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Between a Rock and a Hard Place was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore knocked on the door of Bartolomeo d'Alviano's barracks. Bartolomeo welcomed Ezio and introduced him to his wife, Pantasilea.


Ezio arrived at the barracks.

  • Bartolomeo: Ezio Auditore! Come in, come in. I'll kill you if you don't.
  • Ezio: Bartolomeo!
  • Bartolomeo: Wait here. You have to meet my wife. Pantasilea! Pantasilea! Where is she?
  • Ezio: Did you check behind the table?
  • Bartolomeo: Ahhh. Here she is!
  • Pantasilea: Lieta di conoscervi. (Nice to meet you.)
  • Ezio: Charmed. Truly.
  • Bartolomeo: Now, we talk about war.
  • Ezio: How goes the fight against the French?
  • Bartolomeo: Bene. (Good.) My men are holding their own.
  • Ezio: Machiavelli seemed to think things were more difficult.
Bar 3

The Mercenary calling for Bartolomeo's help

  • Bartolomeo: You know Machiavelli. He--

A mercenary quickly rushed into the room and interrupted them.

  • Mercenary: Abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto! (We need your help!)
  • Bartolomeo: Scusatemi. (Excuse me.) Throw me Bianca!

Bartolomeo left the room.

  • Pantasilea: Ezio. Let me get straight to the point. The fight is not going well. We have been attacked on both sides. Borgia on one, French on the other. But know this; the Borgia position is weak. If you can defeat them, we can concentrate our forces on the French front.
  • Ezio: I think I know a way to help. Thank you for disclosing this to me Madonna (Madame) d'Alviano.
  • Pantasilea: It is the least a wife can do to help her husband.

Ezio walked into the courtyard to find the Borgia guards and Bartolomeo's mercenaries in combat. On seeing Ezio, the Borgia Captain fled to the protection of his tower.

  • Mercenary: Someone! Stop their leader before he gets to the tower!
Bar 5

Ezio escaping the burning Borgia tower

Ezio gave chase after the fleeing Captain and successfully assassinated Battista Borgia. He then proceeded to destroy the Borgia tower, eliminating their influence over the area, before returning to the barracks to see Bartolomeo and Pantasilea.

  • Bartolomeo: Ezio. We sent those luridi codardi (fucking cowards) running for the hills!
  • Ezio: Yes, we did.
  • Bartolomeo: Now that the Pope's dogs have fled, I will be able to draw more men to the fight. But first, I want to reinforce our barracks.
  • Ezio: Who will take care of this?
  • Bartolomeo: I'm no good with these things. You are the educated one, you approve the plans!
  • Ezio: Va bene (Okay), but in return I need to know Cesare and Rodrigo's every move. Can your men track them for me?
  • Bartolomeo: Of course!
Bar 8

Caserma di Alviano during the renovation

Ezio consulted an architect regarding the renovation of the barracks, and after the refurbishments were complete, Ezio paid a visit.

  • Bartolomeo: Isn't she a thing of beauty?
  • Ezio: Very impressive.
  • Bartolomeo: More men join us everyday. It has become very competitive, which is just the way I like it. As you can see, this board shows the ranks of our top warriors. Prove your skills and you will move up the list.
  • Ezio: Shouldn't I already be at the top?

A mercenary called up from the basement.

  • Mercenary: Gian's fighting downstairs!
  • Bartolomeo: If you are looking to show off, we also have fights. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got money on this match.

Ezio left the barracks and Pantasilea began to talk to him in the courtyard.

  • Pantasilea: Where is Bartolomeo?
Bar 10

Pantasilea explaining about assassination contracts

  • Ezio: At the fight downstairs.
  • Pantasilea: He has such an aggressive view of the world. However, strategy is equally important. Take these carrier pigeons for example: Each one sent from Machiavelli bears the name of an important Templar in Roma. Eliminate them and you will have more of an impact than a battle ever could.
  • Ezio: Thank you, Madonna (Madame). Can you ask Bartolomeo to come see me at Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island) with a report about Cesare and Rodrigo's whereabouts?
  • Pantasilea: He will be there.


Ezio assassinated another Borgia Captain and renovated the Mercenaries Guild. Bartolomeo and the mercenaries would now help the Assassins. Their first task was to find Cesare and Rodrigo.


  • Ezio's question Did you check behind the table?, was a reference to one of his first encounters with Bartolomeo, during which he was searching for his sword Bianca.
  • Killing guards after igniting the Borgia tower would not count against full synchronization.



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