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A Borgia captain

Borgia captains were a higher class of guards employed by the Borgia family during the Renaissance. Borgia Captains were primarily in charge of the defense of the Borgia Towers, twelve fortifications throughout Rome, as well as fiercely overseeing the shops, landmarks, and estates nearby, which were also enforced by other guards under the Captain's command. They also oversaw certain significant events.

In combat, the captains fought similarly to Leaders, but were more durable and heavily armored. The captains also resembled Leaders in appearance. They wore a white cape with the Borgia coat of arms on it and were skillful in countering enemy attacks. However, some were cowardly, and would flee upon being confronted.

Borgia Towers[]

As a Borgia captain was assigned to a tower, patrols of the surrounding area would contain a greater amount of guards, as well as being closely watched, proving restricted to less privileged civilians.

While under the control of a Borgia Tower and its captain, control of the district would fall under the jurisdiction of the Templars, closing down any shops and other refurbishable areas, effectively preventing their renovation.

ACB Borgia Tower

A Borgia Tower

Though some Captains would choose to fight off a threat alongside their guards, others would flee from confrontations, seeking sanctuary within the tower. The heavy fortifications served as an effective protection for the Captain, who would only venture out at the next guard rotation, occurring between day and night.

However, once a captain had been slain, the Assassin Ezio Auditore could scale the towers before igniting several barrels of gunpowder at the top, liberating the nearby area from the rule of the captain responsible, as well as providing him an opportunity to recruit another oppressed civilian to his cause.

List of Captains[]

Centro District[]

Antico District[]

Campagna District[]


  • All Borgia captains with the last name "da Siena" will flee, as their description in the database suggests.
  • If a captain escapes, instead of waiting 12 in-game hours, the player may quit the game and reload their save position to make the captain reappear.
  • The Borgia captains that Claudia Auditore kills in the memory "Paper Trail" appears to have golden armor rather than iron or silver.
  • Dying after killing a captain, but before burning the tower, required the entire process to be repeated.
  • The Hidden Gun is the only long-ranged weapon that can kill a captain with one shot.
  • The captains carry large amounts of money that may be looted.