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The Boston Tea Party was a protest against the British Government in Boston, Massachusetts, in reaction to the Tea Act of 1773.

The Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton and the Sons of Liberty organized the destruction of the East India Company's tea for two separate reasons. Connor's incentive was to stunt William Johnson's income, whereas the Sons of Liberty's aim was to send a message of resistance to England.


"Then it's on to Griffin's Wharf, where we board the ships and dump the tea. Simple as that."
―Samuel Adams to Connor about dumping the tea.[src]-[m]

After learning of Johnson's plan to buy out the Kanien'kehá:ka land on which his village stood, Connor met with Samuel Adams to discuss a way to destroy the Templar's means of finance.[1]

With an idea already in mind, Adams discussed with Connor the plan to dump British tea into the Boston Harbor. The reasoning behind this was to send a message of revolt to England. Fortunately for the Sons of Liberty, Connor had his own agenda to rid the ships of their tea, and so Adams was able to persuade the Assassin to join them on the raid.[1]

Destruction of tea[]

"Best we get out of here, eh?"
―Stephane to Connor after the last crate was dumped.[src]-[m]
ACIII-Teaparty 7

Connor and Stephane dumping tea

At night, the Sons of Liberty and a group of Patriot protesters made their way towards the wharf disguised as Kanien'kehá:ka warriors. Upon arrival, the disguised Sons of Liberty and other participants boarded the three ships containing the tea and began to dump all of the crates into the harbor. Surely enough, as crowds began to gather around the Dartmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver, British regulars noticed the dispelling of the precious cargo and decided to act.[1]

With this in mind, groups of regulars attempted to board the ships to prevent any more tea from being destroyed. However, Connor was present during the event, and assisted the Sons of Liberty by not only dumping tea, but by also fending off the British.[1]

Once all of the attacking regulars were successfully stopped, Connor was presented the last crate of tea by the newly recruited Assassin Stephane Chapheau, and promptly dumped it in the water whilst staring at William Johnson, Charles Lee, and John Pitcairn, who stood by in the distance.[1]


With the disguises working efficiently, the British were unable to charge the Sons of Liberty with an act of treason due to insufficient evidence. Due to this, 90,000 pounds of tea was destroyed without any of the "Mohawks" ending up in jail.[1]

Additionally, this protest against the Tea Act was one of the key events that ignited the American Revolutionary War.[1]