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Boston's Most Wanted was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Having been blamed for the Boston Massacre, Connor became one of the most wanted men in Boston. He met with Samuel Adams, who helped him reduce his notoriety.


  • Adams: Over here! You're Achilles' boy. Connor, was it? I saw what happened at the Town House. A fine mess, that.
  • Connor: Who are you?
  • Adams: Samuel Adams, at your service. Achilles asked me to get you out of Boston.
  • Connor: Explain.
  • Adams: The whole city's looking for you...
  • Town crier: Oye! Oye! A criminal stalks the streets - wanted in connection with the massacre at the Town House! Citizens are advised to call the guards if they see him! Ten pounds to whoever brings this madman to justice!
  • Connor: What am I supposed to do?
  • Adams: You can take down these posters for a start. Return to me once you've removed the others.

Connor set out to remove the posters.

  • Adams: Take down those posters, and then we'll talk...
    We can't be seen together until these posters are gone...
    I've nothing more to say so long as those posters remain...
  • Cyrus: None can say for certain who fired the first shot, but we now suspect a man of native origin. Many speculate as to why he acted. A show of solidarity with the protesters or was it vengeance for an attack on his people?
  • Redcoat 1: If it gets any colder, my nutmegs are apt to freeze.
  • Redcoat 2: What a beautiful picture you've painted for me. Thank you kindly that.
  • Redcoat 1: If they haven't caught the man who took the first shot by now, I can't imagine they ever will...
  • Redcoat 2: Aye. It's unlikely... But for a purse of fifty pounds no harm in keeping an eye out.
  • Redcoat 3: Was a mistake to let any of those troublemakers go. Should've silenced them all and been done with it.
  • Redcoat 4: What? And have more martyrs for their cause? No. It was a mistake for them to fire at all.
  • Redcoat 3: Are you mad? They'll see they can get away with it now. To stand down is to concede. We've empowered them!
  • Redcoat 4: We empowered them when the men opened fire.
  • Redcoat 3: The protesters shot first!
  • Redcoat 4: See how much that matters in the days to come. As they parade their dead and curse our names.

Connor removed several wanted posters before returning to Adams.

ACIII-MostWanted 5

Adams introducing Connor to Cyrus

  • Adams: Ah, Connor, there you are. I'd like you to meet Cyrus.
  • Cyrus: Is he the killer?

Connor looked at Cyrus with distrust.

  • Adams: Peace. Cyrus is on our side. Or rather... for the right price, he will be.
  • Jäger: Have you seen this man?
  • Adams: Watch and learn.

Adams gave Cyrus a bag of money.

  • Cyrus: Oye! Oye! Word has reached us that the man responsible for today's shooting may have been in disguise! A hat and makeup tin were found near the scene of the crime. Witnesses describe a middle-aged gentleman of pale complexion fleeing towards the wharves, rifle in arm.
  • Adams: Thank you kindly, Cyrus.
  • Cyrus: Pleasure.
  • Adams: Come on, then. There's still one last bit of work to do.
ACIII-MostWanted 7

A Jäger questioning the citizens

  • Adams: Dammit! We're too late. They've set up a checkpoint. Come on. This way.
  • Connor: I can go by rooftop and meet you there?
  • Adams: No. Better you learn about the tunnels now.
  • Connor: Tunnels?
  • Adams: The Masons have a whole network of them under the city. They're quite useful when speed and secrecy are required.

On the way to the entrance of the tunnel system, Adams would scold the guards if they attacked Connor.

  • Adams: You've no right to treat him that way!
    He's done no wrong! Let him alone!
    Leave him be! He's just a child!
    Unhand that boy or I'll see to it the whole city knows of your crimes!

Connor and Adams made their way to the entrance of the tunnel system.

  • Adams: Here we are, then. I'll see you inside.


Connor managed to reduce his notoriety and entered the Mason's tunnel system under the city with Adams.


  • This memory was the only instance when Connor's younger appearance was featured on the wanted posters.



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