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This article is about a memory of Kassandra. For other uses, see Blood in the Water.

Blood in the Water was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra tracked down Swordfish to learn of what happened in the Minotaur's labyrinth.


Kassandra headed to Fisherman's Beachhead in Heraklion to investigate the whereabouts of Swordfish.

  • Kassandra: These fishermen should know something about Swordfish.

She asked a fishmonger for help, who fearfully claimed ignorance.

  • Kassandra: I'm looking for Swordfish.
  • Street Vendor: I-I know nothing!

Another was outright rude.

  • Kassandra: I'm looking for Swordfish. Can you help?
  • Street Vendor: Piss off, maláka!

His tone didn't improve if Kassandra pushed.

  • Street Vendor: You're going to get both of us in trouble! Leave.

She asked a third and was rebuffed.

  • Kassandra: Fishmonger, I'm looking for Swordfish.
  • Street Vendor: Shh! Are you crazy?
  • Street Vendor: You don't find Swordfish - Swordfish finds you. Now go before I get my nose cut off.

Her questions caught the attention of an elder fisherman on the east side of the beachhead.

  • Civilian: Hey, misthios! Over here!

She approached the elder fisherman.

  • Civilian: I hear you're lookin' for... a certain fish.
  • Kassandra: Yeah - Swordfish.
  • Civilian: I hope you know what you're in for. He's ruthless - cut off a man's nose just for sneezin'.

A thug rose from his seat nearby.

(If players asked "Who is Swordfish?")

  • Kassandra: Why is it that every time I mention his name, people jump?
  • Civilian: Swordfish controls Heraklion and everyone in it.

(If players chose "Tell me where to find Swordfish.")

  • Kassandra: Where is he?
  • Civilian: No one's seen him in a long time.
  • Civilian: But there's... a rumor he controls Heraklion from a hideout underground.
  • Kassandra: That's ridiculous.
  • Civilian: It's all I know, misthios.

Kassandra had what she needed.

(If players asked "Why talk to me, then?")

  • Kassandra: If he's so dangerous, why are you talking to me?
  • Civilian: I'm old, tired - sick of bowin' down to pay "fees."
  • Civilian: If you can take him out, we're all better for it.

(Leave - "Thanks for the information.")

  • Kassandra: I'll keep that in mind -

Regardless, the thug walked up to them and threatened the old fisherman, cutting off their conversation.

  • Thug: Not another word out of you, maláka!
  • Thug: I have orders. Everyone who talks about Swordfish must die!

The thug drew his sword, but Kassandra dealt with him.

She also elected to help the priestesses at the nearby temple and the wife of a fisherman, receiving information that corroborated her investigation. She set out for Fisherman's Beacon to find the hidden entrance to Swordfish's hideout. With the help of Ikaros, she found the entrance.

  • Kassandra: This is it.

She defeated the sharks swimming near the entrance and dove into the water, swimming through the cave to Hermit's Dive.

Kassandra infiltrated Hermit's Dive and was aghast at the plethora of dismembered human remains in the waterway.

  • Kassandra: By the gods - What's going on here?

She climbed out of the water and followed the tunnel to Swordfish, who stood over a freshly carved corpse muttering to himself.

  • Swordfish: ...Isn't enough - sharks need more. I need more. More... more...
    Never find me - they can never find me. The sharks need more. Need more sharks.
    Fishermen are late - no fish for the sharks... The wives and children will have -
    To -
    The sharks need more... Need more sharks...

Kassandra drew closer, and Swordfish sensed her presence.

  • Swordfish: Deimos. I knew you'd come.
    Dog. Dog of Kosmos, have you come to bite?!

He turned and approached Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: I have nothing to do with the Cultists.
  • Swordfish: Think I believe you? You're mad.

  • Kassandra: I've come to tear your face off, Swordfish.
  • Swordfish: You think I haven't been preparing for this day?

  • Kassandra: I'm here for the -
  • Swordfish: I WON'T GO BACK. I won't go back in there.
    I don't care if I owe the Cult! I want out.
    You want that artifact -
    Go fetch it.
(Minotaur already slain)
  • Kassandra: The Minotaur is dead.
    I went into the labyrinth and killed it.
  • Swordfish: Then you have the artifact. I can be free!
    Give it to me.
Out of madness or desperation to claim the artifact, Swordfish attacked Kassandra.
(Dialogue continues at "I'll feed you to the sharks!")
  • Kassandra: Once a Cultist, always a Cultist.
  • Swordfish: What do you want from me then, Deimos?!
  • Kassandra: Answers.
    And you
    will give them to me.

(If players asked "What happened in the labyrinth?")

  • Kassandra: What happened in there that drove you to - this?
  • Swordfish: The Minotaur happened! I was lucky -
    Nikios, though...
    The Kosmos promised me everything.
    Not this!

(If players asked "What are you doing here?")

  • Kassandra: How did you end up here?
  • Swordfish: I'm hiding amongst the filth... and from it.
    I can't show my face anymore. But Heraklion is still mine! All its fish -
    And all its people.
  • Kassandra: You're insane.

(If players chose "I need a way into the labyrinth.")

  • Kassandra: How did you get into the labyrinth?
  • Swordfish: Nikios had a key - he put it into the stele.
    But you can't go in there! It'll kill you. It'll get out and kill us all.
  • Kassandra: You underestimate me.
  • Swordfish: That's what Nikios said.

Out of madness or desperation to keep the labyrinth sealed, Swordfish attacked Kassandra.

  • Swordfish: I'll feed you to the sharks!

He proved a strong fighter, but he met the same end as each Cultist that had come before.

  • Kassandra: Not so good with a sword after all.

Kassandra confirmed the kill.

  • Kassandra: A broken man... Haunted by the Minotaur till the very end.


Kassandra found Swordfish, former companion of Nikios and deserter of the Cult of Kosmos, and learned his account of what happened in the Labyrinth of Lost Souls. In turn, she killed Swordfish after he attacked her.


  • The thug may not actually attack, or become killable, after speaking to the old fisherman.
    • This is caused by the investigation being "closed" upon either fulfilling the objective or locating Hermit's Dive. The objective fulfills upon filling the third notch of the investigation bar, and in doing so immediately disables the thug's attack script.
    • If this happens, the player cannot attack or provoke the thug and he will persist on the beachhead long after the quest is completed. The solution is to talk to the old fisherman before completing both 'Catch and Release' and 'The Lost Arkalochori Axe,' as they provide the other two notches in the investigation bar.
  • Swordfish is formally unveiled, along with his boastful quote, after the player confirms the kill. For most Cultists who happen to be located and killed before unveiling, the boast is skipped.



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