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Sister Blaeswith (died 877), also known as The Rake, was a Maegester of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of Faith sect. Along with another title, "The Archbishop's Shadow," Blaeswith could be found around the premises of Saint Martin's Church in Canterbury, Cent.


Depressed and forsaken by her first love, Blaeswith committed her life to the nunnery at the push of her father. However, through luck, she felt a new love kindling, for the Order. With a vigor, Blaeswith immersed herself within the Order's manners and idealism, which helped her rise to be in charge of the Wardens of Faith.[1]

The title, The Rake, was found upon the assassination of Beneseck, The Bell, at the hands of the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. The first clue stated that The Rake wears black. The second clue came from the assassination of Yohanes Loukas, The Oil, as it proclaimed that The Rake's occupation appeared to be at the ruins of an old church.[1]

Around 877, in Wincestre, from the death of Reeve Selwyn, The Gallows, the third clue about The Rake was recovered. This clue detailed that The Rake is hidden behind the act of doing God's work.[2] Afterwards, the death of The Quill, Hilda, occured as her death provided another clue of The Rake. From Hilda's personal effects, this clue detailed that The Rake lives in a highly devout area.[3] Lastly, in Wincestre, the fall of The Seax provided another clue about The Rake. This clue dictated that The Rake worked within the region of Cent.[4]

From the death of The Sickle, Heika, the final clue was received. This last clue revealed the identity and exact location of The Rake: Sister Blaeswith. Blaeswith worked at St. Martin's Church in Canterbury, Cent. At Canterbury, Sister Blaeswith walked and talke to the area's constituents and offering her services. However, the Maegester was unaware of the Viking, who assassinated Blaeswith. From Blaeswith's death, the Wardens of Faith's activities ended in England. From Blaeswith's death, all the Maegesters of the Order in England were declared dead.[1]


  • Blaeswith's cutscene in the Memory Corridor is quite brief, when compared to the cutscenes of other Maegesters, such as Fulke or Gorm Kjotvesson.
    • It is unknown if she had a hand with the events in Wincestre, as she was in charge of the three particular members, who were working to kill King Aelfred.
  • Like The Crozier towards The Billhook, Blaeswith took on Beneseck, The Bell, as an apprentice. However, her methods of guidance were more torturous and psychologically abusive than The Crozier's.
  • Along with Order members, The Crozier, The Leech, The Firebrand, and Bishop Ealhferth, Sister Blaeswith never believed in God but rather hid her beliefs of the true Gods.



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