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Beyond the Veil was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was informed by Elpenor of the other four pieces of the Armor of the Fallen and set out to collect them.


Kassandra traveled to the northeast of the Theion Pits in the Mourning Fields and found the Poisoner of Athens. She engaged him in combat.

  • The Poisoner: Perikles' pet! Oh, how I've waiting for this day.
    I am going to fill your veins with the venom of a thousand snakes.

Kassandra dealt a few blows to the Poisoner.

  • The Poisoner: You failed to save Perikles. When I'm done, I'll send him your body!

Kassandra dealt a killing blow to the Poisoner.

  • Kassandra: That was the hired killer who tried poisoning politicians in Athens.

Confirming the kill, Kassandra retrieved a helmet from the corpse. She also retrieved a note that provided a clue to the next target.

  • The Poisoner's Note: Despite my best attempts to poison my Athenian enemies, the plague was a far more ruthless killer than I ever was. No matter. The misthios' spear delivered me to my own Elysium of venom and decay. Here on my throne of snakes, I drink from the helm of Hades' fallen servant. A wild-eyed zealot took the servant's belt south of here, underneath my favorite tree in all the underworld. It seems we both share a fondness for the vile and the fanged.

Following the clue, Kassandra traveled south and entered Orphis Lair, encountering Epiktetos the Forthcoming.

  • Epiktetos: I can still feel Deimos smashing my head against the artifact. Thanks to the power Deimos gave me, I am immortal!

Kassandra dealt a few blows to Epiktetos.

  • Epiktetos: After I kill you, Deimos is next.

Kassandra dealt a killing blow to Epiktetos.

  • Kassandra: Epiktetos... The one my brother killed to spare me.

Confirming the kill, Kassandra retrieved the Waistband of the Fallen from the corpse, along with another note.

  • Epiktetos' Note: The pyramid is cold. Its light is gone... the light... THE LIGHT! The light is in my head now. That fool Deimos thought he could kill me, but by smashing my skull, he forced the artifact's power into my very being. I now transcend mortality and communicate with Kosmos. I will rally my brothers and sisters—starting with the cruel Boeotian woman. She walked north in the fallen servant's boots and was spotted worshipping the Titans. Or perhaps challenging them.

Following the clue, Kassandra traveled to the northwest of the underworld, through Chasm of Torment to the Altars of the Titans, where she encountered Deianeira and Astra once again.

  • Deianeira: Come to fight a real champion, have you?
    I will mount your pretty head on a spear.

Kassandra dealt a few blows to Deianeira.

  • Deianeira: No one bests a Boeotian champion. No one!

Kassandra dealt a killing blow to Deianeira.

  • Kassandra: Deianeira... You're shorter than I remember.

Kassandra then finished off Astra and confirmed Deianeira's kill, retrieving boots from her corpse. In addition, she recovered a note leading to a fallen hero.

  • Astra's letter to Deianeira: My dearest cousin,
    I feel your dissatisfaction. We carved our place in the underworld, and now no one dares stand in our way. Even the Titans will not rise to meet our challenge. We are blades, my dear cousin. If left unused, we will rust. But I may have found us a worthy opponent. When he was alive his greatest trophy was the head of a monster. Now in death, he basks in his former glory to the east in the Scorched Lands. Let's show him what monsters we can be, and use his head as our trophy.

(Note: the following dialogue runs concurrent with Death Before Dishonor)

Kassandra traveled back south to the Mourning Fields, finding the Swordfish in the Burnt Temple of Moira.

  • Kassandra: The Swordfish will have the Athenian's sword.

Kassandra engaged him in combat.

  • Swordfish: I've been waiting for you, misthios.
    Come to be food for the sharks? So be it.

Kassandra dealt a few blows to the Swordfish.

Kassandra dealt a killing blow to the Swordfish.

  • Kassandra: Back to swimming with the fishes!

Confirming the kill, Kassandra retrieved a chestplate and a sword from his corpse.

  • Kassandra: This must be the sword.

She also retrieved a note leading to a fallen hero.

  • Swordfish's note: They have followed me. Even into the asshole of the underworld, the Cult still follows. I did their bidding in life, and now in death they still demand servitude. I will never bow to them again. I am already in Hades' good graces. If I find guardians for his gates, I am sure to gain a stronger position still. The king who slayed his own daughter to win a war is rumored to dance among the flames in the Pit of Deprivation. I intend to pay him a little visit.


Kassandra collected all five parts of the Armor of the Fallen from The Poisoner, Epiktetos, Deianeira and Swordfish.


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