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Colonel Boris Theodore Pash, born Boris Fedorovich Pashkovsky (1900 – 1995), was a colonel in the United States Army and a member of the American Brotherhood of Assassins during World War II

In 1942, he officially led the Alsos Mission, aimed at spying on secret German operations regarding their atomic bomb project as the Allies were developing their own program, the Manhattan Project. In this context, he also recruited the londoner Eddie Gorm to infiltrate the entourage of Nazi General Gero Kramer, secretly a member of the Templar Order.


Before 1940, Pash placed a mole in Jack Turpin's criminal organization, Robert Burton, a British spy who kept the colonel informed on the activities of Turpin, who was in fact a Nazi infiltrator named Otto Hammerstein.

In September 1940, Pash learned that Hammerstein tried to recruit the docker Eddie Gorm in order to steal the research of French scientist refugied in London. Investigating Gorm's background, Pash discovered that the former war hero was unknowingly the descendant of an Assassin bloodline. The Assassin decided to use this opportunity to finally have a spy of the Brotherhood able to reach Turpin's superior, the Templar Gero Kramer. All the Assassins that Pash had sent to infiltrate the Uranprojekt were unmasked by Kramer, prompting him to devise a plan to send an Assassin who didn't knew himself that he was an Assassin.

To do so Pash approached Gorm with another Assassin, Julia Dusk, trying to convince the man to accept Hammerstein's offer and work for the Allies as a double-agent, but the Englishman rebuffed them. However, as they were arguing, an armada of German planes attacked London and a bomb hit Gorm's house, killing his whole family. Distraught, Gorm drowned his sorrows in alcohol until Pash and Dusk found him back one week later and convinced him to accept their offer. While Gorm was convinced to work for the Americans, Pash kept from his new recruit his true allegiance to the Assassin cause.

Eventually, Gorm gained the trust of Hammerstein and by 1942 had joined the SS and was living in Berlin, where he was handled by Dusk. However, during a ceremony presided by Kramer and held in honor of Werner Heisenberg, the lead scientist of the Uranprojekt, Gorm blowed his cover. He stabbed Hammerstein in blind rage and took Heisenberg hostage, forcing the Assassins to come to his rescue. After Gorm isolated himself and Heisenberg in a laboratory where he interrogated the scientist about the atomic project, Julia Dusk jumped through a window to save him from the soldiers who were about to capture him. They escaped, despite Julia being shot, and joined Pash and Burton who were waiting for them with a car.

Despite Gorm trying to strangle Burton after recognizing him as Hammerstein's henchman, the group successfully reached their Assassin hideout in the city. While Burton was taking care of Dusk, Pash revealed everything to Gorm, from his allegiance to the Assassin Brotherhood to their secret war against the Templar Order. After Pash told him that he was a descendant of an Assassin bloodline, Gorm decided to join the Brotherhood. By February 1943, Pash had completed the training of Gorm and decided that the time had come to act on the informations that his protege extorted from Heisenberg, sending the Assassin to Norway, after Gero Kramer.



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