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This article is about a memory of Bayek from 48 BCE. For other uses, see Blood in the Water.

Blood in the Water was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The crocodiles near the Palace of Apries are high agitated. Is it mating season, or something more sinister?


Bayek heard someone calling for him near the canals of Memphis.

  • Man: Oh-ho! Medjay!
    Medjay! Come here!
    Medjay! Come and sit with me!
  • Bayek: What does this boatman want?

Bayek approached the crocodile hunter on his boat, and sat down.

  • Man: Would you accept me as a travelling companion? I will take a new title! How about... Thutmose the Fearsome?
  • Bayek: I travel alone.
  • Thutmose: Of course. Have you heard about the palace? Crocodiles swarm its halls! Terrible! So many deaths. I am hired to slaughter the beasts, but someone is pouring blood in the water to frenzy them.
  • Bayek: And you want my help.
  • Thutmose: Yes, yes! You will shrug off a crocodile's jaws as most men would a gnat's. Kill crocodiles near the palace, and I will award you half my fee! What do you say, Medjay?
  • Bayek: I am good at killing crocodiles.
  • Thutmose: Ah, I knew I could count on you, Medjay the Mighty, Medjay the Majestic, Medjay the... mmm... Never mind! There is a hidden cave near the city's northern limit. Meet me there tonight.
    Wait... "Cave" rhymes with "brave"! Missed that one.

Bayek made his way to the palace, where he discovered splashes of blood and multiple crocodiles in the waters.

  • Bayek: Nek! The Crocodile God himself would cause less chaos. They are far more aggressive than usual.

Bayek managed to eliminate all the crocodiles.

  • Bayek: There. This pile of dead crocodiles should be high enough to please Thutmose.
    Pile... crocodile... Oh no, he's rubbing off on me.

At night, Bayek met Thutmose in the caves below the palace.

  • Thutmose: Medjay, I am struck dumb with fear by what I see before me!
  • Bayek: The palace grounds are choked with Sobek's dead.
  • Thutmose: Did you see? In the pool... human body parts. Used to lure the crocodiles. Oh what horror!
  • Bayek: But why?
  • Thutmose: Who knows why evildoers do evil? I came just in time to see two people loading bodies onto boats and riding away.
  • Bayek: I will put a stop to this mischief.
  • Thutmose: Of course you will! And as your loyal companion, I will point you toward the mischief-makers. One went to toward the palace, and the other was headed for the mummification temple. Here is half my pay, as promised.
    I will meet you back at my boat!
    You have an easy life, yes? Go from place to place, see the world...
    One day I met an all-powerful Medjay, who kept the crocodiles away... Wait, do those rhyme?

Bayek left the cave to find the culprits. He found one of the culprits on a boat in the canals near the mummification temple.

  • Bayek: She is dumping body parts into the river to attract the crocodiles.

Bayek assassinated the culprit. Bayek made his way to the palace to find the second culprit. He found the culprit on a boat in the canals.

  • Bayek: One of the scum responsible for the crocodile attacks.

Bayek assassinated the other culprit, and discovered a letter document.

  • Contract of Services:
    This is a service contract for the services of Tjuyu and Tjanefer, known as the Twins.
    The Twins contract to spread death and chaos in the vicinity of the Palace of Apries. They will do so by any means available and will keep silent about those means.
    Payment of 57,000 drachmas in silver will be effected by the Lizard, half in advance.
  • Bayek: Sobek's children will be more peaceful now.


Bayek discovered the source of the rising crocodile attacks and eliminated the ones responsible.


  • If Bayek visits the cave during the day, Thutmose can be seen there skinning a dead crocodile, but the memory will not continue even if Bayek interacts with him. The following dialogue would be provided:
    • Thutmose: I am still missing a clue, Medjay the True. Come back tonight. On second thought, "Thutmose the Fearsome" isn't quite right. How about Thutmose the Ferocious? Better, yes?


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