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Boot (died 1862) was a thief who worked as a courier for Robert Waugh, a photographer involved in the pornographic industry and an associate of the British rite of Templar Order during the Victorian era.


In 1862, Boot pickpocketed a watch, unaware that it was broken and an hour late on his way to a meeting with Waugh in order to recover some new pornographic plates. Reaching the St. Giles Rookery, Boot was attacked and interrogated by Assassin Ethan Frye who wanted to know the identity of his boss. Threatened to be cut in the carotid artery with the Hidden Blade, Boot wet himself and was forced to answer truthfully.

However, Robert Waugh, who was already there, shot him and a nearby young girl in the head to silence him as Boot was about to give his name to the Assassin.



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