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Birthright was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek notices three corpses laid out carelessly in Yamu's mummification temple. The Head Embalmer tells him the story of Iras, the young woman who brought them in.


Bayek visited the mummification temple in Yamu and found three bodies haphazardly covered in natron.

  • Bayek: Strange to see bodies left out like this. The embalmer must know more.

Bayek located the embalmer, and addressed the man.

  • Bayek: It is a shame to see three dead left neglected. What happened?
  • Man: They were just brought here, Medjay. A family struck down by the sword... Only the daughter, Iras, survived. She carried them here one by one. Poor girl... all by herself now. A tragic story.
  • Bayek: Tragic, indeed. Where is she now?
  • Man: You can find her on the abandoned date farm near the road, where her family died.

Bayek left the embalmer, and headed towards Iras' family farm.

  • Bayek: This Iras sounds like a woman worth meeting.

Bayek travelled to the farm and discovered soldiers patrolling the area.

  • Bayek: Soldiers! They must be looking for Iras. Best lay low... and hope she does, too.

Bayek infiltrated the farm.

  • Soldier: Find the girl! Sophronios will reward us for today's work!

As he approached the well of the farm, a sound escaped it.

  • Bayek: She's in the well. I pray none of the soldiers heard that.

One after the other, Bayek eliminated the soldiers, and then addressed Iras.

  • Bayek: Hail in peace, Iras. All I want is to speak with you.

Iras climbed out of the well.

  • Iras: The last man to say so murdered my family!
  • Bayek: I've come to help you, Iras.
  • Iras: How do you come to know my name?
  • Bayek: A priest told me of you.
  • Iras: My kin has owned this land for centuries, but left it barren until now. A soldier came to us, saying his master held a deed of sale. My father refused to concede the property. Then... Well, the rest is as you know it.
  • Bayek: What will you do?
  • Iras: The farm is my birthright. I will work it as long as I can.
  • Bayek: I can ensure you are not harassed by soldiers.
  • Iras: You may try. The villa they spoke of lies northwest of here, on the road to Alexandria. If you fail, tell the world I died preserving my family's legacy!
    I must carry out my father's dream.

Bayek travelled to the villa, which was guarded by soldiers. After killing the soldiers, Bayek searched the tents for information regarding its owner. He found a letter.

  • Bayek: A letter on fine papyrus.
  • Letter from Sophronios:
    Uteh refused to give the date farm to me. That yelping vlakos says my deed of sale is false.

    He has to die. His family too. Make it seem an accident, and we'll share in the farm's profit. For now, your men can settle in my country villa.

    Do not think to take advantage of my hospitality. If you aren't on my doorstep in Alexandria in two weeks' time, consider yourself a dead man.

  • Bayek: Sophronios. Yet another man made butcher for the sake of wealth.

Bayek left the camp and travelled to the western gates of Alexandria, where he found Sophronios.

  • Sophronios: That farm should be mine by now! What is behind the delay?
    I don't want those merchants selling their filthy goods so close to my residence! Tell them I'll buy them out if they agree to take their business elsewhere.

Bayek killed Sophronios and his bodyguards.

  • Bayek: A pitiful end to a pitiful existence. I will tell Iras of this, if I see her again.


Bayek killed Sophronios, the man responsible for the deaths of Iras' family, allowing her to keep the farm.



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