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Bottom of the Barrel was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Following the execution of King Louis, Arno returned to the Assassin hideout.


As Arno entered the hideout, he was stopped by two Assassins and escorted to the Council.

  • Trenet: What in God's name happened at the Place de la Révolution today?
  • Arno: Germain was there, and I know what his plan is. You have to-
  • Beylier: You were told to leave that investigation to others.
  • Arno: Yes, but listen-
  • Trenet: "Yes, but listen?" Is that the regard in which you hold the Brotherhood?
  • Beylier: I knew this would happen. I told Mirabeau that you were too obsessed with your personal vendettas.
  • Arno: This is why I joined the Brotherhood!
  • Quemar: Yes. Not because you shared our ideals, or felt called to the service. For revenge.
  • Arno: For redemption.
  • Trenet: Call it what you will. You've defied the orders of this Council repeatedly, pursued targets without sanction, and flouted our Creed at every step.
  • Quemar: Master Trenet?
  • Trenet: In light of these actions, I find I have no choice but to call for a vote of expulsion. Master Beylier?
  • Beylier: Agreed.
  • Arno: What are you-
  • Trenet: Master Quemar?
  • Quemar: Agreed.
  • Trenet: Arno Dorian, you are attainted. Your rank and title are stripped from you, and you are hereby exiled from the Brotherhood of Paris.
  • Arno: You cannot be serious! Listen, I know what Germain is doing, I can stop him!
  • Trenet: The decision of this Council is final. We give you leave to go.

Escorted by the two Assassins, Arno left the hideout and moved back to the now abandoned de la Serre estate in Versailles. After a night of heavy drinking, a church bell rang and woke Arno. Picking up a bottle of wine, he found it empty.

  • Arno: Damn.

Throwing the bottle away, Arno searched himself for his pocketwatch, but was unable to find it.

Bottom of the Barrel 4

Arno looking for his watch

  • Arno: No, no, no!

Arno searched the room.

  • Arno: Where is it?

Arno then inspected a barrel of wine.

  • Arno: Brasserie Garceau. Was that... last night?

Thinking back, Arno saw a vision of himself twelve hours earlier. He attempted to enter the Brasserie, only to be stopped.

  • Bartender: Get the hell out here!
  • Arno: But I-
  • Bartender: Out! You've caused enough trouble for one night!

The door was closed.

  • Arno: Fine. I'll procure my wine in some other fashion.

Intoxicated, Arno found a barrel of wine in a nearby house, carrying it with him to the estate. The vision then ended.

  • Arno: It was last night. Maybe I left it there.

Arno left the estate and made his way back to the Brasserie

  • Citizens: God damn la Touche....
    Damned la Touche....
    La Touche....
    La Touche... Murderous bastard.
  • Arno: Looks like someone got into a fight.

Arno entered the building.

Bottom of the Barrel 9

Arno returning to the Brasserie

  • Bartender: Oh Christ, not you again. Didn't do enough damage last night?
  • Arno: No, I.. I just... my father's watch. Have you seen it?
  • Bartender: I've seen nothing. Might want to ask one of the four men you picked a fight with. Idiot.

Arno returned to the vision, in which he drank a bottle of wine in the Brasserie, before a gang member bumped into him.

  • Gang member 1: Watch it!

Arno then prepared to attack him with the bottle, although he was stopped by the bartender.

  • Bartender: You don't want to do that, boy.
  • Arno: Piss off, old man.
Bottom of the Barrel 10

Arno starting a bar fight

Arno smashed the bottle into the gang member's head, starting a fight with the other members. After defeating several of them, one gang member knocked Arno down with a chair. The gang members then threw him out of the Brasserie, before the leader took Arno's watch. The vision ended, and Arno saw one of the gang members sitting in the Brasserie.

  • Arno: You. Where is your boss?
  • Gang member 1: Ah, shit.

Then gang member ran out through the window.

  • Arno: No, get back here!

Chasing after the gang member, Arno tackled him and held him to the ground.

  • Arno: Where?
  • Gang member 1: The palace! They're at the palace!
  • Arno: Thank you.
Bottom of the Barrel 14

Arno interrogating the gang member

Arno knocked out the gang member. He then infiltrated the Palace of Versailles, the former King's residence which the gang members had decided to loot.

  • Gang member 2: What a haul!
  • Gang member 3: Bag it all, boys!
  • Gang member 4: Beats rolling farmers for their coppers, eh lads?
  • Gang member 5: Look at all this! Even the chamber pots are gold!

Arno saw a vision of Élise and him from the night of de la Serre's death.

  • Élise: You seem to have caused quite a commotion.
  • Arno: What can I say? You were always a bad influence.
  • Élise: Oh, you were a worse one.
  • Gang member 6: I call the silverwear!
  • Gang member 7: Now aren't you glad we came here?
  • Gang member 8: Diable! Is that mink?
  • Gang member 9: Looks like it.

Arno saw a vision of him and his father.

  • Arno: Can't I go with you, father?
  • Charles: Courage, my boy. You wait just here. I will return when this hand reaches the top.
    And Arno? No "exploring," hmm?
  • Arno: Yes, father.

Arno found the gang leader outside the palace, surrounded by several of his men. Arno then attacked them.

  • Gang leader: Fucking hell... The hell do you want?
  • Arno: My watch.
  • Gang leader: Ah, hell, not this again...
  • Arno: I want it back!
  • Gang leader: I don't have your damn watch!
  • Arno: Liar!
  • Gang leader: Back off, boy!
Bottom of the Barrel 20

Arno sitting on the steps of the palace

Arno killed the gang leader and his men. Searching the leader's body, he was unable to find the watch. He then saw a vision of himself rushing to the dying de la Serre. Frustrated, he sat on the stairs to the palace.

  • Élise: Arno?

Élise appeared and gave Arno his watch.

  • Élise: You look like hell.
  • Arno: You look like you want something from me.
  • Élise: That's a fine thing to say after you up and vanished!
  • Arno: You made it fairly clear you no longer required my services.
  • Élise: Don't! Don't you dare talk to me like that!
  • Arno: What do you expect me to say, Élise? "Forgive me for not letting you die?" "I'm sorry I care more about you than about killing Germain?"
  • Élise: I thought we wanted the same thing.
  • Arno: What I wanted was you. I can't bear the fact that my carelessness got your father killed. Everything I've done since then has been to fix that mistake. And to prevent it from happening again. You must have come here with something in mind. What was it?
Bottom of the Barrel 22

Arno speaking with Élise

  • Élise: Paris is tearing itself apart. Germain has driven the Revolution to new heights of depravity. The guillotines operate nearly round the clock now.
  • Arno: And what do you expect me to do about it?
  • Élise: The Arno I love wouldn't have to ask that question. You're better than this. I'm going back to Paris - are you coming?
  • Arno: There was one last thing I need to do.
  • Élise: All right. I'll go see to our transportation. Stay out of trouble. Don't get caught.


Arno was expelled from the Brotherhood and moved back to Versailles. While attempting to find his watch, Élise found him and convinced him to resume their mission.



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