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Birth of the Creed was a virtual representation of one of Aya and Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Aya wrote to Bayek about the future of their new Brotherhood and its Creed.



Aya writing a letter to Bayek

A year after the assassination of Julius Caesar, Aya sat in a bureau in the Pantheon district of Rome and wrote a letter to Bayek.

  • Aya: Bayek, Caesar has been assassinated. Septimius is also dead. I have founded a bureau in the middle of Rome, yet no one knows of our existence. Like Amun, we are... the Hidden Ones.

At the bureau in Memphis, Tahira was about to cut off her ring finger, only to be stopped by Bayek, as a child ran past them.

  • Tahira: I believe in you.

Tahira cut off her finger, and Bayek nodded. Later, along with Bayek and another member of the Brotherhood, Tahira freeran across the rooftops of Memphis.

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The Hidden Ones running across the rooftops of Memphis

  • Aya: The irony of freedom. We are free of each other, yet it brings me no happiness. We must move forward. Remain in our tempest of blood poetry. Despite it all, we dance and they die.

They looked at a guarded building and assassinated the guards.

  • Aya: From darkness we have come, and in darkness we shall stay. Humans are not meant to last forever. But this Creed will. The Creed is the only immortal thing in the world.

Inside the building, they found several captive children, one of them about to have their hand cut off by a woman. Before she could do so, Bayek stabbed her in the back with his Hidden Blade and slit her throat with her own knife. He looked at the boy.

  • Bayek: Go home. You are free.

As the other children ran away, the child Bayek had saved remained.

  • Child: I don't want to go home by myself. I am scared.
  • Tahira: Should we take him to the bureau?
  • Bayek: No.

Bayek knelt before the child.

  • Bayek: I'll take you home.

They walked away.

  • Aya: Let nothing grieve you beyond measure. For your life is short, and time will claim its toll. But I am no longer who I was. I have renounced all love I once had.

Aya and the Roman Branch of the Hidden Ones

At the bureau in Rome, Aya finished the letter and passed it to another member of the Brotherhood, nodding at the rest, as they all left.

Aya walked in the streets of Rome.

  • Aya: I have renounced Aya. I have killed Aya. I am now the Hidden One known as Amunet.

Aya lifted her white hood, and disappeared into the crowd. In Memphis, Bayek read the letter on a rooftop.

  • Aya: May your victories multiply.

Senu flew onto Bayek's hand, and Bayek looked out at the horizon. Inside his head, he heard Khemu.

  • Khemu: Papo (Father)? Jump.


Aya renounced her former identity and became known as Amunet. She and Bayek established the Hidden Ones, an early incarnation of the Assassin Brotherhood.


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