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Black Bart's Gambit was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward met with Bartholomew Roberts to claim a set of vials from a Portuguese fleet.


Edward met with Roberts on Misteriosa.

  • Edward: It's funny, that. With scurvy, the fix is more pleasant than the cause... but when you catch a dose from a whore and must treat it with quicksilver, you're fonder of getting the disease than you are of curing it. Something biting at you?
  • Roberts: Ah... all men desire to live by a code, or a creed, yes? Yet when pressed, most defer to their instincts rather than the laws that bind them. But what is the appeal of a creed if it does not yoke all men to like behavior?
  • Edward: Might make a man feel like... he belongs to something. What's your answer?
  • Roberts: Ah... that all men are sheep. And that an old wolf like me deserves every ounce of blood he draws. Sail to this location. Bring only those you trust.

Edward met with Roberts near the designated location.

  • Roberts: Captain Kenway. Shall we use your ship for this next scheme, or mine?
  • Edward: I'd first hear the details before deciding.
  • Roberts: Ah, it's a small gambit... this fount of information has just told me that a nearby galleon contains the treasure I seek. For his sake, I hope he's right.
  • Edward: You've thought this plan through?
  • Roberts: Indeed. Using this man, we'll acquire a Portuguese flag which will get us as close to our target as possible. It's a very simple idea... if you follow my orders to the letter.
  • Edward: The Jackdaw then.
  • Roberts: Excellent!

Roberts and the captive soldier boarded the Jackdaw.

  • Edward: We're under-weigh, Roberts. So what's your plan?
  • Roberts: The flagship of this fleet is transporting a valuable treasure in a large chest. Crystal vials filled with blood. You may remember.
  • Edward: We're chasing drams of blood! Is that all?
  • Roberts: I asked you to follow my instructions to the letter, captain. But I did not give you leave to question why. I want those blood vials intact. And if that does not happen, we part as enemies. Do you understand?
  • Edward: I'll try to, aye.
    I can't place your accent, Roberts. Is it the west you come from?
  • Roberts: Exactly right. A tiny town called Casnewydd-Bach.
  • Edward: I've not heard of it.
  • Roberts: Aye, few have. I always fancied it should have a placard at its borders: "Welcome to Casnewydd-Bach, the town you have just passed."
  • Edward: I'm from Swansea myself.
  • Roberts: Ah. A teeming metropolis by comparison.

The Jackdaw approached a lone Portuguese ship.

Edward and Roberts looking towards the Portuguese ship

  • Roberts: There's the thing for us, captain! You see that ship here? We'll need its flag for this ruse to work.
  • Edward: If I can steal their flag without disturbing so much as a flea, I'll do it.
  • Roberts: By all means, try. If this scallywag gives us away, I'll paint the quarterdeck with his brains. (Start talking, captain...)
  • Captive: (Ah... Hail, gentlemen! And God praise the magnanimous King John!)
  • Soldier 1: (God praise and protect him, sir! How are you on this beautiful evening?)
  • Captive: (Very well, very well, thank you. Uh... Just a quiet cruise around the fleet to see that you are all in... ah, in fine shape and working order. Is everything... tidy on your side?)
  • Soldier 1: (Yes, sir. Very tidy, sir! We're only waiting for our flagship to water and resupply before setting off. Oh, and I believe one of the merchant ships in our company is in need of a new mast. There's men ashore scouting for a suitable tree now.)
  • Captive: (There are merchants among you, eh? How many, would you say?)
  • Soldier 1: (The better part of our company, sir. Out of forty-two ships in total, I'd say more than two-thirds were merchants.)
  • Captive: (Ah, a sizeable number! No doubt you'll be fearful of pirates then?)
  • Soldier 1: (Yes, sir, exactly. Hence our precautions. With so many pirates about, this fleet needs ample protection. It's no small matter to guard near three-dozen ships.)
  • Captive: (I'd imagine not.)
  • Soldier 1: (I beg your pardon for asking sir, but yours isn't a ship I recognize. Ain't even sporting the King's colours.)
  • Captive: (Ah ha, yes... well, on the subject of pirates... this brig was newly liberated from a band of rogues just a few days ago. We've not found an opportunity to re-fit her.)
  • Soldier 1: (Ah! Very well done, sir. Well done indeed.)
  • Captive: (Thank you, young man. I'll... ah... I should let you return to your duties. Call out if you should require anything else.)
  • Soldier 1: (Will do, sir! Thank you, sir.)
  • Soldier 2: (Ah, pardon, sir. I should have asked before, but we have a bag of letters adressed to Salvador and São Paulo. Would you be heading south any time soon?)
  • Captive: (Oh... ah... no, not within the next few months, I'm afraid.)
  • Soldier 2: (Understood, sir. It never hurts to ask. All well over there, sir?)
  • Captive: (Very well, thank you! Merely taking a reckoning before setting out.)

Edward scaled the ship and stole her flag from the front mast.

Edward cutting down the Portuguese flag

  • Captive: (It was a pleasure talking to you young man. Give my regards to your captain.)
  • Soldier 1: (Aye, sir. He's asleep now. He'll be sorry he missed you.)
  • Captive: (A pity that. Good bye and God bless!)

Edward returned to the wheel of the Jackdaw.

