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Bleeding Effect was a memory of Clay Kaczmarek during his journey through the Animus Black Room.


Clay explored his memories of meeting Juno and his deteriorating relationship with his father, while struggling with the revelations brought about by the Bleeding Effect.


  • Juno: Clay Kaczmarek. I, who was once called Juno, have come to show you the way. Remember. In Eden.
  • Adam: Eve, what is this device?
  • Eve: Touch, Adam, and you will know.
  • Clay: With William and Rebecca, I've been doing some amazing work. This is much, much better than my job at the accelerator. I'm happier, Dad.
  • Harold: You know. I didn't get my check from you this month.
  • Clay: Are you listening to me?
  • Harold: Do these losers even pay? Or is this free labor?
  • Clay: Money isn't everything.
  • Harold: You have to support this family, Clay.
  • Clay: Did you demand money from Mom too? Is that why she left?
    I can see. What has been, what will be.
  • Juno: Then what you must do is clear. Help Desmond Miles.
  • Clay: I... No. Not me. I refuse!
  • Juno: Thousands of years this message waited. Soon its promise shall be fulfilled. Go forth, with eyes open to all but the truth.

Breaking the Loop

  • Juno: Your eyes are now open. Help Desmond Miles.
  • Clay: I will.

Email from Clay's mother

Subject: explanation

Dear Clay,

It's your mother. I hear things are going well for you at work. It seems like you're impressing everyone. I always knew you'd be important.

Not much to miss here. It rained earlier today. I had to rush to close the upstairs windows before the bedroom soaked through. Your fathers renovation is nearly finished. All these cupboards to put stuff in. dinner will be a real party.

Im sure you're wondering why I'm emailing you out of the blue for the first time and talking about the rain and dinner.

I'm not exactly comfortable talking to you about thiss. I had to drink one and two rum and cokes before getting on here. You and Harold. You've always liked Harold. I did too but I cant forgive him like you.

We never go out anymore. I have to take care of him. He doesn't want my help. This wasn't supposed tobe my life. Raising you and him. Two baby boys. I'm sorry I wrote that but it's truw. You'be always done such a good job taking care of your father.

If I stay here I wan't make it clay. forgive me.

By the time you read this I'll be on the road.

Know that I still liove you.


Clay's email to Harold (alternate ending)

>New Message


Don't worry about me. I've found my place and purpose. There is another I must help along the same path.

I want you to know that what happened isn't your fault.

I will always love you, and someday, I hope that you find what you're looking for.

>Send message
>Sending message

>root access construct "Clay Kaczmarek"
Enter password
Operation successful


  • Just before approaching the first moving block, there was a phrase written in braille on the bottom of the first wall, transliterating to "The truth is constructed from lies."
  • The mention of rum and cokes and the spelling errors in the email implied that Clay's mother was drunk while she wrote it.
  • The Greek capital letter theta appeared on a pillar while traversing the memory. In Greek mythology, theta represented Thanatos, the god of death; it also stands in for the number nine.
  • The achievement "Meet your maker" was unlocked after completing the memory.
  • After gathering all of the decipher fragments, upon replay, a short cutscene depicting a bridge forming between the two doorways would display at the very beginning of the memory. Crossing the bridge and going through the second door would unlock the achievement "Breaking the Loop".



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