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Blood Gets In Your Eyes was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Elpis again and was tasked with causing a distraction for her.


[Distraction and heist talk... PS4 recorder only got 3 minutes' of footage...]

  • Elpis: No, no. You two stay here. I'm sure you have much to discuss.

  • Atlas: What game are you playing at, Dikastes?

  • Kassandra: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Atlas: I'm sure by now Elpis has told you about the nature of our relationship. She's hardly as discreet as I'd like her to be. What business do you have with her?

[Timed choices, with additional outcomes for not choosing anything in time. Telling the truth at any point results in Elpis getting foiled.]

  • Kassandra: What? Is Elpis not allowed to have friends?
  • Atlas: Of course she can have friends. But I suspect there's more going on here.
  • Kassandra: You have nothing to worry about, Atlas. I have no schemes against you.
  • Atlas: Maybe you don't play games, but Elpis lives for them. I can tell when she's up to something.

Atlas turned and marched towards the study.

  • Kassandra: Don't talk about Elpis that way. She's not manipulative. She's passionate.
  • Atlas: So you do care for her, then.
  • Kassandra: You don't talk about Elpis like you love her.
  • Atlas: And you're not speaking of her as if you're merely her casual acquaintance.

  • Kassandra: The truth is Elpis and I are in love!
  • Atlas: What?

(Proceed to "Elpis is foiled" ending)

Atlas turned and marched towards the study.

A flash of light emanated from the side chamber. Elpis emerged as a hybrid, her transformation completed successfully.

  • Atlas: What... What have you done?
  • Elpis: I'm not weak anymore, Atlas. I can rule Atlantis at your side!

Atlas considered the developments in front of him, then turned to accuse Kassandra.

  • Atlas: This is your doing. You're trying to revolt against the Isu with hybrids.

He grabbed Kassandra by the throat.

  • Elpis: No!

Elpis held out her hand begging him to stop, only to accidentally fire a beam of light from her palm and strike Atlas in the chest, killing him.

  • Kassandra: What did you do?
  • Elpis: I didn't mean to. He was going to kill you!

The two looked up and saw the human messenger sitting at his easel, staring at them. He looked away sheepishly with a slight smile.

Azaes entered the throne room.

  • Azaes: Ah. It seems my brother finally got his due. Was this your judgment, Dikastes?
  • Elpis: I killed Atlas. It wasn't my intention. I...
  • Azaes: You hoped to rule by his side to ease the conflict between humans and Isu.
  • Elpis: He wasn't as supportive of my dreams as I would have hoped.
  • Azaes: I support you. You can assume his role as you see fit. I will handle Poseidon and my brothers.
  • Elpis: Thank you, Azaes.
  • Azaes: You can't be more corrupt than Atlas. And Atlantis can't fear progress if it hopes to pass this cycle.

Azaes took his leave.

Poseidon entered the throne room.<

  • [Dialogue]

Poseidon took his leave.

  • Kassandra: Atlantean politics are even more dramatic than in the Greek world. What will you do now?
  • Elpis: I'm not the first Atlantean ruler to take power by force. If the Isu can do it, why not me? Still, I didn't want my reign to start this way.

  • Kassandra: You started your reign by saving my life. Normally, I do the saving.

Elpis kissed Kassandra on the cheek.

  • Elpis: I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you, Dikastes.

Elpis walked to her throne as the messenger bowed. She sat upon it and began her reign as Archon.

Atlas marched into the side chamber and grabbed Elpis, throwing her out before she could complete her transformation.

[Dialogue, Atlas accuses Kassandra of conspiracy and targets her, Elpis takes the blast and dies, Atlas sics the guards on Kassandra. Atlas remains in power.]


Kassandra and Elpis entered the Doma of Atlas together. Either Elpis or Atlas stood alone as the doma's Archon by the visit's end.


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