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Biddle's Hideout was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


The Aquila, led by Connor and Robert Faulkner, set out to destroy the Randolph, captained by Nicholas Biddle.


  • Crew: You see the catchfart, cap'n?
  • Robert: Anything, captain?
  • Connor: Due North of here.
  • Crew: The Randolph!

The Aquila pursued the Randolph.

  • Robert: What's that weasel up to? Sheet anchor to windward, captain. You can be sure he's got something up his sleeve.
ACIII-Biddlehideout 2

Chain shots fired by the Aquila to disable the Randolph

Two Men O' War appeared.

  • Robert: It's a bloody armada! I knew he was up to something! And he's turned to fight us - we're in it now, captain!
  • Connor: So we FIGHT, Mister Faulkner! Board the Randolph. Sink the rest!

The Men-of-War were destroyed, after which the Aquila's crew prepared to board the Randolph.

  • Crew: Mast is down! We got the cockrobin!
  • Connor: She's ours men! Prepare to board! Biddle is mine!
  • Robert: Hook us in! Bring her close! To arms! To arms!
  • Clutterbuck: Man the swivels! Cover from the quarter deck!
  • Robert: Secure the aft lines! Tie off the bow! Board the Randolph!

Connor confronted Biddle.

  • Nicholas: Tenacious! Smart! Pity I have to kill you!
    Mr. Kenway will reward me greatly for ridding him of you.
    I will make you suffer for the damage you've done to the Randolph!

Connor bested Biddle.

ACIII-Biddlehideout 7

Biddle requesting Connor to let the Randolph sink with him

  • Connor: Your reign over the Colonial coast has come to an end.
  • Nicholas: Is that why you hunted me? Because you thought me an enemy to the cause? You're every bit the fool I was told.
  • Connor: You brought pain and suffering upon innocent people for nothing but personal gain.
  • Nicholas: Pain. Suffering. I set them free. Weeded out the dissenters and empowered the Patriots. So what if I was named Admiral. The Revolution needs one and I was the best man for the job. The only man. If not for me, the Continental Navy would remain but a handful of rafts. For all your vision, you Assassins are blind to the truth.
  • Connor: Enough.
  • Nicholas: Wait. Let the Randolph die with me. Don't take her as a prize. Please. Please. I want no quarter, just to sink with my ship.

The Aquila's crew returned to their own ship.

  • Robert: I can't believe you mean to leave the Randolph! She's a mighty vessel captain - and what of Biddle?! You show him mercy in the face of-
ACIII-Biddlehideout 10

Aquila's crew cheering after the destruction of the Randolph

The Randolph exploded.

  • Robert: I guess that's that then. A tad over-dramatic, if you ask me. Still, a waste of a formidable ship. How's about a cheer for the boys then, eh?
  • Connor: Victory for the Aquila! For her glory! Hip hip!
  • Crew: Hurrah!
  • Connor: Hip hip!
  • Crew: Hurrah!
  • Robert: I've been a wild rover for many a year, and I spent all me money on whiskey and beer. And now I'm returning...


Connor killed Nicholas Biddle and destroyed the Randolph.



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