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Blind Justice was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • The body of the victim - The victim has been moved behind a cart. His eyes have been savagely gouged out.
  • The statement of the witness - The dancer: Did not see the murder, but saw someone flee from the scene of the crime.
  • Broken glass - A broken bottle of wine. There is blood on the edge of some shards.


  • Statement of the baker - Baker: Accuses the street artist of killing the victim. He worries for the safety of the dancer.


  • A crumpled paper - Some sort of cryptic poetry: "They SEE me! They SEE me NOT!"
  • Statement of the street artist - Street Artist: Claims he was performing during the murder and did not witness it.



  • Arno: Did you see what happened?
  • The witness (A witness who was near the scene of the crime): An artist called out and the corpse was here.
  • Arno: Can anyone tell me more?
  • The witness: There was a third man. He said the gendarmes would want to speak him and ran off.
  • Arno: Where?
  • The witness: He works in the bakery one street over. You could go there.


  • Arno: Your friend told me I could find you here. Did you witness the murder?
  • The baker (Fled the scene of the crime. Works in a bakery nearby): Absolument! (Absolutely)! The circus man, the artist. My friend has left, yes?
  • Arno: He was near the corpse.
  • The baker: Then he is in danger!


  • Arno: What happened in the street?
  • The Street Performer (A performer putting on a show near the scene of the murder): One less customer. How unfortunate.
  • Arno: Did you see who committed the crime?
  • The Street Performer: No. I was focused on my perfomance.

Arno returned to the street to find the dancer had been attacked. He located the street performer who engaged him in combat.

  • The Street Performer: I am SICK of people looking at me! Do not LOOK AT ME! Let the show begin!

Arno killed the street performer and claimed the reward.




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