  • Edward: You've got the flag?
  • Roberts: Aye. And we're flying it now. This should do nicely.
  • Edward: I'll keep my distance. Slow and steady.
  • Roberts: Aye, the flag we stole won't protect us from eyes that pry too long.
  • Captive: (Please, sir, whatever you intend to do, I beg you to reconsider.)
  • Roberts: (Not possible.)
  • Edward: What's he whinging about?
  • Roberts: He's not whinging. He's ecstatic!
  • Adéwalé: Up ahead! They're unloading something from that ship!
  • Roberts: Could that be our prize? Hm. Perhaps you should go ashore, captain Kenway. Find that chest. And if it contains the prize I seek, bring it here. We'll tell this lot we're a ship rife with plague. They'll not come near then, lest they'll catch their death.
  • Soldier 3: (Ahoy there! Can we speak to the captain of your vessel?)
  • Captive: (Hello! Hello! I am he! Apologies for the curtness of my reply, but I am afraid I have some bad news to relay. We may be afflicted by plague.)
  • Soldier 3: (What's that? Plague? Jaysus, how'd that come about?)
  • Captive: (Infected cargo, I imagine. Look, if you'll just... ah, leave us to our situation for the time being, we will find a way to quarantine ourselves to avoid any harm to you.)
  • Soldier 3: (Aye, aye, sir. We'll pass on your message.)
  • Soldier 4: (Plague! The captain of that brig claims they're afflicted by plague! What'll we do?)
  • Soldier 3: (Rafael! Rouse a few men and row out to that brig! They say they're stricken by plague, but I want a closer look.)
  • Soldier 4: (What's that brig doing out there? She's flying our colours, but I can't say I've seen her before.)
  • Soldier 5: (Keep an eye on that ship. She's been idling there for some time, without cause.)
  • Soldier 3: (I heard a story about some Spaniard paying our Admiral a visit. Stinks of some kind of treason if you ask me.)
  • Soldier 5: (Yes. I heard his name was Torres. Strange times these are when a Spaniard like that can go marching around the deck of one of our warships.)
  • Soldier 6: (For all my cursing of the Navy, they do us good for discipline. A gundeck should be orderly, and as clean as a whale's arse, so it's not out of spite the captain sets us to scrubbing it so. It's only common sense.)

Edward reached the chest and looted it, after which he returned to the Jackdaw.

Edward with the chest of empty vials

  • Edward: The chest they hauled ashore was full of empty vials. Where's our Portuguese captain?
  • Roberts: He had outlived his usefulness.
  • Edward: Where is he?
  • Roberts: Sleeping soundly at the bottom of the sea.
  • Edward: How many men must we kill for a simple prize?
  • Roberts: As many as drift into our path.

Adéwalé pointed out a wrecked ship in the waterway.

  • Adéwalé: Look on that, Captain. Men who ran the same gauntlet, and lost their way.
  • Edward: We're made of sterner stuff, Adé.
  • Roberts: How often have those been a sailor's last words, I wonder?
    Our treasure must be aboard that galleon. Why don't you take the ship itself and save us a bit of time?
  • Edward: Aye. That's the way I'd play it.
  • Adéwalé: I can bring the Jackdaw closer, but those lookouts will be a problem.
  • Edward: Well spotted. I'll clear them off first.

Edward swam to land and began to eliminate the watchmen.

  • Soldier 7: (I'm tired of this routine. And I'm not looking forward to the trip to Lisbon, either.)
  • Soldier 8: (Did you catch wind of what happened to those British pirates in Nassau? Their King George sent a man to clear 'em all out, and he seems to have done a decent job of it.)
  • Soldier 9: (It's a damned pretty evening, I ain't ashamed to say. There's been precious few like it this month.)
  • Soldier 10: (Is your starboard crew on the dogwatch this evening? Or were you on yesterday? Jaysus, I'm losing track of days out here.)
  • Captain: (Haul off and head below! There's no cards allowed on deck!)

Edward cleared the way for the Jackdaw, and killed the Portuguese ship's captain, to which his men boarded the Nosso Senhor da Compreensão.

  • Soldier 11: (What the hell is going on up here?)
  • Roberts: We've been spotted... took them long enough.
  • Edward: To quarters all! Man the cannons, every last hand!
  • Roberts: On your command, captain. Let's hear the roar of this beast!
    Fight for what is owed you, lads!
    Nothing like the hot winds of Hell blowing in your face!
    No mercy for those who stand in our path!

Edward looking at one of the blood vials

Edward and Roberts escaped with the Portuguese galleon.

  • Roberts: Here's my prize! Ah... the Templars have been busy I see. Laurens Prins' blood. Useless now. Woodes Rogers. Ben Hornigold. Even Torres himself. Small quantities, kept for a special purpose.
  • Edward: You must take me to the Observatory, Roberts. I need to know what it is.
  • Roberts: To what end, eh? Will you sell it from under my nose? Or work with me and use it to bolster our gains?
  • Edward: Whatever improves my lot in life.
  • Roberts: How ridiculous. A merry life and a short one, that's my motto. It's all the optimism I can muster. All right, captain Kenway. You've earned a look.


Edward and Roberts managed to acquire the blood vials, and Edward was promised a chance to enter the Observatory.



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