bandits attacked our priestess on the road. Robbed and mocked a servant of the gods! Show them the gods' wrath."
  5. "The bandits in these hills are murderous cannibals. I didn't want to hire a bounty, but they are just so horrific. We need to be safe from them."
  6. "The city has been devastated by the war, we don't have the resources left to fight off raiders. This bounty is all we have left. Please help."
  7. "The city is thick with thieves. What little we have is in constant danger. Gut them and make the city safe again."
  8. "The streets aren't safe after dark. It seems more bandits crawl out of their holes each day. I want my city back!"
  9. "The thieves have been targeting our worshippers for the offerings they bring to the temple. These horrendous crimes must not be allowed to continue!"
  10. "These raiders swarm into my estates like insects and steal everything they can get their hands on. Exterminate these pests."
  11. "Thieves are robbing our camp every time we go on patrol, but we can't spare any men to leave behind. How can we fight a war when we can't keep our camp safe?"
  12. "We can't survive much longer if these bandits keep hitting us. We have almost nothing left."
  13. "We are only a poor village and most of our men have gone to war - we cannot fight off these raiders who attack us. Please accept our modest bounty and help us."


Kassandra sought out the bandits and slew them, claiming the bounty promised.

Behind the scenes

The bounty flavor texts are not bound to any single region or city.


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