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Birds of a Feather is a memory in Assassin's Creed II.


Subsequenty following the death of Emilio Barbarigo, Ezio Auditore travels to the Santo Stefano, where he catches sight of two Templar conspirators, Carlo Grimaldi and Silvio Barbarigo.

Masking himself with the crowd, Ezio tails the two Templars until they reach a second meeting place. There, they both greet Marco Barbarigo and his personal bodyguard, Dante Moro. As they converse, they are soon joined by their Grand Master Rodrigo Borgia. Rodrigo informs them of the death of Emilio, and tells them that one of them must take his place as Doge of Venice.

After a brief argument among themselves, Rodrigo appoints Marco as the next candidate, and tasks Carlo with poisoning the current Doge, Giovanni Mocenigo. Dante then states that he feels eyes on them, and they decide to walk through the city to try to avoid the unseen Assassin. They eventually reach the Ponte di Rialto, where Rodrigo states that he must return to Rome, and leaves the others to carry out his plan.

Subsequently, Ezio departs to report this information to Antonio.



Ezio finds Carlo Grimaldi seated on a bench. Silvio Barbarigo approaches him.

  • Silvio: Where is Emilio?
  • Carlo: I told him to be here.
  • Silvio: You told him yourself? In person?
  • Carlo: Yes, myself, in person. I'm concerned that you don't trust me.
  • Silvio: As am I. Perhaps he'll arrive with the others. Walk with me.

Carlo and Silvio begin to walk the streets of Venice. Ezio follows.

  • Silvio: So, how goes things at the palace?
  • Carlo: Honestly, it's difficult. Mocenigo keeps his circle close. I have tried to lay the groundwork, making suggestions, but he has other voices at his ears.
  • Silvio: Then you must work harder. You must become part of his inner circle.
  • Carlo:(Yes). I understand. But it's harder than I expected.
  • Silvio: And why is that, Carlo?
  • Carlo: I don't know! He's just a... the Doge doesn't like me.
  • Silvio: I wonder why.
  • Carlo: It's not my fault! I keep trying to please him. I learn what he craves, and I have it delivered. The finest jams from the orchards of Sardinia, the latest fashions from Milano--
  • Silvio: Yes, and that's called being a sycophant.
  • Carlo: A what? What did you call me?!
  • Silvio: A doormat, a flatterer, a bootlicker. Need I go on?
  • Carlo: Bastardo! You don't know what it's like; you don't understand the pressure in there.
  • Silvio: Oh, I don't understand pressure?!
  • Carlo: No, you have no idea! You are a government official! I am two steps from the Doge himself. I am beside him day and night! You WISH you could be where I am!
  • Silvio: Are you done?
  • Carlo: Hardly. You listen to me now! I am close. The Doge can be recruited to our cause, I'm sure of it. I just... I need a little more time.
  • Silvio: Time is not a thing we have in great supply. Keep moving.
  • Carlo: Is it much further?
  • Silvio: Don't be such a little girl!
Carlo and Silvio reach the Basilica di San Marco. They are met by Marco Barbarigo and Dante Moro.
  • Marco: Buon giorno (Good day), cousin. Signor Carlo.
  • Silvio: We thought Emilio would be with you.
  • Marco: Emilio is dead.
  • Silvio: What? How?
  • Carlo: The Assassin! The same one who hunted down the Pazzi! He's here, in Venezia.
  • Marco: È così (It is so). Silvio, did you not know? He could be anywhere. He could be here right now and we might not even know. He struck Emilio inside his own palazzo!
  • Silvio: And so, what of our plans?
  • Marco: There is no longer time for subtlety, my brothers. We must act now.
  • Carlo: But Marco, I'm so close! A few more days. If I can just--
  • Marco: No. It happens this week.
  • Dante: We should keep moving.

The four of them continue walking. Ezio follows.

