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Edward: "Boat? I see no boat here. Do you?"
Jennifer: "Ugh. I mean ship, obviously. I don't see the difference anyway."
Edward: "Ah! It's a very simple one, Jenny. A ship can carry a boat, but a boat cannot carry a ship."
—Edward Kenway to his daughter Jennifer[src]

A riverboat on the Thames

A boat is a watercraft which, while ranging fairly widely in size, is invariably smaller than a ship.[1]


Throughout Egyptian history, rowboats built from wood, called feluccas, as well as reed boats were used to navigate the Nile.[2] Venice, an Italian island city cut by many canals, likewise employs rowboats named gondolas as a daily means of transportation.[3] During the 19th century, steam riverboats were employed for travel along the River Thames in London.[4]