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Bertrand de Poulengy (born c. 1392) was a French nobleman and squire of Robert de Baudricourt.

During the Hundred Years' War, he was a companion of Jeanne d'Arc.


On 22 February 1429, his lord sent him to accompany Jeanne d'Arc on her holy quest together with her step-cousin Gabriel Laxart, another squire Jean de Metz, and several more of de Baudricourt's men. They departed Vaucouleurs for the twelve day trip to Chinon to meet with the Dauphin Charles VII. Eleven days into the journey Jeanne's entourage stopped at Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois for the night.[1] On 6 March the group arrived in Chinon, with Jeanne finally getting her audience with Charles VII the rightful king of France.[2] The next day, de Poulengy sparred with Jeanne while Gabriel and de Metz also sparred nearby.[3] An hour later, de Poulengy and Jeanne sparred on horseback with lances. The Dauphin then approached them and introduced Duke Jean d'Alençon.[4]



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