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Blud The Giant (died 880s) was a Norse drengr who served under Thorgest alongside his army, during Thorgest's reign as the earliest King of Dublin.


As one of Thorgest's soldiers, Blud served and sailed with her king until his demise. Afterwards, Blud soon resided in Giant's Causeway, as she wanted nothing else but her entrance into Valhalla.[1]

Blud was destitute as she killed any competitor that failed to defeat her in combat. Eivor discovered Blud yelling at the corpse of her last challenger. Eivor spoke with Blud, who was sharpening her blade and asked Eivor to end her life. Eivor accepted the challenge and she and Blud battled for an honorable death. Eivor won against Blud as she thanked Eivor for her part. After Blud succumbed to her wounds, Eivor sent her to Valhalla and retrieved the Dublin Champion Armor from her personal effects.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Depending on who Eivor battled first, Blud may reveal Thorgest's resting place or the existence of her fellow warrior, Hogne Sea-Tossed.