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Best Man was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's repressed genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore returned to Florence two years after his departure in 1478, and met with Cristina Vespucci.


Cristina was fixing her hair when Ezio came by her room.

  • Cristina: Ezio! What are you doing here?
  • Ezio: I only just came back to Firenze... Look at you! As beautiful as ever.
  • Cristina: But... Oh, Ezio... I... It's been two years!
  • Ezio: And I've thought of nothing but you.
  • Cristina: Oh, but, Ezio...
  • Ezio: What is it?
  • Cristina: I'm engaged to be married!
    My father kept asking me to choose... I thought I would never see you again!

Suddenly, a couple came by Cristina's house.

Best Man 3

Ezio asking about Manfredo

  • Woman: It's Manfredo! He's going to kill him!
  • Cristina: What!?
  • Man: Un tale (Some guy) he lost money to! He's dragged him out to the end of the new bridge!
  • Ezio: Who the hell is Manfredo?
  • Cristina: My fiancé...

Departing to the new bridge to find Manfredo, Ezio spotted him and his attackers, before he eavesdropped on their conversation.

  • Manfredo: I'll pay you back, I swear!
  • Guard: It's too late for that now.
  • Manfredo: It wasn't my fault. I was going to have the money for you today... But a payment came in late!
  • Guard: I do not care about you troubles. Only my money.
  • Manfredo: But I can pay you!
  • Guard: Now?
  • Manfredo: Tomorrow!
  • Guard: You'll be dead tomorrow.
  • Manfredo: Wait. Please. I'm about to be married tomorrow.
  • Guard: You should've thought of that before you started gambling.

Ezio came to Manfredo's aid and defeated the guards.

  • Manfredo: Grazie, Messere! You don't know how close–

Ezio pushed Manfredo towards the edge of the bridge, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt.

Best Man 5

Ezio ensuring Manfredo's loyalty

  • Manfredo: Whoa! Hey! Aspetta! (Wait!) What are you doing!?
  • Ezio: Do you love her?
  • Manfredo: What!?
  • Ezio: DO YOU LOVE HER? Cristina! The woman you're about to marry!
  • Manfredo: Yes, I do! I swear, I do. Kill me here and I will die still loving her.
  • Ezio: You are never going to gamble again.
  • Manfredo: Never, Messere.
  • Ezio: You will be a good husband to her. Or I will hunt you down and kill you myself.

Ezio threw Manfredo to a wall on the bridge before leaving him. As Cristina was looking for the two, Ezio grabbed her and kissed her intimately on the side of a building.

  • Ezio: He's fine. He'll make a good husband. I made sure of it.
  • Cristina: What– What!?

Ezio left, leaving Cristina confused.


Ezio found out that Cristina was to be wed to Manfredo Soderini, and after ensuring that Manfredo would make a good husband, Ezio left Cristina to be with her fiancé.

Behind the scenes

All of Ezio's equipment in the memory could not have been obtained in that particular timeframe. These pieces included the Sword of Altaïr, the Medici Cape, the Notched Cinquedea, and the Metal armor set.

The image for the memory showed Ezio with a beard, though he did not grow one until the events of the Battle of Forlì.

Due to a glitch, Ezio's sword could sometimes disappear.



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