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==Weapon statistics==
==Weapon statistics==
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!Quality (Max Level 55)
!Quality (Max Level 55)

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ACO Boredom Bane

Boredom Bane

Boredom Bane was a heavy mace richly crafted by priests of Ptah in Memphis, Egypt.


The Boredom Bane was among the most intricately designed of maces in 1st century BCE Egypt. Fashioned out of a bright, mahogany wood, the mace's rich color was matched by its octahedronal head and ornate carvings all along its pole. Half of each face of the octahedronal head was painted with checkered patterns, such that the pattern alternated with the remaining, undecorated parts of the head.


Somewhat akin to a ceremonial mace, the Boredom Mace was specially crafted by worshippers of Ptah in Memphis, Egypt. The art recalled the role of Ptah in Memphis's religious narrative as demiurge, the deity responsible for forging the universe through his artisanship.

Weapon statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Common 113 528 Adrenaline on Kill I Blacksmith, Loot



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