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"Few in the Brotherhood are as knowledgeable about the artifacts as I, but Bombastus spends his days studying them while I am out seeking more. He is an unpleasant man, loud and arrogant."
―Giovanni Borgia's thoughts on the professor.[src]-[m]

Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, commonly known as Paracelcus, (1493 – 1541) was a Swiss Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist. He was also secretly an associate of the Assassin Order.


The Philosopher's Stone[]

Bombastus spent most of his time in his laboratory in Basel, examining Pieces of Eden brought to him by the Assassins. In 1527, he was visited by Giovanni Borgia, who had just returned from Mexico, and had brought him one of the Crystal Skulls to study.[1]

Though Bombastus subjected the Skull to several tests, he could not find out how the artifact worked. In an attempt to discover its purpose, Bombastus brought it together with a certain book. He did not elaborate on what the tome was, but read it carefully with his hands on either side of his face as blinders, emphasizing that one should not take in too much.[1]


Bombastus studying the Crystal Skull

As Bombastus studied the book, Giovanni read it over his shoulder, and was revelated with symbols and visions. After he had written them down, Bombastus immediately dismissed the Crystal Skull, saying that the formula Giovanni had transcribed was much more significant.[1]

Bombastus then followed the instructions, weighing and mixing the indicated chemicals. Finally, after dropping a nugget of silver into the mixture, he discovered it to be the makings of the Philosopher's Stone.[1]

The Second Half[]

Giovanni: "The answers we seek are in this book of yours!"
Bombastus: "The book is not the answer! The book is... is not... I can help you no longer!"
—Giovanni and Bombastus arguing.[src]-[m]

Giovanni and Bombastus during Giovanni's visit in 1527

In 1527, Giovanni returned to Bombastus with further questions. However, Bombastus refused to answer any of them, resulting in Giovanni threatening him and telling him coldly to "Remember what I have given you."[2]

Terrified, Bombastus finally admitted that the answers Giovanni sought were in the other half of the Book they had used years ago, though he did not know where it was. He thus lent Giovanni one of his assistants, Maria Amiel, and the two set off to research and travel in search of the rest of the Book.[2]


"Professor Krause tells me Bombastus begged every doctor in Basel to stop their "unholy" practices. In a mad fit of anger, he threw medical books at other professors!"
―Maria Amiel hearing of Bombastus' state.[src]-[m]
PL-Book Burner

Bombastus throwing books into a bonfire

Sometime after this, however, when Giovanni and Maria had returned to Basel from their travels to Paris, they discovered from Professor Ivan Krause—an old colleague of theirs—that Bombastus had evidently gone mad in their absence.[2]

Ivan reported that Bombastus had accused doctors of "unholy" practices, and had insulted every physician in the University of Basel. He had also evidently engaged in a brawl with Doctor von Rothenburg.[2]

Concerned, Maria and Giovanni sought Bombastus out on St. John's Day, and found him dirty and disheveled, and wildly throwing books into a bonfire in front of the Münster. Giovanni hurriedly restrained him, and though he did not resist, Bombastus continued to rave insanities.[2]

The two brought him back to Ivan's house for care, but that night, Bombastus escaped. Though Ivan vowed to find him again, Giovanni insisted that there was nothing anyone could do for him now.[2]