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Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Meeting Kyra again, Kassandra had an idea about how to cause more mayhem for Podarkes' forces.


Kassandra returned to the Porphyrion Cave to meet with Kyra about their next move. She overheard her speaking to Praxos about Kassandra's previous actions.

  • Praxos: Scouts came back from Delos. The misthios likes to set fires.
  • Kyra: She just might be the answer to our prayers.
  • Praxos: She's only mortal.
  • Kyra: From what I've heard, she's much more.

Kassandra spoke to them.

  • Kassandra: The Athenians are weak. Now we strike Podarkes where he'll hurt most.
  • Kyra: His kidneys?

The two women burst out laughing while Praxos face-palmed and walked off.

  • Kassandra: It's good to see you, Kyra.
  • Kyra: Since you came here, I've actually started to believe we can win this rebellion. So... you were saying we strike?
  • Kassandra: Guards protect the island's treasury in one location. If we find it and steal it, the soldiers go unpaid, unfed, and unarmed. Podarkes will finally be vulnerable.

  • Kassandra: Delos keeps its wealth in one place, under constant guard. We steal it, and the soldiers will go unpaid, unfed, and unarmed. Podarkes will be vulnerable.

ACOD Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money 2

Kassandra suggesting to steal the nation's chest

  • Kyra: Then we can stick our blades in between his ribs... Feed his liver to the dogs.
  • Kassandra: Before we start feeding organs to animals, can you get me to the nation's purse?
  • Kyra: Our spies have located it in Miltiades Fort. I'll have Praxos gather the troops.
  • Kassandra: It's best if it's just the two of us. Easier to sneak in and out undetected.

(Romance conditions met)

  • Kyra: You just want me all to yourself, don't you? Let's get going then.

(Romance conditions not met)

  • Kyra: Good thinking. Let's move.

The two made their way to the fort on foot.

  • Kyra: Victory is close. I can feel it.
  • Kassandra: We haven't won yet. The fort will be treacherous, and the gods can be fickle.
  • Kyra: It was the gods who sent you to me—I refuse to believe they'd send you here to die. So, what do you think of our islands?
  • Kassandra: I think I prefer Mykonos. They really don't like you shedding blood on Delos.
  • Kyra: The priests are so terrified of desecrating the sacred grounds of Apollo, women about to give birth are shipped over to Mykonos.
  • Kassandra: What happens if they don't make it to shore?
  • Kyra: Boat babies.

As they drew near the fort, Ikaros located the nation chest.

  • Kassandra: The nation's treasure, ripe for the picking.

Kassandra and Kyra parted at the fort's entrance.

  • Kyra: I'll keep an eye out for reinforcements.
    And don't you die on me!

Kassandra crossed the rubble into the fort and took note of the guards.

  • Kassandra: Guards everywhere. I need to be careful.

She commented on the decrepit conditions of the fort.

  • Kassandra: This fort has seen better days. They should have spent some of that silver on upkeep.

She eventually made her way the chest and pilfered its contents.

  • Kassandra: Done! Kyra's going to want to see this.
Alternatively, Kassandra realized she had already looted this very chest earlier.
  • Kassandra: I already looted Delos' treasury. Kyra should hear about this.
ACOD Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money 4

Kyra awaiting Kassandra

Kassandra escaped the fort and returned to Kyra, keeping watch from a nearby cliff.

  • Kyra: Kassandra, there you are! Good news, I hope?
  • Kassandra: When the people of Delos discover Podarkes lost every coin of their nation's treasure, they're going to rip him to pieces!
  • Kassandra: I have a surprise. The treasury was already looted... by me. I'm surprised the soldiers haven't already ripped Podarkes to pieces!

Regardless, Kyra was elated to hear the news.

  • Kyra: You've weakened Athens' grip over Delos, exposed Podarkes, and made way for a Spartan alliance. I could kiss you!

  • Kassandra: I don't see anything holding you back.
  • Kyra: You breathe life into me. If only you'd arrived on Delos before Thaletas.

  • Kassandra: You and Thaletas? But the way you were at each other's throats in the cave...
  • Kyra: He's a stubborn, arrogant, glory-hungry Spartan!

Kassandra glanced from side to side.

  • Kyra: But behind all the bronze and brawn, there's a man I could see by my side when this is all over. If we survive.
  • Kassandra: The two of you fighting Athenians on the beach sounds romantic. I'd hate to interfere.

Kyra kissed Kassandra on the cheek.

  • Kassandra: These are dangerous times. I'd hate to meet Hades without having tasted those lips.
  • Kyra: Very poetic for someone covered in blood. I like it.

Kyra kissed Kassandra on the cheek.

  • Kyra: Would you even recognize me in the underworld, I wonder?

  • Kassandra: I won't tell Thaletas if you don't.
  • Kyra: You're a bold one. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't tempting.
  • Kassandra: You're the one who threatened to kiss me.
  • Kyra: Threatened?! I don't threaten, misthios. I act.

  • Kassandra: The job is done. Payment is my reward.
  • Kyra: Coins are as cold as death, misthios. They soothe me as well.

  • Kassandra: We should probably move. They're going to come looking for us.
  • Kyra: I don't think I've ever really said thank you for coming here. You've given us hope.
  • Kyra: I'll go back to the hideout. But if you keep this up, Podarkes is as good as dead. I may finally know peace.


Kassandra looted the Silver Islands' treasury, leaving Podarkes' men without pay. Adding this to their previous loss of weapons and provisions greatly weakened Podarkes' position.



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