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Sister Blaeswith (died 877), also known as The Rake, was a Maegester of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of Faith sect. Along with another title, "The Archbishop's Shadow," Blaeswith could be found around the premises of St. Martin's Church in Canterbury, Cent.


Depressed and forsaken by her first love, Blaeswith committed her life to the nunnery at the push of her father. However, through luck, she felt a new love kindling, for the Order. With a vigor, Blaeswith immersed herself within the Order's manners and idealism, which helped her rise to be in charge of the Wardens of Faith.[1]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir first learned of a clue, which gave the title, The Rake, upon assassinating Beneseck, The Bell. Among his personal effects, Eivor found out, from the first clue of six, that The Rake wears black. After assassinating Yohanes Loukas, The Oil, Eivor discovered from Yohanes' personal effects that The Rake's occupation appeared to be at the ruins of an old church.[1]

While looking over possible alliances, Eivor was told by Hytham to confer with Randvi on pledging towards Wincestre, as the "Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ" contacted them once again about three more targets in the city. Through some consideration, Eivor agreed and headed towards the city.[2] Upon arrival, Eivor headed inside The Old Minster, answered the man in white, Sigebeald, and was led into ambigious quarters. Inside, Eivor came to see that King Aelfred was her contact for the city. Through awkward conversations, Eivor agreed to help and thus was given a letter from the "Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ." The letter proclaimed three Order members, The Gallows, The Quill, and The Seax, plan to kill Aelfred. Thus, Eivor set out to find the targets and remove their influence over Wincestre.

After looking for and saving Reeve Goodwin, Eivor discussed with him about The Gallows. Thus, Eivor and Goodwin figured out that Reeve Selwyn was The Gallows. After their chat, Eivor head towards the town square and saw the reeve going about an unlawful execution. Within the execution, Eivor executed and assassinated The Gallows.[3] After his death, Eivor found from his effects another clue about The Rake. This clue detailed that The Rake is hidden behind the act of doing God's work.

After reporting back to Goodwin and Aelfred, Eivor was led towards the next target, The Quill. After their conversation, Eivor was led towards investigating children working for The Quill, after a little Anglo-Saxon girl accosted her and ran away. After questioning other children, Eivor caught sight of a girl named Aelwyn and a boy named Wigbert. Eivor followed them and helped them to find out what they know about The Quill. Wigbert gave Eivor a key and then both children unknowingly told Eivor the identity of The Quill, Hilda. Going to a secret entrance of the underground sewers, Eivor came across an empty corridor, until Aelwyn and Hilda chastised Eivor from above and sprung an ambush onto her. Nevertheless, Eivor took out the reinforcements and then assassinated Hilda.[4] After her death, Eivor recovered a clue from Hilda's personal effects. The clue showcased that The Rake lives in a highly devout area.

After reporting the demise of Hilda to Goodwin, Eivor recalled The Seax's sudden death and called for doubt. To make sure if he was dead, Eivor travelled to the funeral to investigate. After her findings, Eivor confronted Harriet, Ealhferth's sister, about the false funeral and Harriet relented. Harriet confessed that Ealhferth went to "convince" Aelfred to step down at the Witan Hall. Knowing better, Eivor broke into the locked witan and watched from above, looking for the bishop. In midst of Aelfred's speech, Ealhferth announced his attack, but not before Eivor came down and assassinated him. After his death, Eivor attained the penultimate clue from his personal effects. The clue dictated that The Rake worked within the region of Cent.[5]

Looking for the next Warden of Faith, Eivor came across many clues leading towards Heika, The Sickle. After assassinating Heika at her bakery in Colcestre, Eivor achieved the final clue. This last clue revealed the identity and exact location of The Rake. Known as The Rake, Sister Blaeswith worked at St. Martin's Church in Canterbury, Cent. Arriving in Canterbury, she located the church and found Sister Blaeswith walking and talking to the area's constituents. Eivor assassinated the Maegester and put a final end to the Wardens of Faith's activities. Also, with her death, Eivor had finally killed all the Maegesters of the Order in England.[1]


  • Blaeswith's cutscene in the Memory Corridor is quite brief, when compared to the cutscenes of other Maegesters, such as Fulke or Gorm Kjotvesson.
    • It is unknown if she had a hand with the events in Wincestre, as she was in charge of the three particular members, who were working to kill King Aelfred.
  • Like The Crozier towards The Billhook, Blaeswith took on Beneseck, The Bell, as an apprentice. However, her methods of guidance were more torturous and psychologically abusive than The Crozier's.
  • Along with Order members, The Crozier, The Leech, The Firebrand, and Bishop Ealhferth, Sister Blaeswith never believed in God but rather hid her beliefs of the true Gods.