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Blood and Water was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


A ship belonging to The Dagger had been sunk off the coast of Euboea. Kassandra hoped to learn valuable information by braving the dangers of the deep.


[Intro, were you followed?, Kassandra says she wasn't, are you sure? lie or tell the truth, former slave freaks out anyway]

[Some questions]

  • Former Slave: It was my master's boat that engaged The Dagger's ship, but he and many of his men perished in the ensuing battle.
  • Kassandra: I've already explored the Dagger's ship.
  • Former Slave: Well? Did you find anything?
  • Kassandra: The Dagger's dagger. Seemed important.
  • Former Slave: It's not just important, misthios—this is a sacred sacrificial blade. These markings... This weapon's used to make sacrifices to Achilles. Fight the right temple of Achilles, and you'll find The Dagger.
  • Former Slave: Quickly! Take this blade back to Agapios, and let's end this. The days of being pressed under The Dagger's thumb will soon be over.
The Dagger's men attacked as soon as their meeting concluded. Kassandra defeated them and made her way back to Agapios.

(Accept - "Consider it done.")

  • Kassandra: I'll get whatever's down there.
  • Former Slave: Thank you. Is there anything you need to know before leaving?

(If players asked ")

  • Kassandra: Where exactly is the shipwreck?
  • Former Slave: Directly south of here. You can't miss it, some of the debris is still visible on the surface.

(If players asked ")

  • Kassandra: You must know a few things about Agapios.
  • Former Slave: Oh, I could tell you many things about Agapios...
  • Former Slave: But I'll tell you the only thing that matters - he's a good man. He values trust above all else.

(Leave - "I have enough information.")

  • Kassandra: I have enough to go on.
  • Former Slave: Whatever's in the ship's cargo is of great interest to The Dagger. If you can get it, then maybe my master didn't die for nothing... Meet me down in Eretria when you're done.

Kassandra left Agapios' contact and made her way south to the shore, where she found the Smuggler's Shipwreck. With the help of Ikaros, she found the bulk of the ruined vessel.

  • Kassandra: [comment]

Kassandra dove into the waters and managed to find the cargo The Dagger sought, which was, fittingly, a dagger.

  • Kassandra: [maybe comment?]

She emerged from the water and made her way back to the ruins of Eretria. The Dagger's thugs, however, were interrogating the contact.

  • Thug: [maybe comments?]
  • Former Slave: [maybe panicked denials?]

Kassandra ambushed them and freed the former slave.
[followup dialogue, a lot of what was said in the paragraph break above]


Kassandra learned the Dagger venerates Achilles at one of the temples in the Abantis islands.


  • If the underwater location was cleared beforehand, or at the very least the Ceremonial Dagger was retrieved before speaking to the former slave, the player presents it immediately and is ambushed after the conversation. Completing the location after the initial conversation results in returning to Eretria to find the former slave being dunked in water as interrogation. As the latter method does not immediately result in open conflict, it allows the player to more effectively use assassination to their advantage.


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