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Blockade was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Alonzo and Yakone sailed to an Inuit settlement but discovered that it was surrounded by a French fleet.


  • Alonzo: What is happening here? What are those French ships doing so far North?
  • Yakone: They are plundering our villages! Their King's greed will be the doom of my people!

Alonzo confronting the French ships

This sight infuriated Yakone.

  • Yakone: This village does not stand a chance, captain! You have to do something!
  • Alonzo: Let me handle those rats...

Alonzo succeeded to pass through the blockade but was ultimately blocked by the ship of the French admiral commanding the fleet.

  • Admiral: How dare you interfere with our affairs, pirate?
  • Alonzo: Interfering is my business, admiral! Especially when the navy preys on peaceful fishermen!
  • Admiral: Lectured by a pirate... what is the world coming to?

At first amused by Alonzo, the admiral eventually threatened him.


The admiral fleeing the fight

  • Admiral: My fleet will soon bring you back to your rightful place!

Alonzo fought the French fleet, but the admiral fled.

  • Yakone: The admiral is trying to flee through the ice field. Do not let him get away with our resources!

Alonzo pursued the admiral in an ice maze. Despite having escaped French patrols and mines, Alonzo lost the ship.

  • Alonzo: Where the hell has he vanished?
  • Yakone: The admiral's ship is hiding somewhere in this maze, captain! You should be careful...

Alonzo searched the French in the maze and eventually caught up with the admiral.

  • Alonzo: Here you are, you greedy worm!
  • Admiral: Well done, pirate. You're right were we wanted you to be!
  • Alonzo: What the hell...!

A third ship arrived.


A wild Alvaro appears

  • Yakone: Another ship is coming, captain!

An insane and scarred Alvaro appeared.

  • Alvaro: Look what you've done to my face, pirate!
  • Alonzo: I find it vastly improved... Have you come to thank me, bounty hunter?
  • Alvaro: I've come to give you a foretaste of hell!

Alonzo fought the two ships in battle. Eventually, Alonzo was able to sink both of the vessels.

  • Alonzo: This Ship Now Is Mine Admiral
  • Admiral: My Ship Now Is Your Alonzo
  • Alonzo: Thank You Admiral

Alonzo Capture One Ship and Use it Against Alvaro Ship

  • Alonzo: This Ship Is Our Yakone
  • Yakone: Good Job
  • Alonzo: This place is safe, Yakone. Your people will be left in peace.
  • Yakone: You have a good soul, captain, and the village you saved shelters some of the best mariners of the North.

Yakone was grateful to Alonzo.

  • Yakone: Your crew can learn from their ancestral skills!


Alonzo broke the French blockade around the Inuit village and sank Alvaro and the admiral's ships.


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