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AC4 Blowpipe

A blowpipe

The blowpipe is a ranged weapon consisting of a long narrow tube for shooting light projectiles, such as darts. Blowpipes were used by Assassins such as Edward Kenway, Adéwalé[1] and Aveline de Grandpré,[2] as well as the Guardians of the Observatory that lived on Long BayJamaica.[1]

Used as a silent and deadly weapon, the blowpipe functioned in a similar way to poison darts. Two types of dart could be used in conjunction with the blowpipe: beserk darts and sleep darts, each crafted out of animal bones that could be obtained through hunting.[1]

Berserk darts would cause a target to attack anyone within close range, including guards, animals and Edward himself, for a short period of time. As soon as said period came to an end, the target would die. Sleep darts would cause targets to be knocked out for a short amount of time, allowing Edward to sneak past unnoticed. Both types of blowpipe darts could be used to cancel out the effects of the other.[1]


The first known use of the blowpipe and darts by the Assassins dates back to 1670, when the Caribbean Assassin Mentor Bahlam used an unusually potent sleep dart to subdue the Sage Thom Kavanagh before safely transporting him to the Assassin camp of Tulum, where Thom awoke some days later.[1]

In 1715, while operating in HavanaCuba under the guise of Duncan Walpole, Edward Kenway encountered a group of Assassins who were armed with blowpipes. Edward himself was shot with a dart at close range, causing him to lose focus for a few seconds before the effects wore off. Kenway aquired a blowpipe of his own the following year, when he visited Tulum and susbequently aided Mary Read during a slave raid on the settlement. Using the darts, Edward was able to eliminate British soldiers and free both Assassins and his own crew members alike.[1]

In the 1760s and 1770s, Aveline de Grandpré's blowpipe contained lethal and berserk darts. The weapon first belonged to the Assassin François Mackandal, before it was passed down to Aveline by her Mentor, Agaté. While disguised in her lady persona, Aveline made use of a parasol gun, given to her by Gérald Blanc, which contained a mechanism similar to the blowpipe.[2]

Behind the scenes

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

The "Deadly Haystack" achievement could be earned by killing fifty enemies from a haystack using the blowpipe. The "Predator" achievement could be earned by killing an enemy with the blowpipe from a tree whilst using Eagle Vision.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Civilians reacted to a berserk dart much the same way as regular guards, but, if Edward was detected by them, could not be engaged in a fight. Edward was only able to neutralize them by using a sleep dart or a firearm, though he could also wait until the dart's effect wore off. Any melee attack from a person affected by a berserk dart would cause much more damage than a usual, non-berserk person's attack.

Berserk and sleep darts could be used to hunt wild animals, with sleep darts allowing for easier kills. Berserk darts were capable of killing nearly all types of animals after the poison had run its course, but it did not make them more aggressive than usual.




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