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Bounty on Athenian Soldiers was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra noticed a bounty on a message board:

  1. "A curse on the Athenians! Break some of their spears before their next battle. Break their faces too."
  2. "An Athenian or a helot, which is worse? The Athenian, of course. At least the helots can be controlled. Drachmae to you if you can cut down Athenians."
  3. "Athenian bastards had the nerve to interrupt our sacred festivities. The gods demand they pay the price. I'll pay you if you can crush their skulls!"
  4. "Athenian control over Spartan lands is an abomination! I will not yield to these animals! But I'll reward the first person to cave in their skulls."
  5. "Athenian idiots think they can win this war? Cut a few of them down in the streets and see how soon they lose confidence! I'll pay for such a sight."
  6. "Athenian scum have been mocking our religious customs. They think they're better than us? Break their teeth and see how well they smile!"
  7. "Athenians think they can challenge Spartan greatness? I'll be sure to reward anyone who guts the fools in the streets!"
  8. "Help break Athenian morale by gutting a few of the dogs in the streets! I'll pay anyone who can cut the smiles from their faces!"
  9. "I finally got my hands on some good bread, and the Athenians swiped it from me! They kicked me away and laughed. Cut the skin from their bones!"
  10. "Malákes Athenians hassle my workers every day. They think they're untouchable! My drachmae to anyone who can show them they're not."
  11. "Our markets are overrun by Athenian bastards. They think they can take what they like and spit on anyone who tries to stop them. Cut off their hands!"
  12. "Sparta needs you. The Athenians grow in strength each day. Gut a few where you find them. Answer this call, and I'll pay you well!"
  13. "The Athenians are impure dogs. They defile Sparta with their impiety. Cut down every last one, and cleanse the soil of Sparta with their blood."
  14. "The Athenian bastards have started hurting our pets for fun. They laugh when they see us despair! Flay the malákes alive. I'll laugh then."
  15. "The Athenians have no goodness in them. They beat us and taunt us, even our children! Someone, please save us from these bastards."
  16. "The Athenians must know we'll fight back with everything we have. In the cities, in the villages, and in the wilds! Drachmae if you cut them down!"
  17. "The Athenians seem to think the best way to win the war is to terrorize villagers. Show them what we're made of by slitting their throats."
  18. "The sight of Athenians in our streets breaks my pater's heart! Drachmae to you if you make the streets flow red with Athenian blood!"
  19. "These cursed Athenians have overrun our city! Their presence shames Sparta. I want the dogs cut down!"
  20. "Things were better around here before the Athenians came. Now we never have any peace. Tear the malákes apart and I'll give you whatever I can!"
  21. "We're alone out here. The Athenian soldiers hassle us day and night. They're bored, and we're angry. Cut them down and give us peace."
  22. "Wretched Athenian soldiers keep trampling through the forest. They burn and destroy everything in their way! Gouge out their eyes and let them rot."


Kassandra accepted the contract, and hunted down the soldiers, claiming the bounty.


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