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Blount (died 1713) was a British Navy Captain operating in the Caribbean in the early 1700s.[1]


In 1713, in Kingston, Jamaica Captain Blount interrogated a drunken Spanish sailor about the location of a wrecked treasure galleon before being knocked out by pirate Edward Kenway. [2]

Nevertheless, Blount reached the prize before the Sea Dog's Bite crew could arrive at the wrecked galleon's location.[3] Though this victory was shortlived, as the pirates made their way through the British camp, until they located the gold-filled chest and stole it.[4]

Blount gave chase to the pirates in his Man O' War, so Edward Thatch ordered his crew to board the ship and wreak havok. The pirates soon reached Blount on the burning quarterdeck surrounded by powder barrels, where he engaged them in combat, but was fatally wounded. Deciding to die on his own terms, Blount stumbled to the railing and cast himself into the water below.[5]



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