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Blood and Thunder was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


The booty is ours, but this Captain Blount is relentless. He's giving chase with a towering bloody Man-O-War. No way the 'Bite can take her in a straight fight, nor outrun her.

So, Thatch, in his infinite audacity, has ordered us to come about and set to board the monster. We're likely to be outnumbered, and definitely outgunned, but none of us has ever seen that much gold, let alone held it in a hand.

The crew is ready to fight like the devils. And we'll have to if we're to see Nassau again as aught but ghosts. I can hear the King's guns now. At least, no matter what happens, it'll be over bloody quick.


The Sea Dog's Bite lay alongside a heavily-damaged Royal Navy galleon as both crews boarded each others' ships and entered combat. Aboard the Bite, Edward killed a redcoat before running back to meet three pirates outside Thatch's cabin.

  • Kenway: Glad you could join us, me hearties! I'll help the crew here, you get to the other ship.
  • Pirate 3: Aye! We'll find Captain Blount and give him a bath!

Edward ran down the deck to defend it against more enemy boarders as the pirates mounted the bowsprit and crossed from the brig to the galleon, eliminating any British soldiers they encountered as they climbed the masts and crossed the deck. They soon reached Blount on the burning quarterdeck surrounded by powder barrels.

  • Captain Blount: Filthy pirates! You'll not take my prize!
  • Pirate 3: Hold yer breath, Cap'n! Yer goin for a swim!

Blount engaged the pirates in combat, but was fatally wounded.

  • Captain Blount: No! I'll not be defeated by a bunch of mangy dogs!
  • Pirate 3: Then take your chances with the sharks, for you'll find no mercy here!

Deciding to die on his own terms, Blount stumbled to the railing and cast himself into the water below.

  • Pirate 3: HAHA! The ship and the gold are ours!


As Edward led the defense of the Sea Dog's Bite against Blount's men, the Bite's crew boarded the Man O' War and fought Blount, though he chose suicide over the dishonor of being killed. With minimal losses and Blount dead, the pirates claimed the chest from the Spanish treasure galleon for their own.


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