  • Silvio: And what does the Spaniard have to say of this change of plan?
  • Marco: You can ask him yourself soon enough.
  • Carlo: He's here? From Roma?
  • Marco: So I've heard.
  • Silvio: Good! Then perhaps he's made a decision.
  • Marco: About what, cousin?
  • Silvio: About which of us shall step into the robes of the Doge, "cousin."
  • Marco: I didn't know there was a decision to be made. Surely the choice is obvious to all.
  • Silvio: Obvious, indeed. It should be the one who organized the entire operation; the one who came up with the idea of how to save this city.
  • Marco: There is no lack of value in tactical intelligence, good Silvio. But it is wisdom one needs to rule. Do not think otherwise.
  • Carlo: Calma, calma amici (Calm, calm friends), please. There is no need for this. You know, it's not up to either of you. For all we know, he might not even choose a Barbarigo.

Marco and Silvio howl with laughter.

  • Carlo: And why not me? I'm the one who's done all the hard work!
  • Marco: Basta (Enough)! We wait for his arrival.
  • Carlo: Are you sure he's coming?
  • Marco: Yes.
  • Dante: Signori (Gentlemen), we should move a little faster. I feel eyes on us.
  • Marco: Thank you, Dante. We will move at your pace.
  • Silvio: This guard's a good find, cousin. How much did you pay for him?
  • Marco: Perhaps not as much as he deserves. He's saved my life on two occasions, though he's not much of a conversationalist.

They come to a stop. Rodrigo Borgia joins them.

  • Rodrigo: Enough with your inane prattle! The choice of Doge was never up to any of you, and you were never given permission to make plans.
  • Marco: Forgive us, Maestro. We wish only to serve.
  • Rodrigo: The plan is this. Doge Mocenigo will die tonight. And once the deed's been done, Marco shall take his place.
  • Marco: Vi ringrazio umilmente, Maestro. (I humbly thank you, Master).
  • Rodrigo: Good. Messer Grimaldi, you are closest to Mocenigo, your work, the most vital. Serve us well, and it won't be forgotten. Walk with me.

The five of them continue walking. Ezio continues to follow.

  • Rodrigo: I don't want any blood spilled, you understand? It must appear to all that he goes quietly.
  • Carlo: Certo, Maestro.
  • Rodrigo: When are you closest to him?
  • Carlo: I have full run of the palace. He may not care to hear what I have to say, but he trusts me by now as one of his own.
  • Rodrigo: Bravo. Then I want you to infiltrate the kitchen and poison his meal.
  • Carlo: So be it.
  • Rodrigo: Marco, can you furnish us with a suitable toxin on short notice?
  • Marco: I defer to my cousin. That is really his area of expertise.
  • Rodrigo: Ah, Silvio...
  • Silvio: I am at your service, Maestro.
  • Rodrigo: What can you bring to get this done?
  • Silvio: I will confer with my associates in the streets, but chances are good that I can procure some Cantarella.
  • Rodrigo: Yes, and what is that?
  • Silvio: It is a most effective form of arsenic and difficult to trace.
  • Rodrigo: Ah, va bene, va bene (good, good). Then it's decided.
File:Birds Of A Feather.PNG

The five soon reach Ponte di Rialto and come to a stop.

  • Marco: Forgive me, Maestro, but is this not a tad dangerous for you, involving yourself so intimately with the minutiae of our plans?
  • Rodrigo: I feel the need to involve myself more directly. The Pazzi disappointed us in Firenze. I pray you will not do the same.
  • Silvio: Do not worry this time. The Pazzi were a bunch of foolish--
  • Rodrigo: The Pazzi were a potent and venerable family, reduced to rubble by one young Assassin. Do not underestimate this troublesome foe who now haunts your city, or the same fate will befall the Barbarigo. I want this done promptly. Bene, I must return to Roma. Time is of the essence. Do not fail us.

Rodrigo turns to leave, scaring away some pigeons.

  • Ezio: Che idiota sono (What an idiot I am)! I should have kept my eyes on them! I need to go and see Antonio if I've any hope of salvaging this mess I've made.


Ezio discovers the planned assassination of Giovanni Mocenigo, the Doge of Venice.


  • A visual glitch will occur if Ezio stands on top of a certain crate during the final cutscene. Rodrigo will look directly at him, yet not notice him at all.
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