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This article is about the genetic memory of Ezio Auditore.. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Aveline de Grandpré.

Bon Voyage was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


Ezio Auditore traveled to the home of Francesco Colonna in search of the remaining Leonardo da Vinci paintings. A woman greeted him at the door and informed him that all of Francesco's possessions have been seized by the banks, and have been auctioned off to repay his debt. Ezio inquired about Leonardo's paintings, and was told that they had been sold to a Florentine merchant who was to set sail for Florence immediately. Ezio thanked the woman and left in search of the merchant.


Ezio arrived at Francesco Colonna's house and was greeted by a woman.

Bon Voyage 1

Ezio asking about the paintings at the house of Francesco Colonna

  • Ezio: Buongiorno (Good day). Is this the home of Francesco Colonna?
  • Woman: It was, but now the banks own everything. We have lost it all.
  • Ezio: Even the Da Vinci paintings?
  • Woman: A lesser part of Signore's (Sir's) collection.
  • Ezio: I have an interest in them nonetheless.
  • Woman: The three paintings were put up for auction and purchased by a merchant of Firenze. He prepares to set sail from the harbor immediately.
  • Ezio: Grazie mille. (Thank you very much.)

Ezio headed towards the harbor in search of the Florentine merchant. When he arrived, the man he searched for was revealed to be Duccio de Luca.

  • Duccio: Ezio Auditore.

Duccio spoke to the woman beside him.

  • Duccio: Come back down to the harbor when I return to Roma. I will show you the inside of my ship.

Duccio returned his attention to Ezio.

  • Duccio: Living in this third rate city, instead of beautiful Firenze? How low you have sunk.
  • Ezio: Duccio. We are not children anymore.
  • Duccio: Look around. I have help this time. And you are all alone.
  • Ezio: I am warning you...
Bon Voyage 5

Ezio interrogating Duccio

  • Duccio: We are only talking, are we not? I see this place has worked its magic on your sister. She did not want to open her legs in Firenze, but now she is the Madame of Roma.

Ezio punched Duccio in the face and he fell to the floor.

  • Duccio: Cazzo! (Fuck!) Why are you just standing there? Hit him!

Duccio and his henchmen attacked Ezio.

  • Duccio: You can hit me, but that does not mean that Firenze will take you back!
    Dirty Roman!
    Your father pretended to be one of us, but we all knew you were outsiders.
    Get him!

Ezio defeated Duccio and his henchmen.

  • Ezio: You are going to shut your mouth, and give me what I want. The three Da Vinci paintings.
  • Duccio: One is on the boat. The other two were sold to a cardinal, he is displaying them for high ranking members of the Church.
  • Ezio: How do I get in?
  • Duccio: How should I know? Go ask your whore of a sister, I am sure she has slept with a couple of cardinals.
Bon Voyage 8

Ezio recovering the painting

Ezio knocked Duccio unconscious with another punch to the face. He headed towards the boat to reclaim the painting being guarded by a group of Hermeticists.

  • Disciple 1: Where is Marco? He was to come here after examining another Da Vinci painting near Il Vaticano.
  • Disciple 2: Imagine. Once we open the temple, the true Renaissance will be upon us and the teachings of Hermes will be known to all men.
  • Disciple 1: Patience, brothers. Soon we will reveal the secrets of this painting.


Ezio learned the locations of the remaining paintings and seized the Lady with an Ermine from a ship guarded by Hermeticists.


  • There is no penalty for killing Duccio's henchmen, but killing him will result in desychronization.



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