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Blue Hooligans was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A woman lost a son to Blue attackers and her other son vowed revenge. She asks Bayek to save him.


Bayek visited the memorial for Icarus in Kanopos, where he discovered a woman crying over the bodies of two men, dressed in the robes of Prasina Green.

  • Selene: My dear, sweet, Halius... my poor, sweet baby. W-why are the gods so cruel? How could they do this t-to you? And now Icarius gone, t-too!
  • Bayek: Nebet, what grief has swallowed you?
  • Selene: We-we came to pay our respects to Icarus. To make an offering for him to ride victoriously in the next life, but, b-but...
  • Bayek: Shh. Gently now. I am listening.
  • Selene: Blue ruffians came at us! They jeered at our sorrow, and when my Halius spat in their faces they struck him down! They killed him! Then stole a bust of Icarus and ran. Now my younger son, Icarius, has gone off towards the shore, chasing after those blue demons. I fear he'll join his brother! We came to mourn our hero, and now my family is destroyed! Please, Medjay, save my last son! Don't let his life end today!
  • Bayek: Go bo back to your home. Try to rest. I will find him and bring him back to you.

Bayek went out to look, and found Icarius and a group of the Blues east of Kanopos in a camp by the river. He approached them.

  • Blue 1: Can't believe this idiot tried to attack all of us.
  • Blue 2: Shame you threw it into the river. Could have sold it for coin.
  • Blue 1: No! I'll give no respect to that bastard Icarus or the blasted Greens. Better to curse them in the upcoming races.
  • Blue 2: Can we ransom him back to his family? They looked wealthy.
  • Blue 1: Great idea! We'll send a message to his mother that if she doesn't pay his weight in drachma, he'll be joining his namesake in the mud.
  • Blue 2: Hahah! But for now let's drink!

Bayek attacked and killed the Blues, and found Icarious, bound.

  • Bayek: Quiet. I'm here to get you back to your mother.

Icarius rescued by Bayek

He freed Icarius.

  • Bayek: Time to go home.
  • Icarius: Wait, Medjay! These sagging cocks stole a bust of Icarus that my mother had prepared for the great charioteer's memorial. They threw it in the river to defile it and bring a curse upon the Prasina Green racers. We need it!
  • Bayek: Let me get you to your mother first...
  • Icarius: No! You must retrieve it before it is lost for good, or else my mother will never recover from her despair! I can make it home, but I am too weak to find the bust. Please, find the bust of my namesake, and bring it back to my mother.
  • Bayek: As I must.

In addition, Bayek also found a note at the camp.

  • Filthy Prasina Greens:
    I swear Ankhtyfy, If I hear one more of these Prasina Greens chant and mourn the death of their precious Icarus, I'll beat one to death.
    Anyway...I'm leaving some of our hard-earned winnings at the small hideout. This race rigging scam is really starting to pay off!

While Icarius returned to Kanopos, Bayek made his way to the harbor. With the help of Senu, Bayek located the bust in the sea. He dove into the water and retrieved it.

  • Bayek: Even in death you ignite their passions, Icarus. Let's get you where you belong.

Bayek returning to Selene and Icarius

Bayek resurfaced and returned to Selene's home in Kanopos, where she and Icarius were waiting.

  • Selene: Medjay, you saved my son. A thousand thanks and more I owe you.
  • Icarius: The bust of Icarus! Now Prasina has a chance in the upcoming games.
  • Selene: You are truly a blessing sent from the gods! We will make an offering to Icarus and the Prasina Green in your name!
  • Bayek: There is no need for that. But if you must, make the offering for my son. I would have loved to show him the spectacle of the Hippodrome.
  • Icarius: We will. Come, mother. We have to prepare to deal with my brother's funeral.
  • Selene: Yes, of course. At least he is glad that the bust of Icarus was restored.


Bayek helped Selene to save her son Icarus from the Veneta Blues. He also helped them to retrieve the bust of Icarus, preventing the Prasina Greens from being cursed.



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