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Bomb Crafting was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.03.


After failing to assassinate Vali cel Tradat, Ezio Auditore returned to the Grand Bazaar Assassin Den. There, Yusuf Tazim decided to teach Ezio on how to craft various bombs.


  • Ezio: Any damage?
  • Yusuf: Not that I can see. Byzantine Templars may be bad hosts, but are decent tenants. Once they capture a location, they like to keep it intact.
  • Ezio: Because they intend to stay.
  • Yusuf: Kesinlikle. (Exactly.) Well, as promised. If you want to craft your own bombs, I can show you.

Ezio was about to touch the ingredients.

Crafting 2

Yusuf instructing Ezio in bomb crafting

  • Yusuf: Ah ah ah! Don't touch that! One wrong move and BANG! The building comes down.
  • Ezio: Are you serious?

Yusuf laughed.

  • Yusuf: The look on your face. Here, I'll show you. We craft our bombs from a combination of three parts: the shell, the gunpowder, and the primary ingredient. Sometimes we add a few extras too, for fun. But we'll come to that later. For now, focus on these elements.

Ezio crafted a fused shrapnel bomb with Arabic gunpowder.

  • Yusuf: You'll find many ingredients for bomb recipes scattered throughout the city. So keep your eyes open and your nose to the ground as you move about.
  • Ezio: That should keep me busy. Grazie (Thank you), Yusuf.

He withdrew Niccolò Polo's journal The Secret Crusade.

  • Ezio: Have you ever seen this book?

Yusuf took a closer look at the journal.

  • Yusuf: No. It's a journal?
  • Ezio: Sì. (Yes.)
Crafting 4

Yusuf holding Niccolò Polo's journal

  • Yusuf: "The Secret Crusade". By Niccolò Polo. Marco's father?
  • Ezio: I found this on a Templar in Masyaf. It mentions the five keys to Altaïr's library. Niccolò brought them here and hid them.
  • Yusuf: Ah. And the Templars know this, so it's a race against time.
  • Ezio: They found one already. Beneath Topkapı. I want to recover it, and find the other four.
  • Yusuf: So where will you begin?
  • Ezio: The old Polo trading post, I think. They ran a business in this area, no?
  • Yusuf: I believe so. Speak with a man named Piri Reis in the Bazaar. He can point you in the right direction. And teach you a few more bomb recipes, if you are so inclined.

Ezio made his way to the Grand Bazaar to find Piri Reis.

  • Ezio: Piri Reis? I think I have seen some of your earliest work.
  • Piri Reis: Reis? Did Yusuf Tazim send you? That sounds like one of his exaggerations.
  • Ezio:(Yes). He said you could show me the location of Niccolò Polo's former trading post.
  • Piri Reis: Ah. You must be that Floransali (Florentine) he's been yammering on about. Lothario?
  • Ezio: Ezio.
  • Piri Reis: I don't hear the difference. Yes, the old Polo shop, it's just west of the Ayasofya. Here.

Piri Reis pointed the location on the map.

  • Ezio: Grazie. (Thank you). Yusuf also mentioned that you were the man to talk to about specialty bombs.
Crafting 7

Piri telling Ezio about the bombs

  • Piri Reis: Ach, that man. He is a talker. Evet (Yes), I am a navigator in the Sultan's navy, currently on leave to study cartography. But through my soldiering, I have also gained an appreciation for artillery and explosives. And it has served the Assassins well. It gives us a... an edge. I carry many kinds of bombs. For Assassins only, of course. Lethal, tactical, diversionary, and a few... peculiar casings. Everything you see here is for sale... if you can prove you know how to use it first.
  • Ezio: I am eager to learn.
  • Piri Reis: Well, no one is stopping you. Just let me know.


Ezio Auditore learned how to craft bombs and befriended Piri Reis.

Behind the scenes[]

Piri Reis' assumption that Ezio's name was Lothario was a reference to the fact that he often flirted with the women he met; a lothario is a man whose main interest is seducing women. However, as that connotation is based on a character from English playwright Nicholas Rowe's 1605 stage adaptation The Fair Penitent, the comment is anachronistic.[1]

This memory is one of the few that cannot be replayed from the DNA menu.



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